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Fake Vaccines MUST STOP NOW!

I am just going to copy the information presented at this video. It is as we have been saying all along. Commonsense.... One of the UK’s most eminent Consultant Cardiologists Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who was one of the first to take two doses of the vaccine and promote it on @Good Morning Britain says that since the rollout of the vaccine the evidence of its effectiveness and true rates of adverse events have changed. In a two-part research paper entitled “ Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine,” real-world data reveals that in the non-elderly population, the number needed to vaccinate to prevent one death from Covid-19 runs into thousands and that re-analysis of randomised controlled trial data ( that first led to approval of the vaccines for BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna) suggests a greater risk of suffering a serious adverse event from the vaccine than to be hospitalised with Covid-19. Read part 1 of the article:

Academic Racism?

There have been three things that have raised my concern during the past few weeks The Art of the PHD Follow the Science Academic Racism The Art of the PHD My hat is off to anyone who attains greater knowledge. I know first hand how much effort it takes and I know quite a few 'higher educated' people. However, although they attained a targeted qualification, I very rarely see them put their 'PHD' intelligence to any personal use. For example a person who has a PHD in molecular biology may be suffering from health ailments that by simply changing their diet and exercise routine, they could resolve, but they don't. You would think a person with intelligence would look after themselves better. They would be in the gym daily, eat a superior diet to fuel the biomechanical machinery they have been born with, and drink only filtered water because the probability of chlorine and fluoride being a toxic element that progressively accumulates and poisons your body is too high

Analysis of the Decisions People are Making

There are 5 absolute facts about our response to Covid: mRNA is a new evolving technology, described as a 'vaccine' but is completely different in every way to all previous vaccines mRNA is not fully tested. We have short term results but only time will provide the long term outcome Covid is a virus that many people are able to defeat with their innate natural immune system Government leaders are taking a 'science and peer review' approach to addressing the pandemic The majority of people have supported the use of mRNA out of fear So what motivates people in their mRNA decision? Fear and pleasure motivate everyone and regarding Covid, the basis for mRNA injection is: Covid could kill you or your loved one's, and no one is safe People do not understand natural immunity and so therefore they do not trust it Mainstream science says mRNA is the only solution available But these points are not entirely agreed upon by all. They are the popular opinion only and can easily

Exactly What Has Been The Issue Over the Covid Response?

There are three types of mindset involved in the Covid-19 debate and they are: Type 1: It is the persons choice to have mRNA or not (Freedom) Type 2: No choice , everyone must be mRNA injected (Control) Type 3: Don't believe in untested drugs (Freedom) Each group are very different in their philosophy and there is evidence to support each mantra. Type 1 and Type 3 people both agree on freedom of choice and so they work together but there are two distinct freedom foundations: One is human rights based on equality.  The other is science and research based and comes up with alternate facts to what is being sold to the public by the Government and are a constant thorn in the Prime ministers side. The two philosophies can live harmoniously together and can even accept Type 2 people as long as they only affect themselves in their beliefs. But Type 2 people (Control based) ; by simple virtue of their belief, have some difficulty in accepting Freedom based people. The Type 2 Government Em

The Unvaccinated are Safer Than The Vaccinated according to review of 22 Million cases.

A study of 22 million covid-19 infections has shown conclusively that the people injected with the mRNA drug (vaccinated) are no longer protected and have not been since August 2021. Latest Report: Original Report: The Study Summary: Study included the entire UK population Review since the start of the pandemic 22,000,000 infections 900,000 hospitalisation  175,000 deaths Since the 3rd booster, the drug known as the mRNA Serum and promoted as a vaccine; achieved negative effectiveness meaning you were safer not having the mRNA drug injection. The report identifies the death rate associated with covid is higher amongst the 3rd boosted people compared with all other. 50% of all covid infections came after Omecron, "The Vaccinated are not doing well and are experiencing more deaths and hospitalisation than the naturally immune." My Comment It is never

Comment on our position

In the last 100 years we as a society have been in a battle of trying to understand ourselves. We make numerous advancements but as with all progression, there is also the side effects of things that have gone wrong and sometimes these errors stay with society and they become part of our fabric. If you have been following the GMO debate you will know that the people against GMO have been predicting problems with our health and today, here we are, wondering how to beat a virus. An Experiment you can do at home: Go to the shops and buy two different bottles of milk: Normal Organic Set up two small glasses for each of your household and without them knowing which, pour a little of each milk into a glass and let them have a taste Now take a vote on which tasted chemical and which does not The result should be that the organic milk leaves no chemical taste and should be voted the best by your household for flavor, texture, and drinking happiness. You can even go one level higher and look fo

Two wrongs don't make a right

We are simply all waiting for the big news (if the govt would ever admit) that the mRNA Serum is not actually a vaccine. We have the highest rate of covid ever and instead of saying the serum doesn't work, the spin is that at least it is preventing deaths and hospitalisation.  The figures do not seem to be aligning with the spin. The science is showing that covid infection and outcome are lifestyle related: If you ever wondered how a healthy lifestyle is positively impacting you, this is a video for you. In this video, we discuss how telomere shortening can reduce the ability to expand the production of immune cells with age, which appears to be a predisposing factor for COVID-19. A good healthy lifestyle can reduce the rate of telomere shortening and hence preserve the ability to mount proper production of immune cells later in life.  Personally: I am simply improving my diet and exercise everyday and I can see the huge difference. I am waiting for more specific results to show bu

NOW The FDA Has Concerns Over The Vaccines!!!

A drug, without having been tested over a longer period of time, was driven throughout the world's population and into our children. It was said to be safe but now the FDA has some concerns. Every person I know, who took the mRNA, has had Covid but if you ask them about it, they are convinced that it is normal, that with a vaccine, you still get the diseases. Has our media controlled how and what people think? How easy is it to brainwash people? And Russell tells it how it is: What is the price of this mRNA immunity? I hear you want to inject Every Child, and make mRNA injections a yearly requirement of life on Earth. I have some questions, perhaps You can help me... Natural Immunity is passed on from Mother to Baby through the Human Biome. It has been this way since the Beginning of All Creation. Will the future Mother's Natural Immunity be passed on to her Child? Or will it be a patented drug owned by a drug company? When our Babies become conditioned to a regular mRNA jab wi

Our New Virus of Concern Is Now The Common Cold

A secret to a long happy life is to identify your weaknesses and then learn how to avoid them.  Go ask your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. 'What are our family's health issues?' and you will find one or more of the most common diseases are involved.  Link: Respiratory disease is likely to be one of them but what can you do to improve your health? Take another drug or find something natural? It is all about understanding yourself and the habits that you have developed that cause your illness. It is flu season here in New Zealand and we have a lot of cases, a lot more than usual. The snippet below is taken from this Sun Live - RNZ press report showing flu issues exceeding Covid. Is this the price of mRNA? A drug that is not fully tested? WHAT I FEEL THE MESSAGE SHOULD HAVE BEEN Provide Public Health information on how t

We won!

PART 2 is coming but as I prepare the content I am realising some things . It is a fact that the majority of New Zealanders are not actually vaccinated Ask any mRNA injected person when they last got a booster? If it is over 8 weeks ago, then technically their vaccination status is declining and if vaccine passports were in force, they would NOT be recognised as being fully 'vaccinated'. At a time when infections in New Zealand are at an all-time high, people are not running off to the injection centres and getting a booster dose! They are keeping quietly away. By their actions they are basically saying no to the mRNA Injection. The vast majority of people are achieving natural immunity by going through the process of being infected, staying home, and letting nature take its course. Why? Perhaps they feel that they are safe. Or perhaps they ask themselves the question; "Why would I risk taking an untested drug?"  Even the most ardent 'vaxxer' has to have some

Is This Why The Mandates Exist & Natural Immunity Is Ignored? PART 1

At a time when infections are going through the roof in New Zealand, our Government is letting super spreader events like this happen and you have got to ask yourself ...  Why? ". 45,000 FANS TO PACK EDEN PARK - 18/06/2022 Auckland New Zealand This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Review RECAP OF THE NZ SITUATION In the four months of February 2022 to June 2022, our case count has increased by over 1 million cases. In the same four months, the deaths due to or with Covid increased from 63 to 1,329 Prior to February, if we had a Covid outbreak of @20 people, lockdowns would have been imposed, so based on our actual escalated cases, we have had a significant change in Government policy which is somewhat confusing. mRNA Uptake Is Low and Falling Our uptake of booster shots is at an all-time low and there are Government reports that highlight that 'EFFORT NEEDS TO GO INTO ENSURING THAT SECOND DOSE UPTAKE IS MAXIMISED" https: