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Is This Why The Mandates Exist & Natural Immunity Is Ignored? PART 1

At a time when infections are going through the roof in New Zealand, our Government is letting super spreader events like this happen and you have got to ask yourself ... Why?".

45,000 FANS TO PACK EDEN PARK - 18/06/2022 Auckland New Zealand

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Review


In the four months of February 2022 to June 2022, our case count has increased by over 1 million cases.
In the same four months, the deaths due to or with Covid increased from 63 to 1,329

Prior to February, if we had a Covid outbreak of @20 people, lockdowns would have been imposed, so based on our actual escalated cases, we have had a significant change in Government policy which is somewhat confusing.

mRNA Uptake Is Low and Falling

Our uptake of booster shots is at an all-time low and there are Government reports that highlight that 'EFFORT NEEDS TO GO INTO ENSURING THAT SECOND DOSE UPTAKE IS MAXIMISED"

How do you get everyone to take the mRNA drug?

There are only two ways: Voluntarily or Mandated

Total NZ vaccinations yesterday (18/6/22)

  • Age 12 +  =  992 with 39 first doses
  • Age 5-11 = 283 with 24 first doses

These figures show that New Zealanders are not exactly racing in to participate in the experimental mRNA injection.

It is a 100% FACT that mRNA is an Experiment

The recognised and accepted method of drug approval involves a process that takes many years to complete. A long-term study is essential because the effect of all drugs takes time to be known and unless there are at least 5 years of clinical trials, the long-term side effects of a new drug cannot be known under any circumstances. The mRNA serum that's being called a 'vaccine' has not had the time required for us to know the outcome and has not been processed in the normally accepted way. It has been 'rushed' and there is always a statistical probability of failure, no matter how small it may be promoted to be, and adverse events are being discovered constantly.
Pfizer released a 30-page document stating all the known side effects.

For example, this is the link to Medsafe's datasheet on Pfizer's Comirnaty mRNA drug: 

It is full of results such as:

So it is a 100% fact that the drug has not been fully tested, but prior to the injection, you are asked to sign a document that you are fully aware of the risks and accept any outcome without recourse.

$256 + million mRNA stockpile that may go to waste

Since September 2021, the New Zealand Government has been stockpiling the mRNA drug and at the last known price of $66 USD ($104.65 NZD) per shot that equates to $256 million NZD.

It is unknown how much stock we have in transit but you had to book in advance the drugs expected to be required, and commit to paying at the time of booking the order. A reasonable estimate could be that we have on order the same amount as our current stockpile which would be at a total cost of Half a Billion NZD. If we don't use it, this would not look good on the books if it all had to be thrown away and Labour would carry the cost of this expense for many election years to come.

Why The Mandates?

Are mandates a planned strategy to drive an objective?
Jacinda has already highlighted that she gains advice from Helen Clark and she has known Helen for all of her political career.

Jacinda Ardern - NZ current Prime Minister 

Jacinda Ardern is the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the Leader of the New Zealand Labour Party.

Jacinda was the protégé of Helen Clark

Helen Clark, former NZ Prime Minister of the same party as Jacinda



Helen advises Jacinda, and her current position is heading an independent review of the global response to Covid 19 for the WHO.

These are their findings to date. Link:

Key belief factors are:
  1. Helen believes in the philosophies and research of the USA's CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) link
  2. Now is the time to get Pandemic Response correct, so everything must be fast!
  3. The end of the world is close

TVNZ 10 July 2020 appointment to the Independent Review... independent based on what?

Helen wants things to go quickly and without the hindrance of opposition.
Could her advice be a strategy similar to the following?

STEP 1: Demonize the 'un-mRNA Injected', it will stop all credible resistance such as the debate about natural immunity, vitamin D deficiency, and the fact that the vast majority of people will survive SARS-CoV-2 infection and develop natural immunity. 

STEP 2: By mandating all medical positions, you can eliminate credible doctors and nurses from the debate and you can have your way without hindrance. It is a perfect strategy.

STEP 3: You only have to control the media, social media, and schools and you have everything you need to push your plan.

Does this sound feasible to you or is it a conspiracy I have made up?
How many points of fact do you need to establish before you can say there is truth behind a plan of control? 

In 2018, Helen discusses her belief in the Apocalypse.
Forward the video below to 18 minutes but the entire interview is important.

Helen appears to present a foreboding future and it is a very strong Alpha Motivator. She may be right but thinking that the roll out of a worldwide mRNA drug is part of the solution, when it has not been fully tested, may actually do more harm than good. FACT!

"The path to hell is paved with good intentions"

Helen appears to also be under the misconception that the number of deaths reported in the Spanish Flu Pandemic was caused by the 1918 flu virus. The actual fact is that the vast majority of deaths in 1918, has been scientifically researched and been reclassified by the study as being due to the administration of the newly synthesized medicine at the time called Aspirin. The recommended dosage was 30 times our current recommended dosage and caused toxic poisoning. Aspirin was used as a preventative treatment so most deaths occurred in people and children who didn't even have the flu.

Is history about to repeat itself? 

If you are a pro-mRNA injector, perhaps you could tell me how you have calculated the risk to the present and future generations in mandating and promoting an untested drug?

Helen Clark is vocally in favour of mandating the drug but I have not seen her team's analysis of the risk. She only appears to have the drug manufacturers' recommendations which come via the CDC and I cannot see anyone in her Independent Panel who has the debating experience and persuasive skills of a seasoned politician like Helen. She is a very tough debater and what she want's, in my observation of her over many years, she gets! Look closely at the panel.

None of us are safe until all of us are safe!

Helen's view is that it's not about the individual's rights.
It is about the global control of the population as a 'one size fits all' idea and she would like to enforce a worldwide annual vaccination of its people. An idea that many in-power support, as it is promoted as controlling the population's health. Pure fantasy because we are all different. FACT!

Helen Clark discusses the WHO inquiry into the global response to COVID 

To get the ball rolling, Helen needs to have a model country to prove her theories, and which country has she got the most influence over? New Zealand through her historical connection and mentoring of Jacinda Ardern since age 17.

Over the years I have actually been a supporter of Helen and Jacinda BUT when they say that I;
a person who has not had the mRNA Jab, am the problem; I know that they have got it wrong .
Because I already gained natural immunity in 2019 when I contracted Covid and this was before the mRNA jab was available. 

Even DR Fauci says I am not the problem.

Today I am constantly surrounded by the so-called 'Vaccinated' who are sick with Covid and I don't get it. FACT. There are many many naturally immune people so I am not alone.

The consequences of their theories could be devastating to the present and future of humankind because the drug is, as of yet, not fully tested. FACT

"The 10th Man Principle" should be being applied but it is not.

The Tenth Man Rule says: In a group of ten, everyone is given the same information. If nine group members come to the same conclusion, the tenth person becomes the devil's advocate. The tenth person is now responsible for disproving the others.

I like to think that my blog is exactly this, but there are far too many other people who point out the obvious flaws in the mRNA plan.

Before you consider that Helen and Jacinda are the only two politicians who think this way, or that it is a Labour issue, think again. Most politicians, in all parties, and all countries have considered mandates to be the way through this and future pandemics. They completely ignore the fact that our declining public health is 100% due to our government-approved, ever-decreasing, nutritional diets, and sugar-based lifestyles.

How did this happen? How did an unproven drug, that could end up doing serious damage, become forced upon society?


  1. Ask nicely < fail
  2. Ask by establishing fear for not, and happy love for doing so < active
  3. Mandate the drug < tried
  4. Let them all get infected and establish fear < is this in play?

  • Show that the drug works = failed as the vaccinated are still getting infected and dying
  • Blame the unvaccinated = established

Let them all get infected and establish fear!

There is an estimated $500,000,000 (half a billion dollars) of drugs to get rid of.
How is Labour going to get rid of it before the election in 2023, because if they don't, National is going to say Labour had a failed Covid response and it cost the NZ Tax Payer a minimum of half a billion dollars. This is a guaranteed election win for National for sure. National already won the by-election in Tauranga this week and in 1½ years, it's election time, and all the plans and projects that Labour has in play will be stopped by the National Party or National will get the credit for achieving them.

And as soon as National get in, they will immediately expose the cost of all the projects and it won't be good for the future of Labour.

I am not a political analyst but this sounds right to me. Who knows the strategy, but it is seriously looking like we have changed the direction from the 'avoid covid infections' to 'How many people can we get infected?"

Helen would not like National to get into power. FACT

Spot the mask and social distancing competition with 45,000
closely packed rugby supporters 18/6/22

Coming to New Zealand with Covid?
No problem. We welcome you!

Who am I to say these things?

I respect all the people involved in this 'debate' and I appreciate that I am not a doctor. However, I am a master of my own health and body. I have trained and studied natural health and I understand that drugs always come with problems. I am a survivor of the Thalidomide Drug Experiment era and since age 50, I have resolved all of my personal health issues through diet, exercise, sleep, chiropractic visits, and the power of thought. There isn't a person on the planet who cannot benefit from improving their diet.

My age is approaching 61 and at my last doctor's checkup, my metabolic age was 47.
The fat content listed is incorrect as I am technically ripped at about 10% body fat.
I have no conditions and have eliminated all medications. 
I caught Covid in 2019 and recovered easily just like the WHO said I would.

Since then I have studied all things Covid from around the world. I have been to every event I could and been a person who did not take sides. But at this stage, when our children are being jabbed, there is an overwhelming body of evidence that we are being played and we need to object to our children being part of this experiment.

I look after myself and health is part of my religion. A drug produced in a rush by a company whose intent is only profit, to me, is everything I am against. If the world adopts the yearly mRNA injection standards proposed by Helen Clark, then the world will never be free of sickness and disease because you cannot substitute natural health with a drug, and this is the point of no return for the human race.

A drug in your body is the same as pollution in the sky and the sea. Only the manufacturers of the pollution think it is OK to have the result because they know it to be a by-product of achieving profits.

microparticles of pollution in the sea

It has taken millions of years for humankind to evolve, but it will only take a single decision for you, your children, and your children's children to be a slave forever to the pharmaceutical industry and that is what is at stake! 

The Nuremberg Code (1948) was established to stop experimentation on humans, but somehow this was removed from New Zealand's law in 1990 and replaced with the NZ Bill of Rights which is what allows the Government to mandate an experimental drug.

I am sure I noticed the Nuremberg Code mentioned in the pages
of UN in 2019 but I can no longer find any mention of it.

And these were the guys and girls that gave their lives for it.

What is the price of this mRNA immunity?

I hear you want to inject Every Child,
and make mRNA injections a yearly requirement of life on Earth.

I have some questions,
perhaps You can help me...

Natural Immunity is passed on from Mother to Baby through the Human Biome.
It has been this way since the Beginning of All Creation.

Will the future Mother's Natural Immunity be passed on to her Child?
Or will it be a patented drug owned by a drug company?

When our Babies become conditioned to a regular mRNA jab
will they see it as normal, and without question, simply line up?

And if the Child doesn't get a regular jab
will they live in FEAR of disease or be banned from work?

And at what Price will this drug be provided
when We are no longer around to remember?

And what will be IN the drug
of our Great Great Grand Children?

And will the Children be Free
with the decision We make today?

Forget modeling, latest research, and guesses,
The human race only requires the Truth with your hand on the Book

If you can answer, we look forward to the contract
Attached to the guaranteed, double blind facts

If you cannot answer, then you have answered
And doubt must be expressed in every decision from here on in

Thank you for your Honesty,
You will live Forever by the Words you speak Today.

Kia Kaha!

Ian Stephenson

PART 2 to follow.

In PART 2, I will be: 
  1. Investigating claims about Pfizer demanding Government Assets
  2. Assessing Helen Clark's research into injecting children with mRNA when they are technically not at risk
  3. Interviewing a sacked member of Tauranga's City Council