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I comment on this channel and always get the same response. Deny, deny, deny... This is one of my comments:

Why I End My Friendships

Since Covid, I have lost a lot of friends.  They are gone to me. Only their memories linger. Stamped in my core as references to who I am. I cherish the people and the memories, but they are also lessons of life and you must decide when you have learnt the lessons, and move on. To keep them will hold you back on your journey.  My journey is the pursuit of love, happiness, and joy, and I am not going to get there unless I let go of people who are on another path. When we meet someone, and they have the same beliefs and complementary mannerisms as we do, the feeling is nothing short of bliss. Your dopamine levels rise and IF that conversation is positive, you will both leave with more knowledge, and feeling happier.  Peer Reviewing Absolute Truths If you have talked 'Absolute Truth' - a truth that can be measured from all directions and still maintain its truthfulness - then you have confirmed (peer reviewed) that your understanding of life has progressed. However, if you now com

Voices For Freedom Planning for the Pandemic Treaty Veto

If you haven't understood the ramifications of the proposed WHO Pandemic Framework Treaty on your children's future rights and freedoms - these are the facts.  This treaty is a world wide control document that moves the management of "future threats of global security" from our government and health department's decisions, to a group of elite people sitting on the other side of the world, who think they know what is best for us. They can never be sacked or challenged. They will require your children to pay untethered taxes to them, forever, for their personal evolving 'missions', and with no ability for you, or your children, to say "No" to whatever the amount is that they require. An amount that will change from year to year. They will decide the future of the Earth for the rest of its existence, and your children will never be able to remove them from power. Your children will be forced to take any drugs that these elite people require them to

Update 16 January 2024 - What percentage of Fauci's Advice Was Wrong?

Question 1: Is the vaccine safe and effective? Russell Brand critiques Mr Fauci testifying before the US Congress, where he discusses his changing opinions over the facts he promoted. This report confirms the critique: "Do You Think Dr. Fauci Intentionally Lied Under Oath?":  Ex-CDC Director Gives Bombshell Testimony Question 2: Has the Drug Been Tested Yet? Has the drug that many were forced to take completed the testing yet? Things to be Aware of: The WHO Pandemic Treaty Framework will eliminate our ability to mange our own affairs. If we sign the Treaty, all future 'pandemics' and 'threat' decisions would be handed over to this man: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Tigrinya: ቴዎድሮስ አድሓኖም ገብረኢየሱስ, sometimes spelt ቴድሮስ ኣድሓኖም ገብረየሱስ; born 3 March 1965) is an Ethiopian public health official, researcher, diplomat, and the Director-General of the World Health Organization since 2017. He looks like he knows

New Zealand are Saying NO to the Pandemic Treaty Amendments

  As reported by Stuff: 1 – ‘Reserve against’ updates to International Health Regulations. In a nutshell, this means Cabinet will tell officials not to agree to any policy changes suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the first instance. Ref: I have so many reserves these days. If Labour had recognised the concerns of the people that were not happy giving untested drugs to our children. That they discussed 'Excess Deaths' That the idea that a mask would protect you and others when the virus is less than a micron and a mask can only filter 15 microns That 'everybody' needed to take the untested drug when perhaps only the vulnerable The un-necessary lockdowns; the destruction of our businesses and economy That they simply shut out anyone who had a reasonable question..

Say No To Drugs

Would you be happy if someone Coerced your children to take drugs? Forced your partner to take drugs? Required your family to take drugs? How about if the drugs were not fully tested? Not happy? This is the Future, but you can change this right now! Shortly, the Pandemic Accord/Treaty will be signed by the New Zealand Government and you and your loved ones rights will be handed over to just one person... The Director General of the WHO, the World Health Organisation ; The WHO is owned by the United Nations and all are in partnership with the World Economic Forum. They are ALL privately owned organisations. Save your rights NOW! Click the link below BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Please sign Kirsten Murfitt’s petition to stop the takeover! SECURE: Petition closes on the 27 November 2023 (5 days from this post) You can also get involved in the discussion Si

My theory: Protein spike causes long term mild inflammation

This is a very important blog post. It summarises the analysis of the mRNA issue so far between me and a group of scientists, molecular biologists, and virologist. It is truly worth the read. BUT TODAY the most important question is who you will vote for in the New Zealand Election. If you haven't read my post   ... then please do and come back here. Protein spike causes long term mild inflammation (edited slightly for readability)  Steveoxocube: My theory: Protein spike causes long term mild inflammation. The consequences of such will be exacerbation of precondition, advanced aging, cognitive decline. Add to this the world wide goal (pushed by Klaus and Bill) to reduce protein intake in favor of plant carbs, and you have a recipe for a considerable reduction in the world's population through early demise and a reduction in births. All absolute facts by the way Steve... @sithwolf8017  ​ I feel guilty that

Vote for Winston's NZ First, Party Vote and Candidate - Don't Split The Vote

If you haven't seen my previous blog on who I am voting for and why, it is a must read. The link is below, but in short, my recommendation is, "Do not split the vote!" There is the fantastic party of Liz Gunn, NZ Loyal, but for many reasons, Winston needs your Party and Candidate vote. He has to have the maximum support to achieve what he says he will and he has the highest probability of success. If you are like me right now, you are deeply concerned. Our current situation is being described as conspiracy theories, BUT why are there so many indicators of nefarious activity and why is my common sense being alerted so much? Are we crazy, making things up? You may feel this way but I want to remind you about psychology, the study of which lets you work things out and in this 3+ year blog of mine, I have studied every aspect of the Pandemic, and DARVO is the common psychological trick being used 99% of

Who Am I Voting For and Why? #eion

Te Treaty O Waitangi is about to be superseded. The biggest rift in New Zealand is a very old Treaty, 'Te Treaty O Waitangi'. I am not disputing the treaty; I am merely pointing out how influential it is. It forms the ongoing understanding and influence of people, wealth, leadership, governance and permanence in New Zealand. It has been a very powerful document. So when someone mentions the words 'New Treaty' you need to take notice, because it's going to affect you, irrespective of your skin colour, faith, religion or creed. The New Treaty will have some control of you and your whanau FOREVER and EVER, Amen! The problem for the original treaty, "Te Treaty O Waitangi'" is that it was written many years ago by people who did not realise the ramifications of what they were documenting, and what they were signing. They wrote for the time and legal understanding, some fairly comprehensive permanent rules and regulations governing New Zealand's inhabita

Where did Millennials Come From?

I remember having our children and at the age of about 5, a man appeared who had a definite childhood trauma. It was around the year 2000. His name was Slim Shady and all he did was rap about his personal upbringing, psychosis, and problems. It made him very very rich and every kid wanted to be just like him He became very popular singing/wrapping lyrics like.

who to vote for nz

IMPORTANT PETITION FOR ESTABLISHING HUMAN RIGHTS This petition is designed to restore human rights: Please sign.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is in full swing, and lies are the tools of the trade. Humans are easily manipulated by subliminal brainwashing and covid has been a brain washing exercise. Movies, Cartoons, Social Media, Music, News, Education ... all forms of knowledge have been infiltrated and are now being manipulated by individuals to achieve 'their' objectives. In this video, Andrew Young discusses his observation of the animation industry and how they have progressively created content that is designed to change society views and values. Covid has been a socially engineered event. When an untested drug is forced upon people, and they do not know the outcome of taking the drug, and people participate, and we notice outcomes that they deny as truth, we are being socially engineered. Stop watching lies Teach your children truth Explain the situation to others and allow them to see the truth This explains why governments around the world are ignoring what happened during Covid. Dr John Ca

Covid WAS a Military Operation

 This is a quick post to simply get the facts out there: The Australian, American, British & Canadian military forces formed this consortium to dominate COVID response. Australia joined the consortium in 2012 under their Labor-Gillard government.  A military-pharmaceutical apparatus linking the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK.  Operation Warp Speed: The US Department of Defense signed the first contract between the US government and Pfizer for the purchase of US$11 billion dollars worth of vaccines.  We know our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) did not review stage 2/3 trial data and instead relied on the US FDA, which took Pfizer's word for how the trials went!  Pfizer committed systemic fraud during its trials, which has come out now through whistle-blowers' testimony and in the release of Pfizer's own data.  Pfizer, it seems, gave the US government the vaccine they asked for. It was developed using gain of function research in conjunction with Wuhan in China

100% Facts: Guaranteed Lab Leak, Gain of Function research, Science 'deliberately' lied!

Simple Question. No PhD required:  What would you expect from an untested DRUG? A) An untested drug will have no side effects other than the ones we calculated B) We need to see as time progresses and accept and deal as best we can with the consequences I am going to guess that your answer would be B) because it is the logical one and the only one that is true and absolutely true. Whereas A) is totally illogical and suggest the person who selects such an outcome does not understand probability, science, and logic.  So which way have the governments, doctors, and science actually selected and promoted as the answer? They have gone with B. That the growing excess deaths and sickness has nothing to do with the untested mRNA drug. As a consequence, no government or pharmaceutical company seems to be looking into the mechanisms of: Long covid as a possible consequence of the mRNA drug Effects of prolonged protein spike exposure Treatment for mRNA induced myocarditis and pericarditis (1 in 3