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Is This Why mRNA Does Not Work?

The mRNA Injection does not appear to have a long lasting effect and on-going booster shots may be required forever. Why? I have a theory. It is only a theory but please read and comment:

1: Normal Vaccines and why they work without booster shots

A normal vaccine introduces a weakened pathogen into your body. Your immune system analyses the pathogen and establishes a response that eliminates the pathogen; a process it remembers for a long time and perhaps your entire life.

2: How does the new mRNA injection work?

Each injection of the mRNA vaccine places @ 40 trillion mRNA packages into your muscle. 

Approximately 25% stays in the muscle, 75% passes into your lymphatic system which distributes them around your body.

Many of the mRNA packages eventually enter various cells and process their code through one of the cell's ribosomes* to produce lots of protein spikes that resemble the protein spike on the virus surface.

(* Ribosomes the 'keys' used to enter a cell).

The cell ribosomes (Ref: CDC) keep producing the protein spikes until the cell is destroyed as per a natural process of your biological function. This may take weeks or months depending on the lifecycle of the cell.

Consequently your body is constantly being polluted by this protein spike and your body's management system, over time, cleans them away. 

This can take weeks or many months.

Representation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19)

The S protein is the protein spike

3: If during the clean up you happen to contract the virus...

An idea only: During the mRNA spike protein clean up phase; if you happen to contract Covid-19, the current clean up process simply wipes the protein spikes off the virus surface and nothing else. This makes it impossible for the virus to enter your cells and so you are protected.

Is this how the immunity occurs?

NOT because the mRNA injection has established an immune response but simply because your body has targeted to clean away these spikes that are cluttering up your body and at the time, they happen to also be on the virus surface?

4: How does the mRNA protect you?

Without the protein spike on the virus, the virus has no way to enter the cell and establish itself and so you are mostly protected.

5: Is this why the mRNA injection does not produce permanent immunity?

If this was the case, it would mean that the mRNA vaccine would not develop a natural immunity and you would require booster shots to maintain an active protein spike production and a cleanup process.


This is just a theory but it fits the pattern and cycle that we are seeing.

To actually solve Covid-19 we may require a real vaccine. One where the actual virus is injected or caught by each of us and our natural immunity system is allowed to work correctly.

Is deathtoll correct?