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Time Will Tell

Since we have all been getting on with our lives, the Covid story has been unravelling.

1: Dr Fauci has been accused of falsifying information, and if these accusations are true, then the probability is that the virus came from science and the Wuhan Lab.

Fauci's motives for lying was said to be that 'gain of function' research was being funded by his administration (in particular Dr Fauci himself) and if it ever came out that it was a virus from his research, it would set his projects back.

2: The mRNA Drug called a vaccine, was not tested. That is a 100% fact.

One obvious fact (even to a layperson) is that the needle should have been aspirated. Aspiration is the practice of inserting the needle into the deltoid muscle, and before injecting the drug, withdrawal of the plunger a little to see if the tip is in a blood vessel. Injecting straight into the circulatory system was common and detrimental to the patient. This report from Dr John Campbell (whom I shall call Sir Dr John Campbell) and Marc Girardot explains a great deal about what was not tested. It is well worth the watch even though it is over 1 hour.

Time will tell.

And of course, our prime minister left the conclusion to her mandates and forceful approach to getting everyone to take the drug.

After all, when you say you are the 'One Source Of Truth' and then find out you were wrong, what else is there to do?

How did she and her Government make such a mistake?

And the questions yet to be answered are:

  1. What is the true impact of the response?
  2. How can the public ever trust politicians again?
  3. What will the pledge of the next government be regarding people rights?