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What Doctors are Saying This video minimises what actually happens Aspiration Countries are opening up

What Law Protects the Un-vaccinated?

We are at the beginning of something. The government are not going to release the lock down in Auckland until more people are vaccinated. Technically this may seem like a reasonable request BUT it means the vaccinated people are being held back by the un-vaccinated and if you are vaccinated, you would be quite annoyed at the un-vaccinated. I know we need a plan but for many of us who have maintained our health by making daily decisions to eat, drink, and be healthy; sticking an UNKNOWN VACCINE into our bodies is just not a thing we can do. PLEASE NOTE 1:0 If you know what the outcome of the vaccine will be in 5-10 years, or you know for sure that the vaccine will work, please present your evidence. 2:0 If you are a manufacturer of a vaccine and you are sure it is not going to cause a problem to our future, please remove your financial immunity from prosecution and we will believe you. 3:0 If you are a company and you will only employ the vaccinated, establish an insurance policy to cov

Experiments, laws, and alternative solutions

If you require indemnity from prosecution for a mistake, then that means you have worked out you could be wrong and want to cover your position should it become the truth. Once you have indemnity, you can carry on in any way you like. The risk is no longer an issue. Healthy meal ideas: Is the vaccine an experiment and what alternatives are there? There would be less of a problem if t he manufacturers of the vaccine backed their technology with insurances that if it went wrong, the people affected got compensation. But this is not the case. The manufacturers required indemnity against such actions and they got it. Operation Warp Speed (who names something that) was so rushed that peoples' rights were signed away. D Trump was never one for peoples rights. Consequently the vaccine was rushed and became the only cure. Because this was the standard set, everyone had to agree with the practic

The problem is the Unvaccinated?

Time is running out. The world economy is in trouble as well as New Zealand's and this pandemic response is not sustainable. I think of all the families and individuals stuck in lockdown and as much as I have a specific belief, I need to try to see the issue from a different perspective. I have studied this topic to the fullest extent I can think of. I have looked at it from every angle and put my research up for you to be able to follow my path and draw your own conclusions. This is a study of history, science, medicine, psychology, food, nutrition, cellular biology, human biome, virus technology, mRNA, vaccines, immunity, economy, politics and the state of the world. Somehow we have taken an amazing planet and in just 100 years or so, we broke it.  According to the Doomsday Clock, we are 100 seconds before our World is no longer habitable. To understand this; if the entire history of the planet was summed up in a 24 hour period and all the conditions factored in, we have of that

Human Rights Are Being Eroded

6/10/2021 I am sure the actions of the Government are with good intention but we are about to lose our human rights. The idea of a vaccination certificate, to be allowed access to places, is without question an infringement on human rights so I will be contacting the commission today. I am sure I am not alone. It is not that I disagree with the vaccination. But from this moment on; the world just became fascist. (REF: ) People who were elected into power to protect the rights of all people, are sanctioning and encouraging community division because they have a limited imagination, research and strategy to manage Covid-19 and all future pandemics.   There will be conscientious objectors and these people will be prejudiced against with: Limit on travel movements Access to retaining and securing Jobs Exclusion from education Arrests Detention Public humiliation and abuse Fines and an overall ongoing decline in civil rights until the individual submits


Covid-19 Conclusion Facts The vast majority of people would survive Covid-19 ref: The WHO Psychology, ego, and money is driving the campaign, not public health The vaccine has not been fully tested. No one knows: If it will actually work Long term effects How it will be funded Natural immunity is being impacted by: Lack of skin exposure to the sun Reduced Vitamin D levels High Fructose Corn Syrup is used in many foods and drinks. This blocks the absorption of vitamin D General population health is declining Natural immunity is being totally ignored because it does not serve the vaccination campaign Follow the power and money. Vaccine is creating many new billionaires and giving people a lot more power The treadmill of everyone having to vaccinate each year has been set in motion Long term, countries cannot afford the social impact of the model being set up.  Covid-19 is only the beginning. In future preemptive vaccines will be created even though there is no pandemic No one knows all t

Daily Progress - Questions

This is a daily progress log. 23/09/2021 No answer from any government department yet on the seven questions below. I have researched more and found the answers. This led to more questions which I will write up shortly. It is concerning that we are driving a campaign to vaccinate 90% of Auckland without answers to relevant questions. I am only doing the due diligence I was told to do but I am not getting the answers. I am as open as I can be and in no way aggressive to any response. Everyone I talk to agrees and thanks me for providing such a reasoned approach. We laugh at the end and all realise, no one knows. I am going to develop a standard for people who are on the fence like me. I am asking my doctors assist with the standard: Email to my Doctors THE STANDARD SO FAR Drink mineral water. Perhaps 3 -6 glasses per day. Do not sip it. Drink it down else you may end up with a weak bladder. Get your skin under the sun regularly. Whilst in the sun, do not cover up for 5 or so minutes eve

If you are healthy, Covid-19 is unlikely to affect you so why do you need to get a vaccine?

Health is something we individually have control of. For example: If you chose to smoke and get respiratory diseases or lung cancer, it was your freedom of choice that led you to your disease. But once educated, many people have given up smoking and the problem is being eliminated. So is this the same issue we have with Covid-19? In recent times food has been manipulated by production techniques, additives, storage, and misinformation campaigns. Today's bottle of milk is not the same as the one your parents knew and seafood can no longer be trusted. This is the case for so many food products. As a consumer you are constantly mislead and non truths have become the norm. In truth this food problem is know as an endemic disease because we as a society have accepted that bad food has become our world's way of life. It is blatantly rubbed in our faces everyday as retailers sell us the idea that we are going to be happy consuming their products. And they target our young and vulnera

2: Research

Some Questions 2019 and a 'new' virus is attacking the human respiratory system. It is highly contagious and has a high level of mortality. Questions   Where did it come from and why? How is it transmitted? Why is the virus highly contagious? Why are some infected people recovering whilst others are not? The immune system would normally defend you but for some it is not. Why? What makes someone an 'At Risk' candidate? Why are there variants? What are the solutions being presented? What is a vaccine? What are the possible effects of the vaccine? How does the world progress? I know a little but nowhere near enough. I need to study. What follows is the sequence i used to discover and accumulate the knowledge to form an educated opinion.  I have provided references to the resources to show my appreciation for the people who have spend so much time and effort to help us become educated. We will be developing our opinion from many thousand's of peoples efforts.  Take your