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New Zealand are Saying NO to the Pandemic Treaty Amendments


As reported by Stuff:

1 – ‘Reserve against’ updates to International Health Regulations.

In a nutshell, this means Cabinet will tell officials not to agree to any policy changes suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the first instance.


I have so many reserves these days.

  1. If Labour had recognised the concerns of the people that were not happy giving untested drugs to our children.
  2. That they discussed 'Excess Deaths'
  3. That the idea that a mask would protect you and others when the virus is less than a micron and a mask can only filter 15 microns
  4. That 'everybody' needed to take the untested drug when perhaps only the vulnerable
  5. The un-necessary lockdowns; the destruction of our businesses and economy
  6. That they simply shut out anyone who had a reasonable question...
  7. It was almost a deliberate separation of the country - why?

    Is it any wonder that the Labour Government lost and that their policies would be reversed?
It's all down to a particular way of thinking. 
That you have a policy in your head and irrespective of anyone else, only your way of thinking is correct. Where does this ideology come from?

I ask myself if I think this way? No I don't. I may have a different opinion to you, so we play a game of mind chess. I bring my evidence, you bring yours.
I listen and truly consider what you are saying. Sometimes I agree and change my opinion.

Whereas, my opponents have no ability to accept any other point of view.
Their mind is closed. They cannot deduce things for themselves. They can only regurgitate someone else. A particular person they respect. If you are from the academic world, then you truly only respect the academic lineage. You are taught to only think this way. 

All people are equal, depending upon their degree.
There are those of us who believe in nature - we are born to this calling
Whereas others only believe in science.

"I ask my science friends to explain 'placebo' and they simply can't. So instead, they ignore its existence and discredit me for causing them to have a glitch in their thinking. I point out, it's one of many many things science can't explain, and never will. The battle of humans has always been faith vs. no faith and such is life."

I was thinking about Jacinda's Imposter Syndrome


The persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skills.

To have this condition and be a leader of a Country, you are in some trouble.
You won't believe in yourself. You will need someone to support you. You will have to disconnect from your feelings as they will betray you. Just stick to the words. Your face will twist and turn because what you're saying is causing you to show the difficulty between your emotions and your conversation.

'I think, I think...' will become a common line as you try to squeeze the words out of a mouth that doesn't want to say the words.

You may also have a nervous issue where you want to cover your face with your hand.

Labour lost this campaign because for those of us who were forced into silence, we became concerned that the truth was not being told.

It is amazing how the people who 'drove' the campaigns, end up in nice lucrative positions of power, prestige and position.

I was looking at social media 'influencers'. Their popularity was not based on sense and sensibility. Instead it was based on their ability to say and do outrageous things.

Has this Pandemic simply been an 'outrageous thing'?

Social media has made our world very complex.

The UK Covid Enquiry: