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Does This Look Like A Hit Order From The NZ Government?

I am on the Run!

SIR Dr John Campbell has gone missing off YouTube and I think I know why. 

I think a hit has been ordered on my life!

Normally when I apply for Official Information the response is a very standard email with what to expect. However when I ask about links to the current Emergency Use Authorisation and a few other things like test on the new mRNA, I got a different response that has characteristics of a hit order...

You need to read my 3 previous Blogs as to why this may be as they contain important information.

I warn you, they progress into very heavy reading.

 1. Are They Testing The mRNA? ANSWER = NO!

2: Have you ever tried to understand Adolf Hitler? Important To Do So

3: It's not the vaccine we should worry about. It is the Pandemic Treaty Framework!

This is hate speech that is going to bite us all unless we do something now!

How to Recover from Covid and the Jab #eion

Imagine if you were to have a party on Saturday Night but didn't clean up ever!

After a while everything's going to get quite messy and smelly. Bugs will start to come and bad things will form everywhere until they take over your home.

Your cells are the same. They pile up debris, such as protein in spikes, and it can be quite difficult for the natural processes to function with so much garbage to clear up!

Each 'shot' of mRNA produced billions and billions of fine particles that flooded every capillary in your body 24/7 for 3 months minimum. If you don't clean up the cells you will experience 

  • Inflamation
  • Lack of energy
  • Exacerbation of pre-conditions
  • Rapid aging as the skin cells don't get the nutrients from within.
  • Sickness and weird illnesses

You don't have to do 3 days all at once but it is the best result FAST!

One hour of cleaning a day will have a good result as well.

When I wake up I tend to hold off eating until 9 or 10.

Soon that progresses to 11 and 12

And before too long you have got it all sorted :)

The problem for 'refined' carbohydrates is that you get adicted to them.

Once addicted your will crave them every 3 or so hours.

Where as if you clear up your cells and move into a more salad and vegetable diet, you will be fine :)

There is a lot to learn but one step at a time. Humans can live for a very long time in very good health, if you look after yourself and avoid the doctor. As my Dad said, he didn't like doctors because everyone seem to die when there were around.



  1. The lemon is a natural cleaning agent and helps shift grease
  2. The cleaner the water, the netter the result
  3. No food must be given to the cells during this process else it won't work. 
  4. Study and practice Intermittent Fasting. Get your life back :)

Health is free to all who participate in the Gnostic Faith ideas that are shared by most healthy religions like Budist, Muslim, Jahova's Witnesses to name but a few. But only the truly faithful will believe in it until such times that the faithless find the faith they lost. This is how you save a soul, not just with words alone, but easy instruction on how to do it.

Love will save our children's planet and we are their parents. Rules and boundaries are required else before too long no one will know what the rules are. 


Crazy Videos and Links That Are, well Crazy!

I am the 10th person to subscribe to this channel. It is brilliant music to heal the world.

Plus it is DR Eion. A name I referred to in a previous video.

LOVE = >>> SUBSCRIBE %&:) select me yes

Why am I GOD?

I will tell you later but please watch this video.

Just some of my Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------
you can read by they are to remind me

I am getting reports from all around the world of the weird things happening.

  1. Covid19
  2. Pandemic Management
  3. Sickness
  4. Schools teach crazy ideas
  5. The recession
  6. Food shortages
  7. Pandemic Treaty
  8. Distractions
I think that is about it. I am going to think about all of this because only a solid strategy and sticking to the strategy is going to help.

I have some ideas.
  • Resources
  • Technology
  • People
  • Communications
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Knowledge
  • Training
And how can we address the issue that we are being lied to all of the time and the 'public' are not working this out.

We also need to stop the signing of the treaty. How are we going to do that?
Under such a treaty, what are the human rights?

My guess about why people are getting sick.

How can we convince the vaccinated that the problem isn't the unvaccinated?

I was watching the inventor/builder of the Titan Submarine
He had the right qualifications and experience and he was very convincing that it was safe and effective.
He used the latest technology and compounds and it looked quite the vessel.
But we now know it wasn't.

A submarine has been designed to survive 250 dives based on the computer model.
To establish a safety factor the sub was approved for 50 dives only

So during the 50 dives the risk of failure was:
Dive 1 = 1/250 = .4%
Dive 10 = 10/250 = 4.0 %
Dive 20 = 20/250 = 8.0 %
Dive 30 = 30/250 = 12.0 %
Dive 40 = 40/250 = 16.0 %
Dive 50 = 50/250 = 20.0 % risk of failure is 1 in 5 adverse reactions

We now know the original assessment was way off and the sub failed at 50 dives

The actual risk is now known
Dive 1 = 1/50 = 2.0 %
Dive 10 = 10/50 = 20.0 %
Dive 20 = 20/50 = 40.0 %
Dive 30 = 30/50 = 60.0 %
Dive 40 = 40/50 = 80.0 %
Dive 50 = 50/50 = 100.0 %

We can now tell the original customers that at their 50th dive we now know it was 100% chance of failure.

I wonder if the 5 people would have taken the dive if they had known the actual long term risk results?

It was, after all, made at the speed of science.

I bet the next 5 people to get on board the sub would want to know that actual tests had been performed.

Is this a strategy?

Training Topics
How to

NEXT PANDEMIC MASK PREPARATION Design a gold standard test that proves/disproved that 'masks' are effective. 1. Find a suitable laboratory 2. Create the best test of a commonly available mask vs. no mask 3. Get the actual test concept assessed first. Make sure the test is 360% analysis, so no one could 'debunk' the findings 4. Fundraising to pay for the test 5. Test and show the difference between the spread due to a mask vs. no mask 6. Apply to have the test accepted by the MOH 7. Establish the standard 8. Inform If masks turn out to be the better option, test washable masks through the same test. These things take time but it would be progress.