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Where did Millennials Come From?

I remember having our children and at the age of about 5, a man appeared who had a definite childhood trauma. It was around the year 2000. His name was Slim Shady and all he did was rap about his personal upbringing, psychosis, and problems. It made him very very rich and every kid wanted to be just like him He became very popular singing/wrapping lyrics like.

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IMPORTANT PETITION FOR ESTABLISHING HUMAN RIGHTS This petition is designed to restore human rights: Please sign.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is in full swing, and lies are the tools of the trade. Humans are easily manipulated by subliminal brainwashing and covid has been a brain washing exercise. Movies, Cartoons, Social Media, Music, News, Education ... all forms of knowledge have been infiltrated and are now being manipulated by individuals to achieve 'their' objectives. In this video, Andrew Young discusses his observation of the animation industry and how they have progressively created content that is designed to change society views and values. Covid has been a socially engineered event. When an untested drug is forced upon people, and they do not know the outcome of taking the drug, and people participate, and we notice outcomes that they deny as truth, we are being socially engineered. Stop watching lies Teach your children truth Explain the situation to others and allow them to see the truth This explains why governments around the world are ignoring what happened during Covid. Dr John Ca

Covid WAS a Military Operation

 This is a quick post to simply get the facts out there: The Australian, American, British & Canadian military forces formed this consortium to dominate COVID response. Australia joined the consortium in 2012 under their Labor-Gillard government.  A military-pharmaceutical apparatus linking the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK.  Operation Warp Speed: The US Department of Defense signed the first contract between the US government and Pfizer for the purchase of US$11 billion dollars worth of vaccines.  We know our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) did not review stage 2/3 trial data and instead relied on the US FDA, which took Pfizer's word for how the trials went!  Pfizer committed systemic fraud during its trials, which has come out now through whistle-blowers' testimony and in the release of Pfizer's own data.  Pfizer, it seems, gave the US government the vaccine they asked for. It was developed using gain of function research in conjunction with Wuhan in China

100% Facts: Guaranteed Lab Leak, Gain of Function research, Science 'deliberately' lied!

Simple Question. No PhD required:  What would you expect from an untested DRUG? A) An untested drug will have no side effects other than the ones we calculated B) We need to see as time progresses and accept and deal as best we can with the consequences I am going to guess that your answer would be B) because it is the logical one and the only one that is true and absolutely true. Whereas A) is totally illogical and suggest the person who selects such an outcome does not understand probability, science, and logic.  So which way have the governments, doctors, and science actually selected and promoted as the answer? They have gone with B. That the growing excess deaths and sickness has nothing to do with the untested mRNA drug. As a consequence, no government or pharmaceutical company seems to be looking into the mechanisms of: Long covid as a possible consequence of the mRNA drug Effects of prolonged protein spike exposure Treatment for mRNA induced myocarditis and pericarditis (1 in 3

NZ Excess Deaths - Do we have a lot of Excess Deaths? What Is Excess Mortality? Every year there is an expected number of people who pass away due to progressive disease or accident. This number is known as the Average Mortality Rate. During Covid, many of the people who had long term terminal diseases passed away before their expected time because of the further complications of having the disease and not having the ability to cope with the extra impact. When the number of deaths per year is greater than the expected number of deaths, this is known as 'excess mortality'. Since March 2023, NZ has been reporting periods of 0% or less excess deaths - however this is misleading. To explain this 'misleading' concept, we need to take a look at an example: These are not real figures. I am just establishing the understanding. Example 1: Expected Mortality Not Involving Covid Let us say that the normal mortality rate is 10,000 people pass

The Basis For A Legal Case

Is Autism Beneficial In Politics? What is ASD? Understand DARVO How Does Autism Occur? mRNA is STILL Not Tested (2023) for Pregnancy or Children but is pushed as if it has all been tested Conclusion Is Autism Beneficial in Politics? Our leaders have to survive so much abhorrence of their decisions and policies that they are either: emotionally disconnected, or they simply have no emotions to disconnect. How did they achieve such resilience? This 'communication skill' can be likened to an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) where the politician is simply not affected by emotions. They can learn to pretend to be emotionally connected for the camera and effect, BUT when it comes to making decisions on behalf of everybody, they simply make decisions based on what they feel. If they study communication techniques, they may also learn how to win any argument with techniques such as DARVO. People such as Jacinda Ardern, Trudeau, Donald Trump, and Greta, all show signs of narcissisms and al
In This Episode! The changes in street lights are triggering behaviour issues (Ref 1) Long covid could be protein toxicity and easily solved by a 3-day water fast (Ref 2) IQ reduction is created by AI autosuggestion. Switch them off to find your own mind (Ref 3) Call your parents. Tell them you love them and get FREE drugs! (Ref 4) Street sign removal causing confusion. (Ref 5) (Ref 1) CHANGES IN STREETLIGHTS   For every 1,000 people driving home, nearly 38 people may NOW be having an epileptic fit! Why? Normally a street has two rows of lights. One on the left, the other on the right. This is a balance to get rid of the 'strobe effect'. But around the world, they are taking one side of the street lights away AND changing soothing amber lights to stark crazy white dazzling beams causing glare! many dark areas difficulty seeing in the rain, scary and confusing for many different health and psychological conditions and people with photosensitive epilepsy may be getting triggered