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Why I End My Friendships

Since Covid, I have lost a lot of friends. 

They are gone to me. Only their memories linger.
Stamped in my core as references to who I am. I cherish the people and the memories, but they are also lessons of life and you must decide when you have learnt the lessons, and move on. To keep them will hold you back on your journey. 

My journey is the pursuit of love, happiness, and joy, and I am not going to get there unless I let go of people who are on another path.

When we meet someone, and they have the same beliefs and complementary mannerisms as we do, the feeling is nothing short of bliss. Your dopamine levels rise and IF that conversation is positive, you will both leave with more knowledge, and feeling happier. 

Peer Reviewing Absolute Truths

If you have talked 'Absolute Truth' - a truth that can be measured from all directions and still maintain its truthfulness - then you have confirmed (peer reviewed) that your understanding of life has progressed.

However, if you now come across someone who only works with partial truths:

  1.   A truth which, when looked at from multiple directions, does not stay a truth
    1. Example: The sky is always blue = true but not an absolute truth
  2.   An emotion truth that is not true, but said with such force as to make it true
    1. You are an "#$%!". A person who uses such words is either very angry or they are digging to connect with your memories of being hurt. It is a form of abuse.

The False Self

When we look at a kitten, it has no self regulation of its emotions, so as soon as anything moves, it grabs for it. As the kitten evolves into a cat, it has no books to learn from so its core emotion stays as a kitten. It learns to regulate its reactions but without an extensive phonetical language, its emotions stay as a kitten.

Similar to a human baby, once it starts to recognise the outside world, it grabs and puts everything it can in its mouth. It learns quickly what food is, and what it is not. Its mother not only has a warm breast, with the most delicious milk; she also protects the soul from the bad stuff and encourages the good stuff. It is the entire world to a baby.

As the baby progresses through life, it has limited words so it learns by mimicking the parent. These experiences form the core - the foundation that all other knowledge will sit on. This knowledge is not only about food, It is also about reaction. "The fire is Hot!" and we pull a shocked face to teach our baby 'danger'! The connection to reaction is a 'feeling' and every baby is the product of feelings way before words, experiences and understanding.

The very first notable 'feeling event' is when you realise you are not actually the most important thing in your mother's life. You scream and someone picks you up and puts you to a breast. Then one day, it's all gone!

For most babies, this moment causes the very first major childhood trauma. An event so big, you have no ability to understand. How this abrupt 'End of All You Know' is handled will determine your emotions for the rest of your life!

If it is handled badly, all your future emotions will connect you right back to this moment. It is your first experience of being ignored and it is the moment of childhood abandonment.

You either move on with encouragement to the next level, or you never recover and suffer from the conditions of abandonment through all future relationships.

The False Self is created at that moment of separation. What is the False Self ? It is the person you were changed into, instead of who you could have been.


  • It is calculated that 1 in 5 people are narcissistic (have no foundations of true love and work on a set of calculated values imprinted by the caregiver's emotional IQ and own psychosis.)
  • 3% of narcissists are psychopaths (ref NCBI)

Psychopathy is a neuropsychiatric disorder marked by deficient emotional responses, lack of empathy, and poor behavioural controls, commonly resulting in persistent antisocial deviance and criminal behaviour.

Psychological Effects of Abandonment

Low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, striving for perfection, and avoiding conflict can all be the result of abandonment issues. Children who grew up in less than ideal households may feel unlovable, and sabotage meaningful adult relationships by pushing people away. (Ref Link)

The question is, "How many of our world leaders have abandonment issues that have lead them to new levels of manipulation for their own pleasure?"

If they show such signs, then rest assured, their only objective is to hurt people no mater what they say, according to the worlds leading psychologists.

In all relationships, you must establish 'Rules and Boundaries"
If the relationship cannot accept them, then you either argue for the rest of your life, or you move on.
"You must let go of your past anchors, so that you can progress into your future."


Doubting yourself never happens when you work with Absolute Truths.

Then is this a lie?

Imposter Syndrome is an indicator of child abuse:

Many people who have imposter syndrome grew up in families that stressed achievement and success. If your parents went back and forth between overpraise and criticism, you may be more likely to have feelings of being a fraud later in life.

In reality, Imposter Syndrome is derived from Child Abuse but parents don't know this. They think they are doing their best by pushing their children. However, to meet the expectations of the parent, children have to learn to be someone they are not. This is the 'False Self' and it leads to lying to maintain the facade (narrative).


It is sad to lose friends. But if they have no respect for you, your thoughts, or feelings, and won't listen; then truly, you are doing neither of you any good by staying friends. 

You either let them go, or constantly keep repeating the same conversation. Your conclusion is to "Agree to disagree", move on, and give your precious time to people who are on the same journey.

For me that is the journey of enlightenment and only Absolute Truths will lead you there.