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The Truth Shall Set You Free (Absolute Facts)

I have had some success at talking with pro mRNA serum advocates by introducing them to the concept of "Absolut Facts". 

People use 'Facts' to validate anything they like because facts help them build their conversation into an apparent truth. For example:

"Vaccines help protect people from being infected with a virus (fact) so because the mRNA serum has been called a 'vaccine' (fact) it will protect you from infection (not an Absolute Fact)."

The above sentence is one that has been used many times but as time progressed, it was no longer correct to say this so they changed it to:

"Vaccines help protect people from hospitalisation (fact) so because the mRNA serum has been called a 'vaccine' (fact) it will protect you from hospitalisation (not an Absolute Fact)."

As soon as you analyse the conversation, you can see where the Non Absolute Fact is slipped in as a conclusion.

The Absolute Fact Conversation

So your ability to respond to someone who is pushing an idea only needs to recognise the facts and the absolute facts.

Example conversation:

Doctor: "The mRNA vaccine helps prevent infection and hospitalisation so I recommend you take the vaccine."

Patient: "Thank you Doctor. I only deal with Absolute Facts these days. Have the long term tests been performed on the drug yet and if so, what was the outcome? Do you have a reference link to that report please as I would really like to take a look before I progress with your recommendations."

This response uses the requirement of 'Absolute Facts' as opposed to accepting the contentious 'Facts' that the doctor is trying to present.

Politician: "The vaccines are safe and effective"

Patient: "Wow great! What are the actual statistics on the safety of the drug?"

Politician: "They are available at the MEDSAFE web site."

Patient: "I will look that up thank you but what are the figures you are using to present the 'safe and effective' comment?

Politician: "I am not certain on the numbers but side effects are very rare"

Patient: "Are we talking one in a million injections have a rare side effect sort of safety?"

Politician: "Yes they are the sort of numbers"

Patient: "So if it was 1 in 2,000 injections resulting in a serious injury, this wouldn't be safe would it?"

Politician: "err no but side effects are very rare"

Patient: "It's just a question of what 'rare' means.
Car crashes are rare at 7.1 fatalities per 100,000 citizens but if it was 1 injury per 2,000 citizens per year that would not be rare would it? (Ref:

Politician: "No that wouldn't be rare"

Patient: "Well according to the MEDSAFE web site, mRNA injection injuries are exactly that.

1 in 2,000 people suffer a serious side effect.

1 in 30,000 people die from the injection

So if you could please provide the link to the 'Safe and Effective' data you are promoting I would be able to progress with my decision.


This conversation may twist all over the place but stick to the 'Absolute Facts' and you will hold the point.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Your Challenge

If you have had a question or a debate with someone over the mRNA injection, please comment with it and let us know your replies to "Absolute Facts".

Work out what were just 'Facts' (factual but not conclusive evidence).

Learn to use absolute facts and how to guide people through a conversation so that they realise their mistake in quoting 'Facts' when 'Absolute Facts' are really what we should be discussing.