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In This Episode! The changes in street lights are triggering behaviour issues (Ref 1) Long covid could be protein toxicity and easily solved by a 3-day water fast (Ref 2) IQ reduction is created by AI autosuggestion. Switch them off to find your own mind (Ref 3) Call your parents. Tell them you love them and get FREE drugs! (Ref 4) Street sign removal causing confusion. (Ref 5) (Ref 1) CHANGES IN STREETLIGHTS   For every 1,000 people driving home, nearly 38 people may NOW be having an epileptic fit! Why? Normally a street has two rows of lights. One on the left, the other on the right. This is a balance to get rid of the 'strobe effect'. But around the world, they are taking one side of the street lights away AND changing soothing amber lights to stark crazy white dazzling beams causing glare! many dark areas difficulty seeing in the rain, scary and confusing for many different health and psychological conditions and people with photosensitive epilepsy may be getting triggered

Graphene - I discovered why it is in the 'Vaccine"

If you are 'vaccinated' this should concern you.  No matter what your status in society, be it Police, Military, Government, Medical, Co-Government ... no matter what, this should concern you! Every vaccinated person will be traceable from space! 1: Graphene is one of the most unusual ingredients to put in a vaccine.  I can see no particular benefit in the mRNA or Lipid Nano Particle in its ability to function as a drug. mRNA —or messenger RNA—is a molecule that contains the instructions or recipe that directs the cells to make a protein using its natural mechanisms. To enter cells smoothly, mRNA travels within a protective bubble called a Lipid Nanoparticle. Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) are the most clinically advanced, non-viral, gene delivery system. Lipid Nanoparticles safely and effectively deliver nucleic acids, overcoming a major barrier preventing the development and use of genetic medicines (unless you have allergies to the components, in which case the reaction is inte

How to Recover from Covid and the Jab #eion

How to Recover from Covid and the Jab #eion Imagine if you were to have a party on Saturday Night but didn't clean up - ever! After a while, everything's going to get quite messy and smelly. Bugs will start to appear and bad things will form everywhere, until they take over your home. Your cells are the same. They pile up debris, such as protein, in spikes and it can be quite difficult for the natural processes to function with so much garbage to clear up! Each 'shot' of mRNA produced billions and billions of fine particles that flooded every capillary in your body 24/7 for 3 months minimum. If you don't clean up the cells you will experience:  Inflammation Lack of energy Exacerbation of pre-conditions Rapid aging as the skin cells don't get the nutrients from within. Sickness and weird illnesses You don't have to do 3 days all at once, but it gets the best results FAST! One hour of cleaning a day will have a good result as well. When I wake up, I tend to ho

Does This Look Like A Hit Order From The NZ Government?

I am on the Run! SIR Dr John Campbell has gone missing off YouTube and I think I know why.  I think a hit has been ordered on my life! Normally when I apply for Official Information the response is a very standard email with what to expect. However when I ask about links to the current Emergency Use Authorisation and a few other things like test on the new mRNA, I got a different response that has characteristics of a hit order... You need to read my 3 previous Blogs as to why this may be as they contain important information. I warn you, they progress into very heavy reading.  1.  Are They Testing The mRNA?  ANSWER = NO! 2:  Have you ever tried to understand Adolf Hitler?  Important To Do So 3:  It's not the vaccine we should worry about. It is the Pandemic Treaty Framework! This is hate speech that is going to bite us all unless we do something now! How to Recover from Covid and the Jab #eion Imagine if you were to have a party on Saturday Night but didn't clean up ever! Aft

It's not the vaccine we should worry about. It is the Pandemic Treaty Framework!

It's been confusing to us all as to why our seemingly intelligent questions are getting nowhere?  What about 24,000,000 excess deaths in the World to date with only @ 3,5 M being deaths caused by Covid? The disorder, Autism, is created by the side effect of fever caused by vaccines. That is an absolute Gold standard truth! So why are our pregnant women being injected, when the tests of the drug are not complete? The risk benefit analysis is seriously on the negative side, and there are no benefits! It doesn't make sense, but then I stumbled upon the part that connects all the bits of information I have been diligently researching over the past 3 years. Does the vaccine cause Autism? The absolute experts on  studying  Autism are the Columbia University.  Their Gold standard finding after studying 80,000 pregnancies in 2017 is: "Prenatal exposure to maternal fever during the second  trimester raised odds of autism spectrum disorder by 40 percent" The Study Link:  https

Have you ever tried to understand Adolf Hitler?

How did Adolf get to where he was, and get so many people supporting his ideas? Liked young women Eva was much younger than Adolf And Adolf loved sex So where are his children now and what do they do? Hopefully, they live in peace, or do any of them have similar ideas to their father? To answer this question, you need to take a look at the past 50 years.  WHO has evolved into power during this time and who leads them? This is a comment I posted to a YouTube site. ​ @bobsears4394  Hey Bob. Thanks for your comment. Clinical Study... who did these studies and was there any conflict of interest? Have studies been wrong in the past Bob? Yes they have. And when so much effort is made to debunk any other conversation, my spider sense gets triggered. I am currently performing observable studies and they don't align with the narrative. See in my world, things aren't tested until they are actually tested. I am not trying to be a molecular biologist. But I want people who want to dive i