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Who Am I Voting For and Why? #eion

Te Treaty O Waitangi is about to be superseded.

The biggest rift in New Zealand is a very old Treaty, 'Te Treaty O Waitangi'.

I am not disputing the treaty; I am merely pointing out how influential it is. It forms the ongoing understanding and influence of people, wealth, leadership, governance and permanence in New Zealand. It has been a very powerful document. So when someone mentions the words 'New Treaty' you need to take notice, because it's going to affect you, irrespective of your skin colour, faith, religion or creed. The New Treaty will have some control of you and your whanau FOREVER and EVER, Amen!

The problem for the original treaty, "Te Treaty O Waitangi'" is that it was written many years ago by people who did not realise the ramifications of what they were documenting, and what they were signing. They wrote for the time and legal understanding, some fairly comprehensive permanent rules and regulations governing New Zealand's inhabitants for all eternity until such times as the 'owners' of the treaty decide otherwise, and up until now, no one has had the right to change it. It is a rock solid foundation document that is protected by International Law, and in this, we are unique. I think NZ is the only country to have been settled by a Treaty. As you read further, you will see why we are so lucky that this is the case!

But now enters a new Treaty O Aotearoa... The Pandemic Treaty Framework, also known as the Pandemic Accord.

It is a legally binding document that hands control of our country and people to the Governor General of the WHO, where he or she alone decides what we all have to do in the case of any threat, 'perceived or real'. In this new 'Treaty', the leader of the WHO could have a 'premonition' of a threat, such as "Freedom of Speech is a threat to the policies of the WHO" and so their word on the matter is now a legally binding law that each of us has no ability to question, and freedom of speech is gone. Truly!

When we fully review what happened over Covid19, we can see the WHO were wrong a great deal of the time, BUT under International Law, if we sign the Pandemic Accord, we would have absolutely no right to debate anything the WHO or its 'Stakeholders/Influencers' say we have to do. You will have no rights to defend your position at all. No rights in court, with the police, with anyone who holds the favour of the WHO.

During Covid, we the people of New Zealand and the World, lost more of our freedoms than at any other time in the history of the world, and that was only the beginning. Canada's government is pushing so hard to wipe out anyone who opposes their rule that the Freedom Movement people there are facing some very harsh penalties of imprisonment, seizure of assets, and closure of bank accounts, and they were only peacefully protesting, which is a legal right, or at least was once.

Even political debate is potentially a 'Threat to the policies of the WHO' and the WHO could decide that voting is a threat because the opposing party may be saying the WHO treaty has to go. That would be a threat to their management plan.

Police arrest leaders of trucker convoy in Canadian capital - BBC News

And New Zealand.

How does "Te Treaty" Get Superseded?

  1. This Pandemic Treaty will supersede Te Treaty O Waitangi because:
    1. Government will achieve co-governance
    2. That will mean the appointed Maori Leaders will take over the interpretation of Te Treaty Terms and Conditions, hold sovereignty over the Maori people, and 'represent them all' in their actions and agreements
    3. They will then sign the Pandemic Treaty which will replace 'Te Treaty O Waitangi' in full or partially
  2. The Pandemic Treaty will then enable the WHO and their appointed representatives to take over the government and all the people, and bypass Te Treaty O Waitangi. 
The new treaty is a 'Framework' treaty which is not like the old treaty.

What does Treaty Framework Mean?
The terms ‘framework agreement’ or ‘framework convention’ is a new term. A framework agreement can be defined as a legally binding treaty (Treaties) of international law that establishes broad commitments for its parties and a general system of governance, while leaving more detailed rules and the setting of specific targets, either to subsequent agreements between the parties, usually referred to as protocols, or to national legislation.

The key factor here is that the treaty can be modified infinitely and move far away from the original meaning and terms of the treaty without contest in the slightest. No debate, it's one person rule. What they say becomes law as soon as they say it. There is absolutely no defense or debate mechanism.

This Treaty Framework will be adopted by all existing authorities in New Zealand and that is the end of democracy. Absolute Fact.

In my opinion, this event has been in plan for 50 plus years. It is the carry over from the first and second World Wars and it is a program to take over democracy. The Pandemic Treaty Framework will come in softly softly, but over the years, more and more controls on society will be implemented, and in fact, voting will be eliminated as in the Tauranga City Council Elections where, instead of an elected local government, we have 4 Central Government appointed Commissioners.

The organisational structures within New Zealand will be established based on the current WHO structure, which is one person rule. This person will appoint the team leaders in a permanent position and structure which will eliminate any democracy. These are Absolute Facts!

The WHO Organisational Structure

The WHO is not an elected team. They work for, and take instructions from, the private organisation know as the United Nations. Formed just after the second World War in 1945 by President Roosevelt, just before he died in 1945. (Democrat)

Who are the main funders of the UN?

But the above funding appears to be only 1/4 of the UN's totals operational funding.

Public and Private Partnerships are by far the biggest funders.

The funders are likely to be in charge of the UN. They 'INVEST' a lot of money, power and influence, and the 'funders' are going to have some say in how things are run. They are not giving billions of profits each year to just feel good. They want to influence policy and the Pandemic Treaty Framework means that New Zealand will hand over its democracy to the WHO, UN, and Private Sector Corporates like the WEF (World Economic Forum).

Do You Want To Live In A Democracy?

Of the 20 parties that I have investigated, only 9 are saying "NO" to the Pandemic Treaty Framework BUT only 3 have a chance of actually doing something about it.

The leader of the government will be the most important factor. 
If that leader is pro UN Governance of NZ, it will not matter what the minor parties feel. The treaty will be processed and that will signal the end of democracy.

So the party you vote for must be able to take the lead of the government and that is dependent on how many candidates they have, and how many times you vote for them with your Party Vote.
There are only three parties with enough candidates. They are marked in yellow below.

Party 1: Freedoms New Zealand

I have heard nothing about Freedoms New Zealand on the internet.
They have a good website, brochures and posters, but they simply have no presence. They haven't said anything noteworthy in debates and their candidates are missing from public conversations.

Party 2: New Zealand Loyal

Liz Gunn is very passionate about the cause and her policies are 'interesting'.
But apart from the sentiments, the party has no experience.

For example, when the party was filing its running for parliament paperwork with the Electoral Commission, they did not file the correct paperwork and their candidates were not recognised. I am pointing this out because there are two facts that you need to consider:

1. This incorrect filing shows us that they lack the experience to take over the government. This is no time to 'learn' your trade. We are at imminent takeover 'lest we forget' and experience is the key.
2. The help given to the party by "Free Top Lawyers" to resolve the issue is very interesting. Why? Something like this would  take weeks to resolve but somehow it was fast tracked. Why? I have only one reasonable explanation.

With NZ Loyal in the race, they will take some of the votes that would otherwise go to another capable party. In my assessment, that party is NZ First lead by Winston Peters. The people who want to hand over NZ to the WHO and UN control see it as important to split the 'Freedom Movements' votes and by 'saving' NZ Loyal, they do exactly that. Votes required to form a new government will be given to NZ Loyal and the people wanting freedom will fail because their Party Vote will be diluted to a non effective result. Our cause achievement is all based on how many votes ONE party gets. 
If they get enough votes, they can take over government without negotiations.

Party 3: NZ First

Winston is a very long standing front line politician. He has some very interesting 'events' in his life that we all look at with mixed reviews but he is battle hardened! He calls it as it is, no filter which gets him in trouble BUT he always comes back fighting and I always see his truth! 

His team look to be quite experienced as well. Most are career politicians and know all the rules, regulations, procedures, and dirty tricks.

This is a war. Your opponents are veterans of many tactical political and propaganda battles. 
Just having a 'heart of gold' is not going to win this. You need street smarts and the school of hard knocks is where Winston cut his teeth! You have got to hand it to him. He has stayed his ground and as an ex NZ soldier, I truly would go to war for him. 

Winston and his candidates are the most experienced. But if Winston doesn't get to top position, he will be subject to control and although he will try his best as a 'partner' to the Prime Minister, he may not be able to stop the Treaty. No, Winston needs to actually become Prime Minister if he is to actually achieve a result.

He will need about 50% of the votes which means he needs 1,500,000 votes.
In 2020 he got 75,000. That isn't enough. He needs a lot more and in my assessment, Winston is the only choice.


I want to mention ACT under David Seymour.
He says all the right things BUT his web page clearly states what he intends to do and the Treaty will progress with David's party.

No, the only way Democracy gets to stay in New Zealand for all of us, is if Winston Peters wins your Party Vote and Candidate.

I feel that ACT could work with NZ First and I feel this would be a good outcome. Two very strong capable leaders with a good source of candidates working together with the same sentiments and from it, all other parties get a fair deal, as long as they are not trying to sell us out to overseas interests.

Why Voting Is Important?

In early December 2023, Amendments to the Pandemic Accord are being approved by simply not being objected to. However if the government says 'No thank you; we do not want to be a part of the Accord', then we are free of it. Forever! It is now or never and the only way to win is with strategy.

But once agreed to, that is it! We would now technically be living under a new Treaty and all other Treatys would be superseded.

So which parties would be able to stop the Pandemic Treaty?

Only NZ First

  1. They say the right things
  2. They have enough candidates
  3. They are an experienced team
  4. They have a strong leader
  5. They have a long history

The Co-Governance Trick

Co-Governance is a trick. There is a case for Maori to have a bigger say in New Zealand, accepted BUT this Co-Governance attempt is a trick. When a group of people are officially recognised as being the representatives of Maoridom, past, present, and future; they will be encouraged to sign the Pandemic Response Treaty and in doing so, all of Maori's independence, established by Te Treaty O Waitangi, will be erased and a new treaty will be in force.

The Pandemic Response Treaty Framework will supersede the original treaty.

It matters not what you may think you know about Winston, he is the only capable leader who can pull us out of this complex takeover of our society. Unless David/ACT make an official statement denouncing the Pandemic Accord which they are not. Only Winston (and other freedom parties) are saying they will pull out. The time to be strategic is now.

Candidate Vote -> NZ First