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If you are healthy, Covid-19 is unlikely to affect you so why do you need to get a vaccine?

Health is something we individually have control of.

For example: If you chose to smoke and subsequently experienced respiratory diseases or lung cancer, it was your freedom of choice that led you to your disease. But once educated, many people have given up smoking and the problem is being eliminated. So is this the same issue we have with Covid-19?

In recent times, food has been manipulated by production techniques, additives, storage, and misinformation campaigns. Today's bottle of milk is not the same as the one your parents knew and seafood can no longer be trusted.

This is the case for so many food products. As a consumer you are constantly mislead and non-truths have become the norm. In truth this food problem is know as an endemic disease because we as a society have accepted that bad food has become our world's way of life.

It is blatantly rubbed in our faces every day as retailers sell us the idea that we are going to be happy consuming their products. And they target our young and vulnerable.

They achieve the taste addiction by adding bad things and clever marketing that links 'happiness' with their products. For some reason, manufacturers no longer need to tell the truth. It has become the consumers job to study the labels and it has become the manufacturers job to try to hide the ingredients.

As a consequence, we are progressively getting sicker. Our society is now creating its own problems and we blame it on a virus. It is simply not true. SARS-CoV-2 just happens to be the virus that brought the actual issue of our diet to everyone's attention.

You can create as many trillion dollar vaccines as you like, it will not change the truth that this pandemic is actually a measure of what you eat, and what your governments, health departments and science are willing to continue to allow.

We are constantly told that it is a consumer choice and demand that is driving the industries and so we have to also recognise that Covid-19 was self inflicted.

Today you can no longer trust the following foods without very careful analysis.
  1. Bread
  2. Sweets and deserts
  3. Honey
  4. Fruit Juice
  5. Dried fruits
  6. Fruit
  7. Tofu
  8. Oils
  9. Snacks
  10. Vegetables
  11. Meat
And what is the result?
A society haemorrhaging from a constant growth in bad health and society issues.
For many people, they do not realise that they have become addicted to bad foods.

Foods affect your happiness, health, environment, and everyone else around you!
When a new virus appears and your immune system is stuck under a pile of burgers and fries, your body can no longer cope.

Your children learn from your example.
If you have an issue, it is likely your children will have the same issue.
Not because of genetics; but because of role modeling and constant repetition of bad examples.

We love our kids. 
It is our individual purpose as loving Mums, Dads, Brothers and Sisters, to work out our best life.
In doing so we encourage our little chicks to do the same.

(Image of 2 chicks to come)
A tiny virus is teaching us that we have gone wrong somewhere.
We have to break the declining health cycle, stop polluting our food supply, and embrace a set of values that put people and families above profits.  

Covid-19 may be brought under control by spending trillions of dollars on vaccines, and by getting everyone in the world to take a needle of something none of us know the outcome of.
But this is only the beginning.
  1. People are still sick
  2. We do not know the long term outcome of the current SARS-CoV-2 vaccine
  3. When the next virus is discovered, will a new vaccine be required?
  4. How quickly will it be produced and what will be the cost in terms of life and disruption?
  5. How do we afford the ongoing yearly vaccine costs?
  6. Is this the new normal?
We believe the solution is a combined community effort by all of us to create a better person, house, street, district, town, city, country, and world.
It starts by sorting ourselves out because each and every one of us is so very important, no matter what!

Our goal is to help communities establish a network of people who deliver life education to friends and family who need a helping hand.
  1. Eat better
  2. Education
  3. Exercise
  4. Happiness
  5. Purpose
  6. Understanding
  7. Support

Our Goals
  1. Help people understand the vaccine issue and discuss alternative options
  2. Examine the food industry and correct the errors
  3. Assist people to discover healthy eating for their situation
  4. Encourage simple maintenance exercises
  5. Act as a public face in the areas of virology
    1. Vaccine discussion
    2. Identifying the origins
    3. Ensuring solutions
  6. Encourage hope, trust, and fun because when it is fun, everyone gets excited to join in :)
  1. Free Social apps
  2. Free Education courses
  3. Government and local body discussions
  4. Establish community observation of our food industry
During September, we are establishing our base and will grow from there. 

Ian Stephenson
Assistant to Hippocrates
The Father of Medicine

Logo by: Mosammat Ruma A