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Say No To Drugs

  • Would you be happy if someone
    • Coerced your children to take drugs?
    • Forced your partner to take drugs?
    • Required your family to take drugs?
  • How about if the drugs were not fully tested?

Not happy?

This is the Future, but you can change this right now!

Shortly, the Pandemic Accord/Treaty will be signed by the New Zealand Government and you and your loved ones rights will be handed over to just one person...

The Director General of the WHO, the World Health Organisation;

The WHO is owned by the United Nations and all are in partnership with the World Economic Forum. They are ALL privately owned organisations.

Save your rights NOW!

Click the link below BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Please sign Kirsten Murfitt’s petition to stop the takeover!


Petition closes on the 27 November 2023 (5 days from this post)

You can also get involved in the discussion

Sign up and have your say: >>> The Immunisation Advisory Centre