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I have a script for a movie. It stars Donald Trump and the UN

I have a script for a movie. It stars Donald Trump and the UN I am not saying this is true but after researching Covid-19 for two years, watching a wide range of reactive official pseudo-psychologies, and becoming completely confused as to how we lost our freedom and culture, with the majority of people agreeing to have those freedoms and culture removed, it has led me to try to work out the possible synopsis to a movie script that I think could be a winner. (c) 2022 Ian Stephenson  Working Title: The Road with Good Intentions THE FOLLOWING IS FICTION. I HAVE SIMPLY ALIGNED EVENTS TO SUPPORT THE PLOT. Synopsis 1: 3/3/2022 We like to think we have a democracy. After all, we get to elect our leaders and for the most part, they help society to run. But what becomes of a driven politician? Where do they end up?  At a casual glance, they end up at the EU or the WHO. These are not democracies that we the people are involved in electing, but they have substantial influence over us. Important

1 March 2021 - Today: Wellington became the centre of the World Freedom Movement

 A simple, peaceful protest in Wellington New Zealand may just about beat the news that Russia has initiated a war with Ukraine ! New Zealand is the place called Godzone, whenua o te kapua mā roa, the " Land of the long white cloud " and it is quite the Eden for sure. It is.. was.. a much simpler life. Long beaches where you could hear the cicada chirp from across the bay. Where a phone was fixed to a wall and you could go for months into the bush without anyone knowing where you were and never mind if you were 'Ok'. That was called peaceful privacy ... and most of us loved it. That all disappeared about 30 years ago and now New Zealand is a 'very complex' place. Aotearoa is quite possibly the new centre of the freedom of rights movement. People from all over NZ have gathered at Parliament in a peaceful protest.  They are trying to secure the rights of all people. The right of privacy, of free speech, and the right to decide if you want to be part of a medical

2-2-22 Technically Covid is over!

Although it will take many months for the official acceptance that Covid is over, and no doubt there will be issues to resolve, and people will still have sickness from the disease, but technically Omicron is wiping out Covid-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus. I will create a full review of this blog in the next few weeks. The disease will progressively be treated as endemic and it should disappear just like SARS-CoV-1 did in 2004. In all of this, the take home message is: Eat healthy Avoid bad foods and cooking processes Avoid sugar and carbohydrates Avoid artificial ingredients Exercise Sleep well Reduce stress Live with awareness Treat the planet with respect Trust Mother Nature. After all, she fixed this.  Natural health will always be preferable to medical intervention. It's not over fully but we are definitely on the mend and restrictions are already being lifted in many countries including England and Australia. It has been difficult for everyone. We have so much to do to rebuild

Bill Gates is saying Omicron is better than the mRNA serum

At the Munich Security Conference 2022, Bill Gates explains that the Omicron variant is doing the job of vaccinating people. He also points out some very important factors: People suffering from the virus are mainly the elderly, obese, and people with diabetes. Omicron variants dramatically reduce the chances of severe disease and hospitalisation Our recovery from covid will come from natural immunity and not from mRNA. For the 'at risk' groups of people, mRNA has possibly saved them from hospitalisation but it has not reduced infection rates and who knows what the long term outcomes will be. It is a big help that we know who is at risk. Governments have spent billions trying to get everyone injected with an experimental serum whereas they could have quickly targeted the 'at risk'. A very curious strategy that has left many people dazed and bewildered as to how our individual rights of choice were secretly removed and replaced with government demands and coercion tactic

The major cause of Adverse Reactions in vaccination

In most people receiving the mRNA injection, the needle is placed into the deltoid muscle and the serum is injected into muscle tissue for absorption into the lymphatic system. However, in some people (estimated 1 in 2,000), the tip of the needle ends up in a vein. This is not good because now the serum is going to be injected straight into the blood system and miss the lymphatic system. The mRNA injection was never meant or tested for such distribution. People who have the injection in the vein have an immediate reaction: Metallic taste Nausea Dizziness and the adverse reactions can be myocarditis, pericarditis, and neurological issues. The only way to get the injection/boosters (if this is what you want) is to get the nurse to Aspirate the needle. Aspiration is when: The needle is inserted into the muscle Before depression of the syringe, the syringe is drawn back a little If blood flows into the barrel of the needle, then the nurse knows they are at a blood vessel and can reposition

The battle between creation or evolution continues

Picture courtesy Rani Dhaliwal  title ' nature vs. science, the battle continues!' Way before Darwin introduced the possibility that we evolved, as opposed to being created, there has been a constant battle between the two schools of thought.  Are we mother's nature or are we science's evolution? For thousands of years we lost our families to the battle. It travelled all around the world and one by one, natural environments were fought over, won or lost. But nature was resistant and science decided to negotiate for once. An agreement was created that all men, women and children were free and equal. We have been enforcing this law for many years and we have had to go to many battles to sustain freedom. But throughout this time, the two schools of thought remained. That of the scientists, and that of the naturalists. As education developed, more people pursued the higher education particularly in 'the sciences'. In the sciences, your task is to beat na

Wellington protest demands

Full Text of Press Release from COMBINED PROTEST GROUPS in Parliament grounds, 15 February 2022. We are united in demanding an end to Covid-19 mandates. Until the mandates end, we are determined to maintain our presence. No response has been received to yesterday’s letter sent to the government seeking an urgent meeting to open dialogue. We strongly urge the government to engage – they want a solution, we want a solution. An important milestone is that police have acknowledged our right to protest on Parliament grounds. We have been actively engaging with police including on traffic management, being mindful of public safety and wishing to minimise disruption to the people of Wellington. Despite this, police have today issued a statement regarding parking that we  have not “shown any concern for the negative impact” of protestors’ activities. This is yet more misinformation. Police know we have been highly involved in discussions with them and that we share their concerns. We are a pea

Everyone may be immune to SARS-CoV-2 by March 2022

Firstly, I want to recognise the speech given today at Wellington by the peaceful protestors. Courtesy of Shaun Devey at the front line Our Prime minister's response Commonsense versus science Science is a section of the community that has been vital to our progress. However, science is also noted as often getting things wrong. Discovery is a process of trial and error and even the best scientists get caught up trying to prove to everyone that they are right. mRNA has been in development for many years. It has tried to create a flu vaccine since mRNA came on the scene. BUT it has never been successful. So when Covid came along, and Donald Trump opened the cheque book and said to the drug manufacturers that there would be no recourse if they got it wrong; then science had a huge incentive to push its experimental activities into the project. Demand made them release what they thought was the best hope for world wide immunity but let us be very, very clear: It was a rush job No long

Are you number 90, 2,000 or the 30,000th person to be jabbed?

What are the Risks of taking the mRNA Drug? When you go for your next mRNA Injection, ask about the risks.  They will give you the standard answer that; "the risks are extremely low". You may like to ask them what they actually are. They mostly do not know but facts and figures provided by Medsafe enable us to work it out. FACTS from Medsafe 1 in 90 people suffer a mild adverse reaction to the drug 1 in 2,000 people suffer a long term health condition caused by the drug 1 in 30,000 people die from the drug How many people have died from the drug so far? The actual number is not known as Medsafe thoroughly investigate every death that is claimed to be from the mRNA injection and so the reported number is under scrutiny. Medsafe's site reports: 133 reported deaths after the drug administration How many people have died of Covid-19 in New Zealand? 53 people have died, not of Covid, but with Covid. The actual number of deaths caused only by the Covid virus is unknown But if y

Wellington Protest 10-2-2022 - NZ FACTS: 1 out of 1,887 mRNA injected people have a serious event.

Wellington Mandate Protest  Start: 7-2-2022 Finish: TBD This specific protest is generated from one very important question: IS THE mRNA INJECTION SAFE? Here are the facts: The government are unequivocal in their discussions and publications that it is safe  They are using 11 months of data to show that of 8,184,892 injections, only 2,105 were with serious side effects. Serious means 'resulting in long term health issues'. At this report date, 3,973,891 people had been injected and of these, 2,015 resulted in serious adverse events. From 'Our World in Data' below, we can see that 3,973,891 people had been injected with at least one dose of the newly developed mRNA serum. Statistically, that is 1 person in 1,887 people have a serious event. Calculation: 3973891 / 2015 = 1:1887 Going to the Medsafe's reports ( link ) you can see what the serious events are. At this moment I am only focused on 'deaths' as this is the most serious event and unfortunately there a

How to get the un-vaxxed to vaccinate

I have not taken the mRNA injection. That does not make me an anti-vaxxer. It makes me someone who thinks carefully about what they put into their body. For the past 10 years I have spent a lot of time studying my body, functions and what makes you healthy. I am very clued up on self management and I no longer have a traditional diet based on what my parents raised me on. I have studied the effects that  pharmaceutical drugs have on the human system and absolutely none of them come without risks and side effects. So when someone says that we have just invented a new drug and  you have to jab it into your body, you need to understand, I am going to truly question you and you are going to have to answer my questions with 100% certainty. My questions are: Question 1. What is the worst possible outcome for taking the mRNA injection? Answer 1: Death > cardiovascular disease > inflammation Conclusion 1: Although it is a low probability, why would such a drug have such an outcome? For i

Real research. Natural vaccination far better than mRNA guaranteed!

It is the start of 2022 and governments around the world are still confused as to how to eliminate covid, a 'disease' that is just one of the many growing health concerns facing people as we enter 2022. The evidence points to the problem being the failure of people's natural immunity in two specific directions: Immune response reaction speed: The speed at which your immune system notices the infection Effectiveness of your immunity system: The ability to combat the disease These two points are the key. What causes your immune system to become compromised? Much ill health is created by:  Bad food and drink Lack of exercise Stress Lack of exposure to the sun's rays to produce vitamin D which is essential to the immune system's ability to function Taking prescription drugs that suppress the immune system.  Suppression of the immune system is an important concept to understand as I believe it is the key to solving this pandemic. Is it that the people succumbing to covid