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So was the drug actually tested?


We were told that the drug was 'safe and effective'. That the NZ Government was the 'one source of truth'. Why is it, then, that the documented evidence does not support their statements and actions?

To find out the truth, I have requested the following:

Reply 9:55 27/03/23

I would stop this blog if it wasn't for the absolute fact that the truth about mRNA is actually coming out and it is not good. We have all been lied to. That is an Absolute Fact that you could take to the bank.

This is the lie

Here are the facts that were known at the time of the lie.

  1. The New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinder Arden public announces that the NZ Govt is the only source of truth and every other conversation about covid that doesn't agree with their version is a lie and a conspiracy
  2. The PM goes on to state emphatically, that the mRNA Serum that they call a vaccine is safe and effective.
  3. The public perception of this announcement is that the mRNA injection is safe for themselves, their families, and their children based on tests, we are told, that have been performed.
  4. Any person who questions the Government announcement is labeled an 'Anti Vaxxer' (hate speech), and the media are paid money to continue the government's message
The question needs to be asked as to what evidence there was to support this claim?

Significant Dates:

July 2020:    Date NZ entered into a supply agreement with Pfizer: 
19/02/2021:  Date of first jab

Was/is it tested and safe?

To answer this we will need to review the safety report released by Pfizer. I have requested this information from the MOH under the OIA and it is due on the 27 April 2023. However I have a copy of the same report NZ would have received, from Australia (link below)

This report is dated January 2021 (1 month before the first injection)

1: The Document: Nonclinical Evaluation Report BNT 162b2 [mRNA] COVID-19 Vaccine

In the document, it states quite clearly that the mRNA drug does not stay in the deltoid muscle and that the tests were incomplete to a level beyond any question that safety was NOT a proven fact.

The NZ Government could have said that the drug was incomplete in it's testing but that it was calculated to be safe but they didn't. The Government, the MOH, MEDSAFE, the Auckland University, and doctors who should have researched the drug to safeguard their patients, all failed and lied. They has access to the Pfizer documentation but did nothing.

They emphatically stated that the drug was 100% safe and effective even though it was not. To be very clear; this was a calculated lie. Not even a mistake but and actual deliberate lie.

The following discussions are relevant.

2: Interview between Senator Rennick and Dr. John Campbell

3: Discussion between Professor Clancy and Dr. John Campbell

It is blatantly obvious that we have been lied to, for reasons beyond the idea of keeping 'us' safe.


The people who decided that the 'unvaxxed' were the issue, still think this way even after all this evidence. How did this happen? What method was used to 'brain wash' people into their decisions?