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It's not the vaccine we should worry about. It is the Pandemic Treaty Framework!

It's been confusing to us all as to why our seemingly intelligent questions are getting nowhere? 

  • What about 24,000,000 excess deaths in the World to date with only @ 3,5 M being deaths caused by Covid?
  • The disorder, Autism, is created by the side effect of fever caused by vaccines.
    That is an absolute Gold standard truth!
    So why are our pregnant women being injected, when the tests of the drug are not complete?
    The risk benefit analysis is seriously on the negative side, and there are no benefits!
It doesn't make sense, but then I stumbled upon the part that connects all the bits of information I have been diligently researching over the past 3 years.

Does the vaccine cause Autism?

The absolute experts on  studying  Autism are the Columbia University. 
Their Gold standard finding after studying 80,000 pregnancies in 2017 is:

"Prenatal exposure to maternal fever during the second trimester raised odds of autism spectrum disorder by 40 percent"

That is Gold standard scientific research, no question. Vaccines cause Autism

28/06/2023 I went to two vaccine administration centres, a doctor and a pharmacy in New Zealand. I said that my wife and I wanted to have a baby but we are an older couple. We will try IVF for the last time and we wanted to know if the 'vaccine' would be OK?

They both gave the same answers, "Yes it is safe!"  
I asked if the vaccines cause Autism? 
  • They said, "No!"
  • I said, "But a fever can cause autism, can't it?"
  • They said, "No!"
  • I said, "But Columbia University studies said that fevers cause autism ..
  • and vaccines create fevers?"
  • They said, "No they don't, not according to the latest findings by all the authorities around the world who promote the mRNA." 
  • "The Columbia Study was discredited by the WHO and CDC", I was told.
So what does MEDSAFE say about vaccines causing fevers?

100% Fact! Vaccines cause fever but by everyone, I am being told that they don't!

How Autism is created by Vaccines

  • An mRNA injected pregnant woman can get a common side effect of fever @ 38.5 degrees C
  • Inside a womb, the temperature can easily be 1 degree greater. 
  • Doesn't sound like much but it is enough to permanently damage the baby.
  • At 39.5 degrees, that is an Autistic-resulting temperature
  • Upwards of this by small 0.1's of a degree can be fatal to the baby!
I phoned the Ministry of Health. They said, "Yes of course it is safe! Billions of jabs have been completed and now there is a new version of the mRNA." 

I said, "But the original drug was only tested for 2 months and it hasn't had any further testing?" ref:

"There is no emergency use authorisation and where are the tests for the new drug?" I said. 
At this, they did that weird authoritarian voice, and as they hung up the phone they yelled that I was an anti-vaxxer and they were no longer required to talk to me.

That is a communication technique called DARVO and it is Very Dangerous.

When it's used on you often enough, it can cause psychological damage.
Jacinda was the first person I noticed using this technique when she divided the nation by stating that the problem was the Anti-vaxxers!

I imagined the training program on the technique:
"If you can't answer the question, here is what you do!"
  • Discredit the caller > e.g. "No, you're not qualified to understand that!'
  • Attack them with your tone and use of words
  • Reverse the Victim and Offender > "I am not going to waste my time talking with an anti-vaxxer", and hang up
Consistently delivered by every government controlled organisation, and used enough times, the person will eventually become frustrated, mentally distraught, and give up!

The Seeds of Hate Speech Have Been Firmly Planted

The public have also been trained to hate the Anti Vaxxers via celebrities, media, and influencers. As people get sicker and sicker, the story keeps filtering through channels that the problem is the un-vaxxed. It's not the untested drug we gave you, because it is "very safe and effective. Adverse events are very rare!".... that is the seed that they've sown, BUT...

So far, according to UN figures, there are at least 12,000,000 excess deaths since 2019 NOT due to covid!

The difference between what we expected vs. what we have is 24 Million deaths. You would have to read this blog (link) to understand all the figures here, but this result is not being reported. Notice that they stopped counting in 2021. Why?
Also the 'slope' (red box on graph) of the gradient is alarming. It would mean that if it continued, the 2024 excess death figures could be as high as 80 million? OMG this is very serious! I will have to check this so don't read this as true yet.

What is happening in the Ukraine?

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” 
There are a lot of 'cloak and dagger' things going on and I am not sure. Has Russia signed up to the One World Government? If so, then Putin is working for the WEF. If not, then he is a good guy. Remember this!

This article from the World Freedom Movement is a must read for everyone! 
Perhaps skim through it first and come back.

It would appear that the Ukrainian people are being used by the neo-Nazis and have been in this situation for a long time. In the early days of the war, I was following a brave young lady reporting in the streets of war torn Ukraine. She was saying it wasn't as it was being reported by mainstream media. She said the Russian soldiers were trying to liberate their people from the Azov Battalion and that it was actually a neo-Nazi run country led by the actor, Zelensky, who had no leadership skills whatsoever.

That the Ukraine towns were structured normally, but overseen by the Azov Battalion. You had to do whatever they said or be shot on the spot. That the Azov neo-Nazis would simply kick down your front door, eat your food, take your things, and do anything else they wanted to with any member of your family.

Ukraine Azov battalion denies neo-Nazi association

Judge for yourself, as these soldiers could be the new WEF authorities managing towns and cities within the next 12 months (May, 2024). New Zealand has already agreed to the Pandemic Treaty, as has the USA. Not signed yet, but none of us truly know about it. Once we  sign the Pandemic Treaty Framework, it's a requirement of the agreement that a group of WEF, UN, and WHO staff will come to each town and village, and take on an overseeing role to our existing authority structures. This is what it means to be prepared for a pandemic?

I feel truly sorry for the Ukrainians. Would you want neo-Nazis controlling your streets, home, spouse, children, and grandchildren through the implementation of the new 'Pandemic Treaty Framework" designed by this man?

Klaus Schwab, 
  • The founder of WEF, UN, WHO, Paris Climate Accord
  • Under the treaty, he has a special name which is quite grand. I will have to find it again.

How did we end up here?

In August, 2017, before the first Covid pandemic, an Australian holiday-maker came over here and navigated the bureaucracy required in order to buy several weapons (including automatic weapons) and ammunition. (Are TEN weapons 'several' ?!!)

Leading up to the Event, the Killer:

  1. Was under 24 hr surveillance by the SIS
  2. Was reported to police by several people for being a serious concern due to his attitude and actions

  3. Wrote a 'Muslim Hate Agenda' and posted it on Social Media
  4. Told social media what he was going to do
He then shot up two mosques and killed 51 people, and injured a further 49 (Link) on 15/3/19

Our PM's response was heralded around the world as so amazing 
  1. Our laws were changed
  2. She got all of our personal weapons destroyed, except in special cases
  3. Police became more weaponized
  4. Security became stricter
  5. The Internet had its first major establishment of censorship
But how did we allow a HOLIDAYMAKER to NZ obtain automatic weapons in the first place? 
That requires a huge amount of paperwork, interviews with police gun control, and a NZ license that would take a long time to process?

Considering the picture that is being painted here, this looks so much like a setup to get rid of any personal defences that I truly cannot see any other possibility.

If so, someone or some organisation has deliberately staged an event to achieve a goal.

It is almost as if this assault on the Muslim People was designed to rush through the removal of any personal defence weapons in New Zealand and change the laws to make each and every one of us vulnerable and without any personal defence capabilities.

In addition, Tauranga is being re-designed to become a 'Future City", a Helen Clark Foundation Concept (Jacinda's original mentor).

They are making it so difficult to move around this city that it is hardly environmentally friendly. We all just seem to sit around in traffic jams all hours of the day and night. I have lived here for 51 years and was a civil engineer with road planning and building experience. I have never seen such a mess. And the cost is ridiculous. It's so slow at being built and there are unusual settings being created. After all this, they still want a further 2.4 BILLION dollars to finish the road works they've started! We have 50,000 houses, which means that the cost per house for the next roading project is $48,000 per house. Yes that is correct, $48 K per household!
We tax and ratepayers will be broke! As we retire, we will not be able to afford the rates. What then?
People are already moving out of the Mount because they cannot afford the rate hikes.

How many people are involved in all this, and what is happening to our world?
What does Jacinda think about the World Economic Forum?

It's a very confusing thing to say, 'Don't be on the wrong side of history?' 
I thought we elected her to work for the people of New Zealand?
Seems more like she has been working for the WEF

Jacinda has singularly agreed to sign up to the Pandemic Framework like Zelensky. 
He is a bit ahead of us though, and is already implementing the 'requirements' and 'opportunities' as the snippet below highlights:

Ref: Click on image to go to and read OUR future under the Framework

The Russians say Zelensky has made $850 million so far. It was interesting to read Zelensky's thoughts at the WEF, which he has joined. It is not overly important for you to read this, but have a look.

His presentation starts at 40 minutes through, but watch it later.

The Devil is in the detail and The Evil Word is "Framework"!

It's kind of a new word for us, 'Framework'. It means; "once signed, any agreement can be changed" by the controller of the document.

Basically, under a framework agreement, I could sell you my house with a framework agreement that places me as the controller of the document, and once the money is securely in my bank, I could take the house back. Framework means, "I can change the rules if and when I like"

Of the 130 countries belonging to the WEF, apparently 80 of them have already agreed to sign up to the Treaty, on behalf of all the people in the country they represent. That includes New Zealand and Australia but I have not seen any conversation about it by the government informing us that we are all going to be ruled by Klaus Schwab and his 'Control and Management Team' of the WHO.

About the transfer of Power

More Detail

What to do:

  1. Read this page :
  2. Watch the song below as this is the world they want to create
  3. Research Narcissism, Cluster B Personality, and the meaning of DARVO
  4. Learn about Hitler's grand plan: that his family have been establishing for the past 90 years
  5. Subscribe to my blog and I will tell you more
We have a lot to do because this is real and we have no idea where we are heading yet.

Think what it must be like for the Ukrainians, for they are the first victims. They need our help, as what is going on there will happen in your own Country soon enough.

Spot the races, Aryan Races only allowed in the grand scheme of things 
hey Bill and perhaps Melinda?