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The Gnostic Faith

Here is the question you must ask yourself.

Lets say you were born a Christian.
You went to church every day for 50 years, and sung in the choir every weekend and at special occasions.

In the morning, you rose and opened a page on the good book to re-read a passage you had read a thousand time before. It touches your very soul and you feel the warmth of your faith. 

As you look at your walls that are covered in picture of biblical events, you know who you are. 

You are your faith, and your faith is you.

THEN, someone comes along and says... 

"You faith is wrong and now, by mandate of the government, you must compromise/renounce your faith and change to ours. If you don't follow our rules, then you are an outcast of society."

Whatever it is that you believe in; could you just simply let it go or would you question the 'facts' you are being told as to why you have to let your faith be compromised?

Your faith is in your knowledge of nature and how it combines with you to create your very being. But some scientist says your faith isn't as good as their drugs and because they 'control' the narrative, what you think, do or say does not matter.

For people who believe in nature, this is exactly the scenario that just occurred.

The Human Essence

Our society is based on status, culture, and faith but within these sectors, there are two additional definitions of the Human Essence and they are:

  • The standards at which we accept truth 
  • Our way of life/health is either based on nature or science

Some of us only need to be told a 'truth' by someone we respect and we will believe that it is the truth. But psychology will also show us that subliminal programming can alter a person's ability to recognise the truth. Take 'vegetable oil'. Exactly what vegetable does vegetable oil come from? Answer, 'None', but the subliminal message is that heat treated seed oil is sold as vegetable oil because by association, people think it is healthy. It most certainly is NOT.

To achieve such a mind controlling campaign, you only need to control the media and a non-truth can be twisted into a believed truth.

Some people are not easily convinced and need to see the evidence. The evidence and research will need to be 100% correct, else these people will want investigation on the parts that fail to be satisfied.

This has been the covid battle.

At a court of any law, not one person could stand with their hand on their heart and say that the mRNA Injection was tested to a level of public safety and assurance. But the 'courts' have accepted people saying such things and in doing so, we have to question the decisions of the court and if they are trustworthy.

Trust has been broken and we who have been insulted by the narrative no longer trust the government or health services. Once we thought government was something we controlled, and now we realise it has no control. It is simply a structure which can be manipulated and has been.

The Gnostic Faith

One of the oldest faiths was called 'Gnostic'.

A funny story... I was searching for something completely different and this web page appeared.

I hold an affinity to all the writings here. It is as if I just connected with who I am. I had lost my faith in the Church of England and renounced it in an earlier blog. But there, at this site, are the words I have in my head and which come from my mouth from time to time. It is what I practice without even knowing this faith existed. Somehow, I feel I've found my future.


2 hours long so settle in.

Aotearoa: The Gnostic Society Inc.