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Top Ten Questions

What are the most important questions?

The government in New Zealand has stated that the only correct information can come from them, so I am going to focus on the various government departments to provide accurate, peer-reviewed articles to substantiate their claims. The question is, what are the important questions to ask and why?

Dear Sir/Madam

Please provide detailed information about the following as well as peer-reviewed articles supporting the findings.

1: Has mRNA ever been successfully used before to resolve a virus issue in humans?

2: What are all the possible outcomes and risks to humans for the Pfizer mRNA injection?

3: Is the mRNA injection guaranteed to work? If not what are all the possible outcomes?

4: What are all the ingredients in the mRNA injection and is there a difference between each shot of the Pfizer mRNA injection?

5: What is the human immune system actually targeting with the mRNA injection to provide immunity? Is it the shape, chemical components, or other elements of the spike protein? Looking for the exact science and not a theoretical concept.

6: In the risk assessment of the mRNA injection, what were the possible health related outcomes in the long term? Please provide details regarding 1-20 years projections.

7: Which is better, natural immunity or the Pfizer mRNA injection?

8: If I were to get ill after the mRNA injection, what system of knowledge is being used to treat the outcome?

9: What method is being used to show a person has a) been informed of all the risks and side effects with the mRNA injection? b) that they understand the risks and agree to participate?

10: We know that much of the disease of diabetes is caused by diet related issues. Is a lack of vitamin D or other nutritional issues causing our immunity to fail in protecting us from Covid-19?

Please note: I am wanting facts and not theories. If the response does not have peer-reviewed supporting evidence, please provide the basis of the claim.

Possible outcomes:
1.An academic may respond, citing their qualifications as the source of information. This would not be acceptable as they must be able to provide peer-reviewed evidence. Facts are all I am after, not theory. I want supporting evidence that backs up the legal claims being made by the government in court.

5:00 am Monday 1st of November 2021

I am noticing people are falling into two distinct groups. People who have been injected with the mRNA and those who have not. Not because of mind control theories but simply because of trust. The people who believe in the mRNA injection seem happy with the level of information provided. The people who are still deciding are not happy with the information they are seeing.

I have personally lost family, friends, and business associations. My business is taking a hammering and when I hear the stories around the world of children being injected with mRNA it makes me very confused. What information or process are the pro-experimental injection people going through that I am not?

The word SAFE comes to mind. Somehow these people have worked out the mRNA injection is SAFE so my question is, "Why do you think it is safe?" Where have you gained this information and what have I missed?

5:15: Get up, make a flask of lemon and ginger tea, go to the gym, exercise for an hour, get ready for another day of knocking on doors and finding answers. This is what it takes.

This morning I will go to a chemist that offers the vaccine and document the process being used.

Process Directory

Ministry of Health

Nicole > Coco

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Who is Healthline?


Study the "Central Nervous System"



13:31 - Long day already. 6 hours on the phone. Getting some good results and I was able to work out the 'Informed Consent' issue. I think this could be the flaw that halts the mandate. 



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