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How to Recover from Covid and the Jab #eion

How to Recover from Covid and the Jab #eion

Imagine if you were to have a party on Saturday Night but didn't clean up - ever!

After a while, everything's going to get quite messy and smelly. Bugs will start to appear and bad things will form everywhere, until they take over your home.

Your cells are the same. They pile up debris, such as protein, in spikes and it can be quite difficult for the natural processes to function with so much garbage to clear up!

Each 'shot' of mRNA produced billions and billions of fine particles that flooded every capillary in your body 24/7 for 3 months minimum. If you don't clean up the cells you will experience: 

  • Inflammation
  • Lack of energy
  • Exacerbation of pre-conditions
  • Rapid aging as the skin cells don't get the nutrients from within.
  • Sickness and weird illnesses

You don't have to do 3 days all at once, but it gets the best results FAST!

One hour of cleaning a day will have a good result as well.

When I wake up, I tend to hold off eating until 9 or 10.

Soon, that progresses to 11 and 12

And before too long you've got it all sorted :)

The problem for 'refined' carbohydrates is that you get addicted to them.

Once addicted, you will crave them every 3 or so hours.

Whereas if you clear up your cells and move to more of a salad and vegetable diet, you will be fine :)

There is a lot to learn, but one step at a time. Humans can live for a very long time in very good health, if you look after yourself and avoid the doctor. As my Dad said, he didn't like doctors because everyone seems to die when they were around.



  1. The lemon is a natural cleansing agent and helps shift grease
  2. The cleaner the water, the better the result
  3. No food must be given to the cells during this process, else it won't work. 
  4. Study and practice Intermittent Fasting. Get your life back :)

Health is free to all who participate in the Gnostic Faith ideas that are shared by most healthy religions like Budhism, Muslim, Jehova's Witnesses, to name but a few. But only the truly faithful will believe in it until such time that the faithless rediscover the faith they lost. This is how you save a soul, not just with words alone, but easy instruction on how to do it.

Love will save our children's planet and we are their parents. Rules and boundaries are required, else before too long no one will know what the rules are.