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  1. The changes in street lights are triggering behaviour issues (Ref 1)
  2. Long covid could be protein toxicity and easily solved by a 3-day water fast (Ref 2)
  3. IQ reduction is created by AI autosuggestion. Switch them off to find your own mind (Ref 3)
  4. Call your parents. Tell them you love them and get FREE drugs! (Ref 4)
  5. Street sign removal causing confusion. (Ref 5)


For every 1,000 people driving home, nearly 38 people may NOW be having an epileptic fit! Why? Normally a street has two rows of lights. One on the left, the other on the right. This is a balance to get rid of the 'strobe effect'. But around the world, they are taking one side of the street lights away AND changing soothing amber lights to stark crazy white dazzling beams causing glare!
  • many dark areas
  • difficulty seeing in the rain,
  • scary and confusing for many different health and psychological conditions
  • and people with photosensitive epilepsy may be getting triggered causing disorientation, uncomfortable and unwell feelings. 
  • Some people can also be triggered into violent episodes such as domestic violence without it being in their control. 
Take Action Now! Call your council and complain. 
Find where they are removing them and tell them they have to stop. If they won't, park your car to 'save our lights'! 

(Ref 2) Long Covid 

If you have the vaccine, this creates billions of fine particles of protein to flood your whole body. This protein production happened 24/7 for quite some days. Some tests show 3 or more months, 24/7. 

Eventually, your body will want to absorb the protein but there is so much of it that it is possible to have toxic protein levels. 

Look up the symptoms of both Long Covid and Protein Toxicity

Symptoms of protein poisoning include:
  1. nausea
  2. headache
  3. mood changes
  4. weakness
  5. fatigue
  6. low blood pressure
  7. hunger and food cravings
  8. diarrhea
  9. slow heart rate
Symptoms of Long Covid
  1. fatigue (same as 5 above)
  2. fever
  3. abdominal pain (similar as 7/8 above)
  4. joint pain 
  5. muscle pain
  6. nausea and vomiting (Same because  as 5 above)
  7. diarrhea (same as 8 above)
  8. weight loss
  9. reduced appetite 
  10. sleep issues 

They are not an exact match BUT they are very closely related.
You will find them very similar. 

This would be cleaned up quickly with the process of a fasting period (don't eat for 24 hrs or more) which creates autophagy. 

An amazing process that cleans your cells of all the rubbish it has collected. If you don't clean up your cells, it may result in Protein Toxicity and you will swell up and most likely get very ill. 

(Ref 3) Switch Off AI features. 

They will make you lose your personal language The mind is like a sport. With dedication and use, your skill will grow and improve. But with AI interrupting your flow, you won't be able to form sentences on your own and in your own style. To increase your quality of expression, turn off AI. By all means spellcheck but anything else is simply not you and is likely to replace you one day. What do you do when you can't earn money anymore?

(Ref 4) Phone your Parents

Endorphins are the freest drug you will ever find. They are released when you make someone smile. Practice on your parents first. Then with the skills developing, spread the love to receive love, "what you give, so shall you receive' - amen to that :) "Endorphins and dopamine are both chemicals in your body that make you happy, but they function in different ways. Endorphins relieve pain naturally. When they attach to your brain's reward centres (opiate receptors), dopamine is then released. For example, endorphins will naturally help soothe a runner's achy muscles"

(Ref 5) Street signs are now missing throughout Auckland

This means that if the internet or the connection fails (which it will), no one will know how to get where they are going.

This is causing an environmental impact and is a huge health and safety issue.
If street names are changed to Maori, how will anyone who doesn't speak or know Maori find anywhere on their GPS? They won't be able to type them in, or say them correctly. It will waste 100's of hours of people's time, and transport costs will skyrocket. The environment will suffer the most because of all the extra driving and traffic build ups.
It will be especially difficult for people from overseas. They will need to know two languages to come to New Zealand and it will affect our tourism.

Do Something To Improve Our World and this place will get better and happier every day. It's easy...

'love thy neighbour'. It's not a religion, it's a faith :)

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We are truly at a stage where we need to bring the absolute truth and happiness out and fix some things. Tomorrow will be too late. Do it today!