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NOW The FDA Has Concerns Over The Vaccines!!!

A drug, without having been tested over a longer period of time, was driven throughout the world's population and into our children. It was said to be safe but now the FDA has some concerns. Every person I know, who took the mRNA, has had Covid but if you ask them about it, they are convinced that it is normal, that with a vaccine, you still get the diseases. Has our media controlled how and what people think? How easy is it to brainwash people? And Russell tells it how it is: What is the price of this mRNA immunity? I hear you want to inject Every Child, and make mRNA injections a yearly requirement of life on Earth. I have some questions, perhaps You can help me... Natural Immunity is passed on from Mother to Baby through the Human Biome. It has been this way since the Beginning of All Creation. Will the future Mother's Natural Immunity be passed on to her Child? Or will it be a patented drug owned by a drug company? When our Babies become conditioned to a regular mRNA jab wi

Our New Virus of Concern Is Now The Common Cold

A secret to a long happy life is to identify your weaknesses and then learn how to avoid them.  Go ask your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. 'What are our family's health issues?' and you will find one or more of the most common diseases are involved.  Link: Respiratory disease is likely to be one of them but what can you do to improve your health? Take another drug or find something natural? It is all about understanding yourself and the habits that you have developed that cause your illness. It is flu season here in New Zealand and we have a lot of cases, a lot more than usual. The snippet below is taken from this Sun Live - RNZ press report showing flu issues exceeding Covid. Is this the price of mRNA? A drug that is not fully tested? WHAT I FEEL THE MESSAGE SHOULD HAVE BEEN Provide Public Health information on how t

We won!

PART 2 is coming but as I prepare the content I am realising some things . It is a fact that the majority of New Zealanders are not actually vaccinated Ask any mRNA injected person when they last got a booster? If it is over 8 weeks ago, then technically their vaccination status is declining and if vaccine passports were in force, they would NOT be recognised as being fully 'vaccinated'. At a time when infections in New Zealand are at an all-time high, people are not running off to the injection centres and getting a booster dose! They are keeping quietly away. By their actions they are basically saying no to the mRNA Injection. The vast majority of people are achieving natural immunity by going through the process of being infected, staying home, and letting nature take its course. Why? Perhaps they feel that they are safe. Or perhaps they ask themselves the question; "Why would I risk taking an untested drug?"  Even the most ardent 'vaxxer' has to have some

Is This Why The Mandates Exist & Natural Immunity Is Ignored? PART 1

At a time when infections are going through the roof in New Zealand, our Government is letting super spreader events like this happen and you have got to ask yourself ...  Why? ". 45,000 FANS TO PACK EDEN PARK - 18/06/2022 Auckland New Zealand This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Review RECAP OF THE NZ SITUATION In the four months of February 2022 to June 2022, our case count has increased by over 1 million cases. In the same four months, the deaths due to or with Covid increased from 63 to 1,329 Prior to February, if we had a Covid outbreak of @20 people, lockdowns would have been imposed, so based on our actual escalated cases, we have had a significant change in Government policy which is somewhat confusing. mRNA Uptake Is Low and Falling Our uptake of booster shots is at an all-time low and there are Government reports that highlight that 'EFFORT NEEDS TO GO INTO ENSURING THAT SECOND DOSE UPTAKE IS MAXIMISED" https:

What have these people all got in common? #HelenClarkJacindaArdernFutureCityProject

Somehow, I feel that a side story of local government is involved in the Mandates. Let me explain and then I will provide links and videos to relevant information. #HelenClarkJacindaArdernFutureCityProject Point 1: I live in a city where strange things are happening.  Tauranga New Zealand   We have a lot of road congestion due to the city plan, which was created by our previously elected local government, not working out bottlenecks created by new housing projects, shopping centres, and increasing population due to immigration and transitional 'halo' effects. I have lived in Tauranga for 50 years and I have never seen such a mess.  Point 2: Instead of spending money on fixing the roads and the congestion problem, we are spending millions on switching roads into single lanes and establishing dedicated lanes for bikes, buses, and cars. Point 3: The Government is heavily subsidizing people into electric cars and our government has a 0 carbon goal for 2050 : Link:  https://environm

What Do The Natural Health Practitioners Feel About mRNA Injections?

I am curious about how natural health organisations feel about injecting an untested drug into your body so I am starting to ask organisations like The NZ Chiropracters' Association the question: I will keep you posted on the progress. THE LOGIC OF THE VACCINATED mRNA INJECTED I was discussing the mRNA injection with a friend and they told me a very interesting story that highlights the issue. An associate was adamant that the problem was the people who did not have the mRNA Injection. They were very loud and forceful about their opinion. When asked how they formulated this opinion they simply said that because the Government said so therefore it must be true. So this person jumped on a plane and went for a holiday overseas and on their return they required no quarantine. They immediately held a dinner party for all of their friends to talk about their holiday, went shopping, and did the normal visitation of friends and family. Two days later they were informed of being on a plane

04 June 2022 New Zealand Covid Cases Increase

When was the last time you caught mumps. measles, or rubella? Probably never because you were vaccinated, a process of taking a virus, killing it, and presenting it to your natural immunity system.  Your natural immune system formulated a defense for you and you were protected.  This is vaccination. So what is a drug called when you take it, but then you catch the virus anyway? As at 4th June 2022 I have noticed the NZ media describing increasing hospitalisation of Covid cases.  The battle seems to have gone from the problem being the unvaccinated, to the problem being the mRNA injected thinking that they are vaccinated. Link: In the article below they highlight that the vast majority of cases infected and in hospital or dying are the mRNA injected BUT then they spin the idea that the reason so many are in hospital is because so many people are vaccinated and so therefore one should

I have a script for a movie. It stars Donald Trump and the UN

I have a script for a movie. It stars Donald Trump and the UN I am not saying this is true but after researching Covid-19 for two years, watching a wide range of reactive official pseudo-psychologies, and becoming completely confused as to how we lost our freedom and culture, with the majority of people agreeing to have those freedoms and culture removed, it has led me to try to work out the possible synopsis to a movie script that I think could be a winner. (c) 2022 Ian Stephenson  Working Title: The Road with Good Intentions THE FOLLOWING IS FICTION. I HAVE SIMPLY ALIGNED EVENTS TO SUPPORT THE PLOT. Synopsis 1: 3/3/2022 We like to think we have a democracy. After all, we get to elect our leaders and for the most part, they help society to run. But what becomes of a driven politician? Where do they end up?  At a casual glance, they end up at the UN or the WHO. These are not democracies that we the people are involved in electing, but they have substantial influence over us. Important

1 March 2021 - Today: Wellington became the centre of the World Freedom Movement

 A simple, peaceful protest in Wellington New Zealand may just about beat the news that Russia has initiated a war with Ukraine ! New Zealand is the place called Godzone, whenua o te kapua mā roa, the " Land of the long white cloud " and it is quite the Eden for sure. It is.. was.. a much simpler life. Long beaches where you could hear the cicada chirp from across the bay. Where a phone was fixed to a wall and you could go for months into the bush without anyone knowing where you were and never mind if you were 'Ok'. That was called peaceful privacy ... and most of us loved it. That all disappeared about 30 years ago and now New Zealand is a 'very complex' place. Aotearoa is quite possibly the new centre of the freedom of rights movement. People from all over NZ have gathered at Parliament in a peaceful protest.  They are trying to secure the rights of all people. The right of privacy, of free speech, and the right to decide if you want to be part of a medical