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Omicron may be good news

  Dr. John Campbell 1/12/2021 Best we get ready. We are soon to find out which is best: Natural Immunity Artificial Immunity No Immunity There may not be enough time to get vaxxed or boosted and some of us think we are already immune. I cannot tell you what to do but you can certainly change your diet, irrespective of your position: Drop sugar and any sugar products Drop milk Use coconut oil or olive oil for cooking Eat more vegies Eat salads Drink at least one glass of water a day Specialties: Eat Sauerkraut daily Get in the sun and allow your body to absorb the rays without overdoing it Eat goat cheese and free range eggs Learn to eat one meal a day Sleep and relax I am reminded that 'the true nature of all things will prevail". mRNA or Nature? Let's hope both.

The Mental Health Foundation

So why am I resisting the mRNA injection? Soon I feel NZ will mandate the vaccination due to the increase in infections that will occur due to Aucklanders being released from lockdown on the 15 December 2021. I need to know my psychology and why I am resisting. I have tried talking with counselors on phone number 1737 but all I do is end up expanding their knowledge and them reconsidering their own stand on the matter. So I will call the Mental Health Foundation. I am not concerned with my immediate safety, but if and when a mandate kicks in, I will be extremely concerned. I would consider it to be a life-threatening action and I am not going to be convinced easily. I will resist and in that moment, I will somehow be breaking the current laws. I am a defence trained, well balanced person and have a lot of self control so I may be able to minimise my resistance. My concern is for other people who will take offence and resist without limit. Next minute th

The Psychological Battle

Covid-19 is a psychological battle. Without proof, people are still thinking that the 'unvaxxed' are the issue. The campaign 'Don't Divide Us' has performed a poll. Sign the petition here > The results to date: ............ 29/11/2021: The petition “Don’t Divide Us NZ” has now reached 75,000+ signatures. The petition says “We oppose the ‘no jab no job’ policy, which will create a divided New Zealand. We call on the Government to allow the use of COVID rapid antigen testing as an alternative for unvaccinated kiwis to access workplaces, schools, marae, large gatherings, and places of worship.” But our nationwide poll which was released last week - and totally ignored by the media - found significant support from New Zealanders for regular testing to be allowed as an option so that kiwis can keep their jobs. While half (50%) of respondents supported an employer being able to sack unvaccinated staff members , 58% of responden

Natural Immunity vs. mRNA

 Last update: 7:19 am 29/11/2021:  This page will document the case for natural immunity vs. artificial mRNA serum Articles from: Study of the naturally immune had a 0.00369% chance of reinfection and zero hospitalisations with no indication of waning protection Article  Link Date: 24/11/2021 Population location: Qatar Worldometer Study Group: 353,326 non-vaccinated persons who contracted SARS-CoV-2 virus and recovered naturally Number re-infected = 1,304 Median reinfection period: 277 days Statistics: 0.00369 % chance of reinfection after achieving natural immunity Hospitalisation and fatalities on reinfection: 0 (nil) Conclusion: Natural immunity is effective Laith J. Abu-Raddad, Ph.D. Hiam Chemaitelly, M.Sc. Weill Cornell Medicine–Qatar, Doha, Qatar Roberto Bertollini, M.D., M.P.H. Ministry of Public Health, Doha, Qatar for the National Study Group for COVID-19 Epidemiology

The basis for the attack on the people who are waiting for the long term safety check of the mRNA trials

 I am preparing a case against the NZ Government regarding the vaccine passports, based on: The intention of the passports is described as a method to protect the Vaccinated from infection from the Unvaccinated But the fact is that the vaccinated are still infectious and can transmit the virus.  Under the vaccination passport plan, Infected Vaccinated can and will infect the Vaccinated. Gatherings of the vaccinated are going to create mass infections. This will result in the vaccinated infecting the vulnerable. Concluding to the policy is actually:  Going to cause more infections Unfairly treat the naturally immune (know as the unvaccinated) BREAKING NEWS!!! A mutated version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has now been identified Considered to have possibly evolved from an immune-compromised person who may have incubated the original virus to a highly mutated strain

Is the actual problem the mRNA injection?

 As at 26/11/2021, India has a 30.3% vaccination rate BUT they appear to have recovered.  They are still recognising cases but there appears to be no runaway of new cases or deaths. The curve appears to have flattened for them. See The same appears to apply to Japan, Brazil, and many more countries that, according to the information on the worldometer website, have flattened the curve. Brazil has a 42.7% vaccination rate but according to statistics they appear to have it under control. See With low vaccination rates, except for Japan which has a  high vaccination rate at 70% , these countries appear to be eliminating the virus by treating the cases as they appear, with cheap drugs like ivermectin. In New Zealand, the MOH recommends that if you suspect you have Covid-19: Get vaccinated Isolate at home No apparent recommendation of drugs is obvious. Perhaps your doctor may

A review of the facts

In late 2019, before the world knows about SARS-CoV-2; my household contracts Covid-19 and experiences 'fever' symptoms. We stay in bed, drink soup, recover in 14 days and fully recover within a month. My household should now have T- cell immunity and have proven recovery capabilities. Covid-19 becomes a 'Pandemic' when it is recognised by the World Health Organisation and the NZ Govt.. The World Health Organisation states that the majority of people will experience cold-like symptoms and recover. The vulnerable are identified and this group will have major problems. My household is not part of this group. Worldwide, people are dying because they cannot fight off the virus. This is an immunity problem. The disease appears to attack the immune-compromised. Immunity comes from your Gut Biome My household eats very healthily and we rarely get sick. Many people do not eat healthily and additional factors affecting immunity are:- Sugar consumption Lack of vitamin D Processe

As a reward for getting the vaccine, I will make the unvaccinated lives hell

Whilst thinking about the interview our prime minister made recently, I realised what she actually said... With no factual evidence, she is saying that if you are not going to support vaccination, she will mandate that your social and work life is over. Have I got it wrong? Take a look and decide for yourself in the previous post. previous post

Ivermectin Miracle in Japan

Ivermectin is a total cure! Ref 1: However there are other factors to consider. Watch  Australia shifting from Mandates? Free Solutions But the Japanese results, how amazing. This could mark the beginning of the end of the virus :)

Hypothesis 1: Why is there resistance to natural immunity?

Unfortunately, this interview indicates a total lack of understanding of the unvaccinated point of view, as well as a lack of understanding of important research that shows both are as infectious. It appears that the human rights violations are driven by 'feel good' reasoning only and not fact. Leaders need to have balance and recognise all sectors of the community including the minorities. This reasoning is not factual. Just so we are clear, a hypothesis is ' an idea or theory that is not proven but that leads to further discussion or study' . What follows is a hypothesis. Just consider it and let's see what unfolds in time. After 2 years of research and many conversations with many, many experts and laypeople, I am still no closer to understanding why the following ten points are true and I want to put an idea together based on some factors. It is a theory only and will evolve, so expect changes to this. The government controls the rhetoric on Covid-19 and facts f

Scared, concerned, worried? Ph free 1737 so I did...

"I don't know how I fit into society any more? I am losing my job, family, friends, income, credibility, profession..." I said to the psychologist on the MOH mental health line. He replied "Actions have consequences. If you want to stay unvaxxed you have to accept the consequences",  a very unusual approach to mental health, I thought. Blaming the person who did nothing wrong has become the new therapy. We, the un-mRNA injected, are now the 'cause' of Covid-19 and it has become personal. Those of us who are unvaxxed are being made to pay a significant social price for something we didn't do. That appears to be the official verdict and this mental health help line was just another way of encouraging people to accept the rhetoric and get jabbed. I didn't feel any better after our talk. What is it that drives people crazy? Is it fear? Perhaps it's the uncertainty of things. When things don't seem right to us, we ask questions and what we are

The Problem is both the vaxxed and unvaxxed and here is why

The evidence from around the world shows that the vaccinated are less likely to have a serious illness from Covid-19 whilst the vaccine is effective. You are still able to contract and spread the disease, so in this context, there is no actual difference between vaxxed and unvaxxed according to many studies. But there is also evidence to support that some people without vaccination, are capable of managing Covid-19 with little to no trouble. This results in four classifications of people: Unvaxxed and immune effective Unvaxxed and immune-compromised Vaxxed and immune-effective Vaxxed and immune-compromised FACT: Without question, if you are in the group 'Unvaxxed and immune compromised', you should get the mRNA injection, as statistically it is your best strategy for survival and protecting everyone else. This is an absolute solid fact and no amount of protest or analysis will change this. These classifications give rise to two new classifications of 'Immune Eff