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The Gnostic Faith

Here is the question you must ask yourself. Lets say you were born a Christian. You went to church everyday for 50 years, and sung in the choir every weekend and at special occasions. In the morning you rose and opened a page on the good book to re-read a passage you had read a thousand time before. It touches your very soul and you feel the warmth of your faith.  As you look at your walls that are covered in picture of biblical events, you know who you are.  You are your faith, and your faith is you. THEN, someone comes along and says...  "You faith is wrong and now, by mandate of the government, you must compromise/renounce your faith and change to ours. If you don't follow our rules, then you are an outcast of society." Whatever it is that you believe in; could you just simply let it go or would you question the 'facts' you are being told as to why you have to let your faith be compromised. Your faith is in your knowledge of nature and how it combines with you

The Virus was made by Science and was a Lab Leak - Absolute Fact

Before we discuss the Lab Leak Facts (no longer a conspiracy theory but Absolute Fact), we need to understand the WHO. Are they an elected organisation run by Governments? No they are a private organisation with diplomatic immunity and tax free. They are funded mainly by big business which all have ties into ownership of the pharmaceutical industry and vaccine profits.(serious conflict of interest) This presentation by Andrew Bridges MP to the British Government is a true eye opener. The Official Verdict is that the Virus came from the Wuhan Lab Here is the link to the report produced by the 'Muddy Waters Group" 27 January 2023 Where they identify (using years of research), that the virus came from the Wuhan Lab and was created by science (those people we were told we could trust). Even though everyone discredited this 'theory' and labeled it a conspiracy, it is now Absolute Fact due to the know

So was the drug actually tested?

  We were told that the drug was 'safe and effective'. That the NZ Government was the 'one source of truth'. Why is it, then, that the documented evidence does not support their statements and actions? To find out the truth, I have requested the following: Reply 9:55 27/03/23 I would stop this blog if it wasn't for the absolute fact that the truth about mRNA is actually coming out and it is not good. We have all been lied to. That is an Absolute Fact that you could take to the bank. This is the lie Here are the facts that were known at the time of the lie. The New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinder Arden public announces that the NZ Govt is the only source of truth and every other conversation about covid that doesn't agree with their version is a lie and a conspiracy The PM goes on to state emphatically, that the mRNA Serum that they call a vaccine is safe and effective. The public perception of this announcement is that the mRNA injection is safe for themselves,

Time Will Tell

Since we have all been getting on with our lives, the Covid story has been unravelling. 1: Dr Fauci has been accused of falsifying information, and if these accusations are true, then the probability is that the virus came from science and the Wuhan Lab. Fauci's motives for lying was said to be that 'gain of function' research was being funded by his administration (in particular Dr Fauci himself) and if it ever came out that it was a virus from his research, it would set his projects back. 2: The mRNA Drug called a vaccine, was not tested. That is a 100% fact. One obvious fact (even to a layperson) is that the needle should have been aspirated. Aspiration is the practice of inserting the needle into the deltoid muscle, and before injecting the drug, withdrawal of the plunger a little to see if the tip is in a blood vessel. Injecting straight into the circulatory system was common and detrimental to the patient. This report from Dr John Campbell (whom I shall call Sir Dr Jo


#eion THE THEORY OF CONVERTING PEOPLE INTO LITERAL THINKERS What would happen if/is this possible? Change the definition of what a vaccine is so that the new tech can be called a vaccine, when in reality it is a new technology Start stories on the media about how unvaccinated children are becoming a problem and introduce the label 'Anti-Vaxxers' Virus emerges. Blame nature. She can't complain Discredit anyone who disagrees with the lack of protocols and safety efforts of the new tech Label objectors to the drug 'Anti-Vaxxers', BUT allow the public to direct free 'hate speech' against them so that 'Anti-vaxxers' are attacked with hate speech Include doctors and scientists as Anti-Vaxxers if they don't follow the plan Take over all media to say that the drug is safe and effective, and make it illegal to say otherwise Establish triggers which link the whole campaign together. "ding!.. ding!.. ding!... this is a special cov announcement..."

The Absolute Logic Rules

In pure thought, there are Absolute Logics. "Logical understandings that are true and impossible to deny." Using Absolute Logic, we can resolve many of the issues of life: Absolute Logic Examples If you eat a poor diet, it will impact your health If you don't sleep, you will be tired If you take a drug, it will have an effect You get the idea. Using Absolute Logic you can work out most things. The problem for it, though, is whether you accept the conclusions or not. But Absolute Logic is also an Absolute Truth (a truth that can be examined in all directions and still be true) and we should only make our most important decisions based on Absolute Truths, because with anything less, there is an element of risk. Element of Risk The problem for 'truths' is that they are not Absolute Truths. For example; it is true that if you jab a needle in your arm it will hurt. It is a truth BUT it is not an absolute truth because in some circumstances, it may not hurt; for example

I truly get closer to the truth - Narcissistic Answer Circle

There are 4 parts to this theory. Please note: This is only a theory. It does not constitute psychological advice. It is me trying to work out why all the acedemics I talk with, who are blindly pro the mRNA serum, are exactly the same. They use the exact same communication technique, and for anyone who is subject to this type of activity, it can be totally destructive to your wellbeing and future sanity. As a long term 'victim' of this psychological  warfare, I have been studying it because I have no choice. If I wish to understand why I have been put down so much over the past few years, and now, it is becoming the new norm for everything, I need to work it out. I have asked the psychological profession but they won't get involved. As psychology is actually only theory, I think it's fair to say that people suffering from such mind games have the right to explain it from their own point of view. After all, we have experienced the issue, whereas a psychologist is only wo

A comment

This was a post on a blog site that I thought was appropriate: Zip Ian Stephenson i reckon that they do that with everything in a way. How do you deal with ppl saying its depopulation and its the great reset , the gov is run by aliens , ppl didnt land on the moon , 911 was planned. they are all the same. Ian Reply The first 'sin' was to call people 'Anti-Vaxxers'. Psychologists *should* have spoken up because this is a classic error/tactic. Technically there are many groups opposed to the use of untested drugs and instead of it being an open and honest discussion by people with genuine concerns and/or credentials, a 'one word label' smear campaign was launched purposely. In people like me, this rings BIG BELLS as to who is driving the show or should I say, the motivation for the drive becomes highly suspicious. I have watched for many years people in authority make big mistakes and lie as if butter would not melt in their mouth. They are born this way. These peo

9/1/23 I am sick

My partner went to the UK just before Christmas and caught what she thought to be Covid. She has just returned (7/1/23) and was showing all of the symptoms. Today at 10:00 am (9/1/23) I noticed that I was not feeling 100% and now I have: 1. Slightly runny nose 2. Fatigue 3. Jitters 4. Hearing reduced 5. Mild aches related to fatigue 6. Brain fog 7. Reduced sense of smell 8. Hunger but lack of appetite I am not worried. It is what I expected really. To gain natural immunity from a new bug you just have to go through it. I have prepared though. I have made a lot of high nutrient soup. I expect to take 2-5 days to develop natural immunity. I also established that I should avoid contact with people after picking her up from the Airport, so I have avoided any contact. We have also postponed the friends and family visits so as to minimise any transference. Soup is an ideal way to maintain health during sickness. Things to avoid Milk Ice cream Cheese Sour cream Any dairy as it is

Why the current generation let it happen

When I was 19, I left college and waved goodbye to most of my friends. I always thought I would catch up with them sometime in the future. We didn't have social media and ongoing daily contact. We severed the ties and became independent thinkers. I traveled throughout the outback of Australia and surrounds for 6 months without a phone and thought nothing of it. But the current youth never separate. They have known each other through social media for basically all of their lives. They talk amongst themselves and technically, the advice and role of the parent/caregiver is over. The adolescent has grown up being controlled by the group consciousness and their need to maintain popularity, compliance, and fit in to the group belief. So now comes the debate about Covid. Everyone is talking about it and certain concepts resonate. 'We have to protect our family. It's our turn to step up....' and other such ideas like the methods used to draft young kids into the war efforts. Bu

Covid is on its way again

As a society, the one thing we all need to function and survive is the truth and to be more clear, the Absolute Truth. 1: Is it Safe? Science and medicine knows that it takes a long time to test a theory, hypothesis, or a drug; a long time. The test protocols require a comprehensive regime of trials and observations over many years before a drug can be deemed 'safe and effective'. Some side effects are only identified after a drug has completed many years of tests such as in the Thalidomide roll out where the drug was released, then after many years, issues started to show up and the drug was eventually withdrawn for further testing. Example of vaccine testing: Swine flu vaccine: 1976 - Test revealed 1 serious adverse events (SAV) per 100,000 vaccinees Rotavirus vaccine: 1999 - Test revealed 1/2 serious adverse events (SAV) per 10,000 vaccinees In both cases these test results were deemed UNSAFE and the drug was withdrawn from use even though the diseases were active and highly

Vaccine Impact Starting to be Recognised

I cannot tell you how I feel as I am numb. I have been focused on work for the past few months and have only kept a 'glance' on Covid matters but then this video by Dr John Campbell (future OBE, I am sure) forced it's way into my mind. It has 'dented' me. German Autopsies on Myocarditis This is the report link:   These people had 'mild myocarditis'. Vaccine Injuries' are truly appearing all around me.

Reality and Science (Dr Wilson) v's Nature (#eion)

I was just reading the newspaper about how someone got 'radicalised' by a similar set of circumstances that I currently find myself in.  Problems in: Work Family Health Future Government They are all in the balance for me and it must be very stressful. When I was at the Tauranga Hospital with my partner, I checked my vitals on my phone: Measurement 1: 76 bpm (okay) Measurement 2: 99% oxygen (very good) Measurement 3: Stress ........ higher than I have ever seen it. I am not sure how they measure that stuff on your phone but where once it never even registered, it was now sitting 85%. I did a quick check of myself, as you do, and there it was. The fear of losing someone you love. To even think that I wouldn't be upset was my mistake. But once I recognised it, I changed my thoughts, went for a stroll, looked out of a window, and listened to music on my headset ... I am not just in love with my partner. I am in love with so many many people, places, things, sounds, music, laug

Official. Majority of Adverse Reactions are Due to Allergic Reaction to Lipid Nano-particle Ingredients

Are you allergic to anything? The rushed mRNA serum was the very first time the toxic chemical "PEG" (Polyethylene glycol) has been used in a vaccine, but it was never tested on people who had allergic reactions to the compounds, so how could it ever be deemed as safe? (Reference 1) Many people are allergic to PEG and it can have a very severe reaction when a susceptible person is exposed to it. It is commonly found in hair dye so if you have a reaction to hair dye, you most likely have a reaction to the mRNA drug. Picture of eyebrow literally 'burnt off and matted with blood'  as a result of exposure to hair dye containing PEG So imagine the result if that chemical was injected into the circulatory and lymphatic systems? It would look like this: Swelling, bruising, and likely internal damage after the administration of the mRNA Serum which contains the chemical PEG in the Lipid Nano-particle shell of the mRNA delivery system. This issue has been known since 2016, whe

HYPOTHESIS: "Methodology of the mRNA Serum Adverse Events" #eion (02:18-05Nov2022)

  HYPOTHESIS: "Methodology of the mRNA Serum Adverse Events" #eion (02:18-05Nov2022) All adverse events are allergic reactions < Absolute Fact The allergens contained in the serum were not tested < Absolute Fact Therefor ALL accepted adverse events have to be recognised as caused by the untested allergens < Absolute Fact Which creates an Anaphylactic Shock < Absolute Fact Which courses throughout the various bodily organs when triggered < Absolute Fact Until one fails < Absolute Fact Learn about Anaphylactic Shock


Debunk the Funk with Dr. Wilson 20.2K subscribers If you go to this YouTube video you can see my full conversation with many of the 'pro vax' people with credentials in the region of Masters and PhD in virology and molecular biology. It is very funny; I think I was on fire :)  But they were very good. I called them names like Cluster B's but they hung in there. But then I wrote this To: @Sithwolf  From: me = #eion Have you got a lisp?  Look, to understand how the cycle of death and disease occurred you have to also map the health of the people.  These viruses you talk about, where do you think they come from?  We have to understand that we are part of nature and not separate to it  When the environmental conditions require it, nature creates solutions  A river bursts it's banks. We see it as a disaster, nature sees it as roadworks  The seas rise and our homes are swept away, and nature continues as if we didn't exist  When nature declares an event, it doesn't as

Why is Popular Belief Off Balance?

What was your original thought? People like to think of themselves as unique, whereas in reality, we are cloned biological mechanisms with an evolving awareness of *one's self*. The awareness can be easily seen in the development stages of a cat's life which are:  Kitten,  Young Adult,  Mature Adult,  Senior.  Can you imagine a Kitten telling it's Senior that it knows more than the Senior? It's laughable but it truly happens in our society, but the point of difference is that a Young Adult may well know more than a Senior Adult because of their access to knowledge.  Knowledge is the crossroads of life and as a young child you are exposed to the five guidances of life:  Health Finances Relationships  Vocation Spiritualism.  Your caregiver's knowledge will be passed on to you in three stages:  Show - they will show you  Tell - they will tell you  Demonstrate - you will demonstrate .  The very first lesson is not intellectual rationalisation because you haven't lea

A Real Life Case Study

I am posting this quick case study in the hopes that someone may know the definitive answer Visible Inflammation along the facial profile and possible cytokine phase response  after first mRNA injection and eyebrow tinting The eyebrow scab is blood and very painful. The above photo was taken about 2 weeks after the initial event. Below was taken on the day of tint and approximately 1-3 days after the mRNA Injection. The patient have never had such a reaction to getting here eyebrows tinted. The swelling is all over her face and body. You can see it in the neck line. Both eyebrows are burnt and a blood scabs have formed.  The result has deformed her features UPDATE: 02/11/22 We are just on way to the hospital. I have been discussing this case on the 'Debunk The Funk with Dr. Wilson, a controlled site The video is simply fish bait to bring Anti-vaxxers in to be processed through the chatroom. I have been talking with Molecular Biologists, PhD's in Bio