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Are They Testing The mRNA?

What follows is my activity which is simply making calls to the Jabcinder's hot lines 'the one source of truth' which turns out to be a complete and utter lie! < Absolute Truth!

I want to measure excess deaths. Excess Deaths are the number of people who actually died, minus the number of deaths we expected to take place. They should be dominated by covid deaths, but they are not?

A quick look at the findings of this blog page:

  1. In the 3 years of covid, worldwide, there have been:
    a) 3.4 million actual deaths due specifically to covid infection
    b) 7.75 million excess deaths between 2019 and 2021 not due to covid

  2. Calculation of excess deaths for the entire period of covid to date:
    c) 24 million between 2019 and 2023 (3 years) (No, 5 years represented here ?)     
No way can this be true?
That means excess deaths exceed covid by a huge amount and the graph plotting the excess deaths is still in a positive slope!

To understand this information you will need to follow my trail below. I am going to get this information checked out but if I am right, we have not only been lied to on purpose, the lies are continuing and being spread by 'everyone' we are supposed to trust.

That is the take home from this blog today. Below is how I got to this result:


This is entry level statistics you are either missing on purpose or simply don't understand!


I wanted to update where everything was at, so I decided to do a quick ring around the government departments:

STEP 1: 

I called the Covid Information Health Line. 0800 358 5453

I talked with a nice chap called Blake.

I asked if he had an update on the safety of the mRNA drug as the one from MEDSAFE was still saying it was all untested. < As At 20/06/23

I said that in reality, as we are no longer in a pandemic, the emergency was over and so therefore an untested drug is not legally allowed to be promoted or distributed to my knowledge.

He didn't know the answer but gave me a number: 0800 855 066 > Ministry Of Health.

I called them

STEP 2: Press 5 > 4 > 

Shaun: What is the document that authorises the current us of the mRNA drug?

  • We are no longer under pandemic emergency use authorisation
  • So what is the documented law that approves its continued use?

He had a chat with team leader and said I had to ask these organisations:

MEDSAFE > 0800 04819 6800 - medsafeazrquery@health

PHARMAC > 0800 660 050 -

However, they must be able to provide their operational directives and authorisation

STEP 3: What is your authorisation to continue to promote the untested mRNA drug?


What is the document that allows the MOH to promote the untested drug.

Jackie told me that actually they are only a call center. They are not the MOH.

Contact Center: Te Whatu Ora based in Wanganui

I said, 'Thank you so much for the information. If the mRNA drug no longer has the protection of the emergency use authorisation, what is the standing order that permits you to advise people to take an as-of-yet, untested drug?

She did not know. I said, "Potentially each person who advises someone to take a drug that is not tested, is not only breaking the law; they are also doing so as an individual and may be prosecuted as such. But I am sure this isn't the case so please find out and if you could let me know that would be great!"

STEP 4: CALL MEDSAFE 04 819 6800

They are not answering their calls.


The approval process:

No reply but I left a message

STEP 5: PHARMAC - 0800 660 050

Don't select 1

Select 5 > Pharmacy enquiries...

No one available.

Wow simply not getting anywhere...

Lets Try a Hospital

STEP 6: BOP District Health Board

1 > Book a covid vaccination

I want to know what the authorisation is

Health Hub... Sorry due to high call volume...

STEP 7: BOP District Health Board

0 > Reception > I asked for Head Office

Question: Where is the approval of the flu vaccine?

Wow not getting anywhere...

Let's go back to the beginning

STEP 8: 0800 358 5453

Aroha: Health Advisor.

3: Go to the risk management plan and there are the studies

The health advisor said that she didn't need to actually be up-to-date on her own knowledge of these findings as it would be quite a bit to read and understand.

I said, "But it's what I will have to do and surely you would need to study it to be able to advise someone?"

I said that in NZ we have had 3077 deaths of people who had covid (not necessarily died of covid but 'with' covid). 

But if an undertested drug had any effects, then that would be a statistic. If it was 1% then that would be 70,000 people affected. If 5% it would be 350,000 so it is a good idea to continue the actual tests.

What is 'serious'?

An AEFI is considered serious if it:
  • is a medically important event or reaction
  • requires hospitalisation or prolongs an existing hospitalisation
  • causes persistent or significant disability or incapacity
  • is life threatening
  • causes a congenital anomaly/birth defect
  • results in death.

They have stopped providing data but as at 11/22.

People with covid deaths = 3,077
People injured by the mRNA = 3,688

Strange that the injured exceeds the deaths and not forgetting, death proportioned to covid was that the person dies with covid and not always of covid.

I'd best stop but I will take a look at the links and see what it shows.

This was interesting. Blood clots are being reported in many postmortems and is this something new? WTF!

Points to Ponder

  • All that I am trying to do is to assess the safety of the drug.
  • The advisors recommend I do my own research.
  • The government would like me to take the word of the advisors. 
  • They are mostly nice people but I seem to know more than they do and at this stage, my immunity to covid, which has been long lasting and 100% effective, was naturally attained in later 2019 and I have been super healthy. 
  • Whereas by observation, many people I know with the jab, often seem to be sick.

What can I say?

This is the consent to continue to promote and administer the untested drug:

New Zealand had very little covid until this event:

And when I look at the statistics:

All the people at the rugby game had the mRNA injection.

But what is important is the actual death rate seems quite small for a 'pandemic'.
  1. At one stage the government is all 'lock up your kids, don't see them, even if you are dying'.
  2. Nexmin they are organising and promoting the equivalent of orgies!
  • Far too many WTF! events happening that just don't make sense. 
  • They have ruined the economy and I can see where that is heading!

Is it the mRNA Injected or the Naturally Immune who are passing on (I don't like to say the word death because I do not believe in it myself :)

Unfortunately it is hard to trust the statistics. They have been heavily biased towards the narrative.
We could measure the death rate by the covid disease alone but this would be incorrect because:
  • Death by Covid &
  • Death with Covid are two totally separate events
Someone who is next to death, who happens to catch covid on the way out was labeled as Death Of Covid when in reality they were Death with Covid. Such events processed by anyone with an entry level  knowledge of statistics realises this, so why doesn't the government? PhD WTF professionals?

Quotes from below:
  1. The Ministry of Health has added an additional death to the national covid-19 figures
  2. Shot dead in a driveway
  3. because of a change in the way the Ministry of Health reports on death
  4. An additional death has been added to the national covid-19 figure

    So simply put, the statistics on Covid-19 deaths world wide, is seriously incorrect by a significant factor.

So what are the deaths by covid I wonder?

If I take the total deaths worldwide for the 3 year period = 6,752,096

And apply a reasonable ratio of 50/50 to account for 'Death with Covid' which is not really a covid death. That would equal 6,752,096 / 2 = 3,376,048 deaths actually caused by covid in 3 years.

Deaths per year due to Covid = 3,376,048 divided by 3 years = 1,125,349 deaths per year (1.1M)

The rest of the numbers just happened to have covid when they died. Covid infected people brought the bug into hospital and simply made everyone in hospital catch it. Meanwhile patients existing condition , many of which were terminal, passed away. But their cause of death wasn't registered as their actual condition. No, according the the W.H.O, the cause of death had to be listed as the covid infection.  

OMG Paul Rand! Are you one of them?... you have the same face and although you talk talk you never do anything at all. I thought you would have power but is it all just a distraction? To give us false hope? Nothing you say gets anywhere. You know so much and talk so précis, but you never get anywhere,,, why not? That is the question.

#PN Personal Note: raw data for use one day

OMG here is another WTF moment!

Below are two segments of the above graph. I just saw the slope of excess deaths! It is know as a 'positive slope'. In the previous graph of covid deaths, we can see quite clearly that they have leveled off. The pandemic is over... but not according to the these United Nations figures.

fig 1

fig 2

In fig 1 we can see the sharp line shooting almost straight up.
This line covers two years of stats and goes from an expected death toll of 60M in 2021 to an actual mortality value of 69.25M

I will round off the difference to 9.2M to simplify everything.
Covid accounts for 2 years at 1.1 M per year = 2.2 M
That is 7 million excess deaths that are not accounted for.

BUT: The gradient of excess death is shooting straight up!
Sure, it can come down sharply but that is not what this is doing.

According to this information, which is lacking 2 years of data, I estimate the current excess deaths to be...

Total deaths = 24 Million in 3 years? I need more data to validate such a result.
But if I am right....

How can we examine this?

We can look at Chile with a 92.27% mRNA injection rate:

In the graph below that shows the effects of Covid infection, the comparison between un-mRNA injected vs. the Injected is very similar?

But they emphasise that 4 doses is the best protection. However. notice that at the end, all seem to be the same. But that is not the correct measurement. You would have to also now factor the numbers of adverse events due to the jab and compare these additional deaths and impacts.
No one does this and yet it is a model that would present the actual facts.

What of the unvaccinated countries?

Burundi .05% mRNA Injected

The chart shows a similar trend to all others countries who too the drug but Burundi could only have  natural immunity to cure the virus and it has.

Jamaica - 3m Population < less than 33%  'Vaccinated'


We are being deceived at the highest levels.