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It's not the vaccine we should worry about. It is the Pandemic Treaty Framework!

It's been confusing to us all as to why our seemingly intelligent questions are getting nowhere?  What about 24,000,000 excess deaths in the World to date with only @ 3,5 M being deaths caused by Covid? The disorder, Autism, is created by the side effect of fever caused by vaccines. That is an absolute Gold standard truth! So why are our pregnant women being injected, when the tests of the drug are not complete? The risk benefit analysis is seriously on the negative side, and there are no benefits! It doesn't make sense, but then I stumbled upon the part that connects all the bits of information I have been diligently researching over the past 3 years. Does the vaccine cause Autism? The absolute experts on  studying  Autism are the Columbia University.  Their Gold standard finding after studying 80,000 pregnancies in 2017 is: "Prenatal exposure to maternal fever during the second  trimester raised odds of autism spectrum disorder by 40 percent" The Study Link:  https

Have you ever tried to understand Adolf Hitler?

How did Adolf get to where he was, and get so many people supporting his ideas? Liked young women Eva was much younger than Adolf And Adolf loved sex So where are his children now and what do they do? Hopefully, they live in peace, or do any of them have similar ideas to their father? To answer this question, you need to take a look at the past 50 years.  WHO has evolved into power during this time and who leads them? This is a comment I posted to a YouTube site. ​ @bobsears4394  Hey Bob. Thanks for your comment. Clinical Study... who did these studies and was there any conflict of interest? Have studies been wrong in the past Bob? Yes they have. And when so much effort is made to debunk any other conversation, my spider sense gets triggered. I am currently performing observable studies and they don't align with the narrative. See in my world, things aren't tested until they are actually tested. I am not trying to be a molecular biologist. But I want people who want to dive i

Are They Testing The mRNA?

What follows is my activity which is simply making calls to the Jabcinder's hot lines 'the one source of truth' which turns out to be a complete and utter lie! < Absolute Truth! I want to measure excess deaths. Excess Deaths are the number of people who actually died, minus the number of deaths we expected to take place. They should be dominated by covid deaths, but they are not? A quick look at the findings of this blog page: In the 3 years of covid, worldwide, there have been: a) 3.4 million actual deaths due specifically to covid infection b) 7.75 million excess deaths between 2019 and 2021 not due to covid Calculation of excess deaths for the entire period of covid to date: c) 24 million between 2019 and 2023 (3 years) (No, 5 years represented here ?)      No way can this be true? That means excess deaths exceed covid by a huge amount and the graph plotting the excess deaths is still in a positive slope! To understand this information you will need to follow my trai

The Gnostic Faith

Here is the question you must ask yourself. Lets say you were born a Christian. You went to church every day for 50 years, and sung in the choir every weekend and at special occasions. In the morning, you rose and opened a page on the good book to re-read a passage you had read a thousand time before. It touches your very soul and you feel the warmth of your faith.  As you look at your walls that are covered in picture of biblical events, you know who you are.  You are your faith, and your faith is you. THEN, someone comes along and says...  "You faith is wrong and now, by mandate of the government, you must compromise/renounce your faith and change to ours. If you don't follow our rules, then you are an outcast of society." Whatever it is that you believe in; could you just simply let it go or would you question the 'facts' you are being told as to why you have to let your faith be compromised? Your faith is in your knowledge of nature and how it combines with yo

The Virus was made by Science and was a Lab Leak - Absolute Fact

Before we discuss the Lab Leak Facts (no longer a conspiracy theory but Absolute Fact), we need to understand the WHO. Are they an elected organisation run by Governments? No, they are a private organisation with diplomatic immunity and tax free. They are funded mainly by big business which all have ties into ownership of the pharmaceutical industry and vaccine profits (serious conflict of interest). This presentation by Andrew Bridges MP to the British Government is a true eye opener. The Official Verdict is that the Virus came from the Wuhan Lab Here is the link to the report produced by the 'Muddy Waters Group" 27 January 2023 Where they identify (using years of research), that the virus came from the Wuhan Lab and was created by science (those people we were told we could trust). Even though everyone discredited this 'theory' and labeled it a conspiracy, it is now Absolute Fact due to the kn

So was the drug actually tested?

  We were told that the drug was 'safe and effective'. That the NZ Government was the 'one source of truth'. Why is it, then, that the documented evidence does not support their statements and actions? To find out the truth, I have requested the following: Reply 9:55 27/03/23 I would stop this blog if it wasn't for the absolute fact that the truth about mRNA is actually coming out and it is not good. We have all been lied to. That is an Absolute Fact that you could take to the bank. This is the lie Here are the facts that were known at the time of the lie. The New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinder Arden public announces that the NZ Govt is the only source of truth and every other conversation about covid that doesn't agree with their version is a lie and a conspiracy The PM goes on to state emphatically, that the mRNA Serum that they call a vaccine is safe and effective. The public perception of this announcement is that the mRNA injection is safe for themselves,

Time Will Tell

Since we have all been getting on with our lives, the Covid story has been unravelling. 1: Dr Fauci has been accused of falsifying information, and if these accusations are true, then the probability is that the virus came from science and the Wuhan Lab. Fauci's motives for lying was said to be that 'gain of function' research was being funded by his administration (in particular Dr Fauci himself) and if it ever came out that it was a virus from his research, it would set his projects back. 2: The mRNA Drug called a vaccine, was not tested. That is a 100% fact. One obvious fact (even to a layperson) is that the needle should have been aspirated. Aspiration is the practice of inserting the needle into the deltoid muscle, and before injecting the drug, withdrawal of the plunger a little to see if the tip is in a blood vessel. Injecting straight into the circulatory system was common and detrimental to the patient. This report from Dr John Campbell (whom I shall call Sir Dr Jo