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Have you ever tried to understand Adolf Hitler?

How did Adolf get to where he was, and get so many people supporting his ideas?

Liked young women

Eva was much younger than Adolf

And Adolf loved sex

So where are his children now and what do they do?
Hopefully, they live in peace, or do any of them have similar ideas to their father?

To answer this question, you need to take a look at the past 50 years. 
WHO has evolved into power during this time and who leads them?

This is a comment I posted to a YouTube site.

Hey Bob. Thanks for your comment. Clinical Study... who did these studies and was there any conflict of interest? Have studies been wrong in the past Bob? Yes they have. And when so much effort is made to debunk any other conversation, my spider sense gets triggered.
I am currently performing observable studies and they don't align with the narrative. See in my world, things aren't tested until they are actually tested.
I am not trying to be a molecular biologist. But I want people who want to dive in submarines to test their equipment before releasing it to me and my children. Sound fair? So test your stuff and show us the results. Don't tell us you have done something that you obviously have not, and then use your PhD disguise to say 'nothing to see here and anyone who says differently is a toss pot' because that is obviously just a nervous tactic for imbeciles to agree with.

When I go to New Zealand MEDSAFE and look at the current/latest update on the mRNA, it seems like the tests are in situ (being done on the actual population rather than a lab). 

They also show that safety testing is not being continued, and this should concern anyone with a real PhD because they know that such a transgression from the standards that we have tried and tested since vaccines and drugs were invented is potentially lethal.
Let me rephrase that: 
An untested drug, potentially lethal to the participants AKA 'The Population' (including our children), is being administered. <<< Absolute FACT FACT FACT!

So for every point that anyone wants to make about the re-code and patenting of the human gene pool, I find no evidence to support the claim that the drugs are tested and not causing excess mortality (which is skyrocketing in the vaccinated).

He always had a strange look

I have noted throughout history the methods adopted to change societal structures, and it is mostly by nefarious means. Where the lives of people are considered to be unimportant (like the UKRAINE genocide). All that is important in these campaigns is the wants and needs of seriously sick and delusional BOSS people, who get it in their heads that they are GOD and only they know what is right and wrong. I mean, look at history. Hitler thought that his world view was correct, right to his core. When you study his face, his stare, you can see it very clearly.

And when I look at people in the WEF, I see the same stare.

Intention is always in the eyes

Why do the problems always come from Europe and China? It's not so much the people, for they are simply being lead. What is it? Is it a genetic defect, or something that they eat? Perhaps it is the royal inbreeding that has occurred, or that one day someone conquered somewhere and decided that only their DNA was good enough and populated everyone with it? 

Adolf has been identified as a sexual predator and incest was his fetish.
Such unions can cause quite a psychological and Genetic problem that manifests from generation to generation. The 'fetish' can be passed on because children growing up in dysfunctional families often become the victims, and then perpetrators of the same crimes.

This picture has been discredited and I have no particular concern here,
except how is it that this man, whomever he is, can walk around in public like this? The only way would be... that all the people in this photo are the same... and then I look and see they are.

I can tell you that human rights have most definitely been violated, and BOB, you should be very concerned about this because this is forever Bob. Your children will be the owners of your failure here, Bob, not you. Who else had an agenda that threatened human rights? 
This would be an ideology passed on from father to son.

21st century
For most people, when they lie, their facial expressions give them away.
However, a new tool to avoid being detected is Botox. It stops the lie being displayed so easily on someone's face. As an example, notice this chap who likes to be known as a scientist but that I cannot recognise as such. A frozen facial expression and not one eyebrow movement. Could Mr Wilson be inadvertently showing us in the video below the miracle of Botox?

Do you think his stare is from Botox or is something else going on?

This presentation technique is very common in people who live with no emotion (potentially early childhood abuse)  with only self-important thoughts. The mannerism could indicate serious psychosis and psychopathic tendencies.

Next is the use of words and structures of sentences, and all the defenders of the mRNA use DARVO and show constant conversational structures that indicate to me that they are 'elites' and have typical Cluster B type personality disorders:

"Cluster B personality disorders are characterised by dramatic, overly emotional or unpredictable thinking or behaviour. They include antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder"

What is DARVO?

DARVO is an acronym for a conversational tactic taught in University and is a special communication strategy to win any argument:
  • Deny,
  • Attack
  • Reverse Victim and Offender
Here is an example of this tactic being used by New Zealand's Prime Minister during COVID to debunk the idea that new drugs are not safe until tested thoroughly. She turns the tables on anyone suggesting such and makes them out to be the real problem to society, when in fact it is a virus that is the problem and the government response.. Look for her saying, 'the problem is the unvaccinated' 

Watch for her mannerisms and 'anxiety ticks'. 
She should have taken the Botox like Wilson does, because her expression gives the game away.

This tactic was first discovered in examining how sexual predators internalised their wrongful actions, and created a defence strategy where it is 'not me it is YOU!" and shuts down their empathy towards their victims to a level allowing them to literally do whatever they want to them and even kill them without remorse or second thought. After all, in their minds it is 'your fault' !

DARVO is most likely a strategy that was deployed on them at some stage in their life but Jabcinder, as we like to call her, is a converted empath so she simply gives the game away. She is a wannabe leader and so learns the wannabe tactics.

DARVO can be used by anyone, by the way. You don't have to be a narcissist like Hitler. You can be an empathising leader who wants to be a success.

Always in the eyes, the windows to the soul

When Jabcinder left office (!!), this was her resignation speech...

The emotion she is expressing would seem not due to leaving her job. 
It looks like she has been told off and given the push by the 'leaders' because
they realised that she wouldn't get re-elected

Unlike Trudeau. He is a master of the technique, as is Klaus. 

The trick is to 'freeze' all facial expression. In fact the more staunch you look, the more you tell your opponent, 'Don't mess with me'. It's a reptilian response that you don't even control. You just know deep down inside you should not mess with them.

Purely co-incidental that the Davos meeting is so close to the DARVO acronym
but does this guy ever smile? Hardly a poster boy for the cause.
Takes a lot of practice to look so miserable all the time or is it simply a learned technique?

When you deny people the right to have a fully tested drug injected into them, and then you discredit their questions, call them names, and shut them down with your status of 'I am a PhD in masturbation blah blah', you are a psychological abuser. Why are you denying a balanced opinion? Why have you camped here, Bob?

Are you a real person even, or are you on a payroll of the disinformation program?
TAKE ACTION NOW: Become a whistle blower and join the good guys and gals or stay as an abuser of human rights and support the consequences of such. It is your choice, we don't mandate. We simply consider the Darwin Awards are always in play.

The DARVOS look is familiar in people who want to control the world. 

"Birds of a feather flock together."

And there is always a partner because every crazy leader needs someone to agree with them to maintain their sense of righteousness because otherwise, they might doubt themselves when they looked in the mirror.

My point is how similar the look is of people who want to control the world.
  • The lady on the left is Adolf Hitler's wife, 'Eva Anna Paula Braun'
  • The lady in the middle is Klaus Schwab's wife, 'Hilde Schwab'
  • The image on the right is what Eva might have look like in later life with normal aging.
  • Somehow everyone here has the same stare. I wonder why?

WEF Agenda

According to the Transnational Institute (TNI), the Forum is planning to replace a recognised democratic model with a model where a self-selected group of "stakeholders" make decisions on behalf of the people.[32] The think tank summarises that we are increasingly entering a world where gatherings such as Davos are "a silent global coup d'├ętat" to capture governance.[32]

------ links below for reference only -----------------------------------------------------------,Personal%20life,Valley%20at%20a%20Reformed%20church.


My point.

Why is it that people want to rule the world? What is their motivation?

Does this blog by SIR Dr. John Campbell hold a clue?
Please watch as it is most enlightening.

Love this man for he knows only the truth.
He does not know how to lie and he is Legend!
In my heart and soul, he is SIR John Campbell, a small thing I can do to show my deepest respect and love of a person who tells the truth and knows no other way.


One Man wants to tell the rest of the world what our rights are and how we will live.
When such a man appears, we should all want to know who he is, for he and his offspring will control for eternity.

"Don't be on the wrong side of who rules the world!"
 What do you mean, Jabcinder? Why do you say this I wonder? 
What did the last conqueror do with anyone that didn't agree?

Basically Jacinda Ardern who was supposed to represent the people of New Zealand, actually represented the WEF, and used the people of NZ unwittingly, without consent or knowledge of her allegiance to WEF and Klaus, its founder and leader, to clandestinely follow the orders of Klaus. 

So an untested drug is perfectly OK when put into the mindset of the people who want to control the world. In fact it is the best technique, germ warfare in reverse. 

Don't poison people with germs, approach it from the other direction. Poison them with the supposed 'cure'!

And that is what this is all about.

------ links below for reference only -----------------------------------------------------------

Ukraine is simply war games. 
Establishment of the rhetoric on why our sons and daughters will be required to join in the battle one day.

WEF Encourage environmental disasters.

------ links below for reference only -----------------------------------------------------------

And don't forget, Hitler mustered a lot of support for his vision of the world.

I never thought my blog would get to such a point.
I must be crazy... because the truth is far too hard a pill to swallow.
Time to wake up, everyone.

What's Next?

The single source of Truth .... no I mean lies!

I was trying to contact 'The Once Source Of Truth" that our Prime Minister said I could, so I did;

My finding was 24,000,000 excess deaths currently... but only @3,000,000 died of covid? 

Another WTF moment!
No I must be wrong... surely. Go check for yourself. Its all at this link.