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Vote for Winston's NZ First, Party Vote and Candidate - Don't Split The Vote

If you haven't seen my previous blog on who I am voting for and why, it is a must read. The link is below, but in short, my recommendation is, "Do not split the vote!" There is the fantastic party of Liz Gunn, NZ Loyal, but for many reasons, Winston needs your Party and Candidate vote. He has to have the maximum support to achieve what he says he will and he has the highest probability of success.

If you are like me right now, you are deeply concerned. Our current situation is being described as conspiracy theories, BUT why are there so many indicators of nefarious activity and why is my common sense being alerted so much? Are we crazy, making things up? You may feel this way but I want to remind you about psychology, the study of which lets you work things out and in this 3+ year blog of mine, I have studied every aspect of the Pandemic, and DARVO is the common psychological trick being used 99% of the time.


DARVO is the technique being used to discredit any alternative fact to the rhetoric. Lets see it in action:

Question: Has the drug been tested?

DISCREDIT: Millions of doses have been administered, of course it has been tested!

ATTACK: The responder now says to you: "Are you one of those conspiracy theorists?"

REVERSE VICTIM AND OFFENDER: "You are the problem because you are an 'Anti Vaxxer'. I don't have to talk to you! 

A completely incorrect statement, BUT the effect avoids the correct answer, shuts the question down, and places you on the back foot.

In my research, spider trails lead to so many other weird activities and if you are like me, you have not been receiving truthful answers.

Don't Split The Vote!

One freedom party needs as many votes as possible and although there are several excellent parties, they are splitting the freedom vote to ineffectual numbers.

My comment to Liz Gunn of the NZ Loyal Party.

Dear Liz

Forgive me for pointing out some things. I don't mean to be so abrupt. Please read this fully.

  1. Liz has 7,740 YouTube subscribers. That is not enough people following a new party. You need at least 75,000 to get a seat.
  2. You are not being invited to national/TV debates and your exposure is posters and flyers.
  3. You are preaching to the already converted and they come from the freedom movement who would have ended up voting for Winston

Without a seat in parliament, your principles will not be heard.
I am truly sorry to say this. On my oath to God.
I have studied this subject since 2019. I have clocked up well over 10,000 hours. I have looked and talked in 'every direction', as an independent, and I can see where all things are heading.

We have one chance, and this is the last chance.

To see my study, go to covid19 dot net dot nz

I was here in this space before the NZ government. That is why I have the only site in the world with that URL.

That an overseas legal team got you back in the race was because it serves the purpose of the people who are against freedom, by diluting the vote.

We have no choice but to put 100% of our effort behind one person and that person with the best chance by credible assessment is Winston, guaranteed!

If your party was to publicly announce support for Winston now, that would be a World Press Event and get you a stage. They would want to know 'Why?'

Your principles would be heard by all and you would give the freedom movement the best chance to get into power.

New Zealand is a special place. Much Aroha to you all, I know what I ask is heart breaking but it is what it is.

Kia kaha!


What do you think?

If you agree, please vote NZ First and please ask Liz to do the same.

This is our last election. Make it count!

10/10/2023 Post

 @davidwebb4594  NZ Loyal needs 150,000 votes to get in this election. Do you have them for sure?

Yes or No are the only correct answers. If it is 'Yes' then there must be some indicators. You can have a meeting of 200 in a hall and you can feel very positive,. You can have 1,000 people cheer your name in the streets and you can have 7,740 subscribers on You Tube but in all, it won't be enough. You need 20 times that amount just to get 1 seat and that takes time which you haven't got.

So if your answer in the last few days of the election is "No we don't have 150k supporters', you will not get a seat. The supporters that vote for you, will be loyal, but will have wasted their vote and that is the worst possible outcome for all your efforts because Freedom needs all the votes it can get.

Winston has an established base of very loyal supporters, an experienced team, and he has been beating the campaign trail to re-establish the 75,000 who didn't vote for him last time. Anyone who wants freedom know they either vote for you or for him.

NZ First hasn't communicated with me in any way. I am simply trying my best to point out that:- 1. The Freedom Movement agrees 100% with you. 2. But how do we for certain, get a representative into Government, because more than ever before in the history of NZ Politics, we need one now!

You could call him and have a talk because you are both capable of working this out. A party that passes their votes to another party at this stage of the campaign would get their hour of glory on local and international news, go down positively in the history of sacrifices for freedom (William Wallace), and live to campaign another day. Whereas, if you just lose, there is no result.

Please think about this. I know it is hard, but what do we need to do because there is only one of you capable of getting in or if the vote is split, none.

And a blog trying to understand John Tamihere's Maori Party.

@user-zi3st5jh6v No it's still hate speech:

"abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or similar grounds."

I feel considerably threatened that my home for 50+ years is being contested. My right to live, being contested. My right to democracy, contested, My right to my faith....breath...
The law is the law and to give a platform to someone who promotes hate speech, should also be illegal. All New Zealanders are obviously being threatened. Why are we putting up with it? The Treaty Settlements have been going on for 40+ years. We agreed to the settlement in modern times, paid the price, and that in itself is a treaty. We have paid, paid , paid.... and it's still not good enough?

That is not only extortion, it is a psychosis. In my mind the debate is truly over. If you were born here, you are indigenous. You had no choice as to where you were born and so the term 'indigenous' is actually incorrectly defined. Your NZ born ancestors didn't choose to be here; they had no choice and that defines the true meaning of indigenous. We change the meaning of words all the time to keep up with new understandings. Why not change what Indigenous means and move on. When a deal was resolved, that was that. These people have taken too much. Why are we even considering their demands? If half of you is European, which half will you send away? Your mother or your father? In which case you don't exist. You owe your existence not to your Maori ancestors, but to both and that does not make you anything more that the product of colonialism which is exactly what you are complaining about?