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who to vote for nz


This petition is designed to restore human rights:
Please sign.

UPDATE 1/10/2023

It is amazing that there are so many different points of view.
I have listened to many political interviews and see Wokeism everywhere.
I can't tell you why there is such a division of thought and that subject matter is truly interesting.
People seem to get fixated on a policy, and that is all they can see. They are not interested in anyone else's point of view.

For me, this election is the re-establishment of Human Rights, reducing the cost of government, simplifying education and to remove the woke agenda, foundation healthcare (improve health by improving our daily natural activities), safer communities, equal rights, and addressing inflation... all in no particular order.
But outside of this, which leader seems to be the most stable and capable?

It's so important to have a level headed leader who can handle the many different personality issues going on in the constant governmental debate. Can't be an easy job, but they seem to enjoy the constant debate.

We are at a crossroads. There are people who want co-governance. They say it will resolve the issues of Te Treaty O Waitangi. When I was at school we studied the issues behind the 'Veto' policy. Our history lessons made it very clear that when the power of  'Veto' is introduced into a political environment, it made progress in any field near impossible without constantly agreeing to the demands of the party with veto rights.

Definition of VETO: A veto is a legal power to unilaterally stop an official action. In the most typical case, a president or monarch vetoes a bill to stop it from becoming law. In many countries, veto powers are established in the country's constitution

Co governance establishes the ability for one person to stop any progress. In a veto capable environment, one person could hold everybody to ransom. For example, Donald Trump shut down the infrastructures of America until he got his funding for part of his impossible wall project. I have no comment on if that was right or wrong but you can see what I mean. I feel co-governance establishes this model of government for all eternity and to be totally honest, this world is changing so rapidly you truly need one government that has everybody's interest at heart, and who can make decisions based upon human rights, and what is right for all people. Does co-governance represent such a situation? How would the Maori Government be elected? I believe there are no elections. It's more a group of Maori people who will be given tenure in the position and the right will be passed on to family members who wish to be involved.

It takes a lot to run a modern country. Have the people got the skills, education and experience? What will be their personal belief, as that will very much become the rule of government. There is one thing in trying to resolve the issues of the past; it is another to create the issues of the future, and two wrongs never make a right.

Stop the Amendments Now! <<< Urgent!

Before I comment on who I have seen as a potential leader, I need to bring your attention to this video where James Roguski describes the error that has been made that hands over our democracy to the WHO.

There are global agreements being formed that irrespective of who we elect, these 'treaties' are irreversible and will take over our rights and democracy.

December 1, 2023 is the deadline to stop this Amendment 

Who To Vote For as at 1/10/2023

If your focus is human rights, then it is important to realise the complexity of the voting strategy.
It looks like National is in (but anything could happen)
The three parties that have a chance of getting into Kingpin position are:
NZ First and ACT according to the polls but NZ Loyal is apparently still in with a shot

NZ First and ACT do not appear to like each other BUT, that said, they seem to have similar policies and both talk about the re-establishment of human rights. 

NZ Loyal is all about human rights and the establishment of reality.

The other potential parties are falling by the wayside unfortunately, but this is to be expected. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a party and they have not had enough time or resources to achieve the public awareness.

So for me I will will be watching all the conversations for the next week and see where it is all heading. One thing is for sure, Labour are unlikely to return to power and Chris Hipkins has just supposedly contracted Covid so he is out from being able to front his presentations.

Below is now redundant. I have left it in for reference only.
I did assess ACT as not favoring Human Rights, but listening to David Seymour, I can see that I was incorrect.

Who To Vote For

Boy oh boy, have our politics changed! No longer are we talking housing, education, health, national debt...... No, we are talking about saving democracy and human life!

Without question and an absolute truth, is that the governments of today are simply the groomed representatives of overseas interests. Since the 1950's, this path has already been mapped out. The politicians have been groomed, funded, and mentored by the privately owned company called the World Economic Forum (WEF).  Once you vote these 'sleeping agents" into power, they quickly position our policies into a direction that conforms with their WEF agenda, and it's very disturbing!

This is the agenda, and depopulation and control is written into every statement. We all know there are lots of changes needed BUT the WEF changes are basically world domination and the elimination of freedom.

And now the takeover of society begins. When you voted Helen Clark and later, Jacinda Ardern into power to look after you and your family, you thought you elected an independent government to look after your interests. But instead, corporations have moulded people with political aspirations, dressed them for political  positions throughout various countries, and when these people are 'elected', the double agent politicians sell you the agendas of the corporations.

This is the last election. After this, you can kiss any shape of democracy goodbye. The Pandemic Framework Treaty will be processed, and the security of New Zealand will be handed to the WEF indefinitely, without any means to quash it.

The only way to change this future is to look for a way that New Zealand's government could be changed overnight.

I spent a few hours reviewing which political party had the following critical factors:

  1. Ability to take over the Government Majority at this election
  2. The right policies
  3. A leader who was clear and focused
These are my findings so far. 
Only 3 parties could truly achieve the task 

Potential2023 Standing PartiesWebFreedom Policies?Candidates
1Freedoms New Zealand 100%35
2New Zealand First
3New Zealand Loyal 100%30
4Democratic Alliance
6New Conservatives or 12
7NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party
8New Nation Party
9Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party sure
noneAnimal Justice Party Aotearoa New Zealand
noneLeighton Baker Party
noneNew Zealand Labour Party NOT80
noneNew Zeal
noneTe Pāti Māori
noneThe Green Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand
noneThe New Zealand National Party NOT74
noneThe Opportunities Party
noneVision New Zealand
noneWomen's Rights Party't Tell

So what is the chance they can get in?

If social media was the decider; New Zealand Loyal would be the winner.

1Freedoms New Zealand
2New Zealand First
3New Zealand LoyalNZLoyal - Official Announcement On Party List Omissions - YouTube7500440054812.45%winner

But you have to remember what the 2020 General Election results were:-

I feel the only chance for democracy is a coalition between two or more of: 
  1. NZ First
  2. Freedoms NZ
  3. New Zealand Loyal
  4. Democracy NZ
  5. New Conservatives
  6. NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party
  7. New Nation Party
  8. Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

Democratic Alliance is a no show unfortunately. It has no particular presence in NZ and is an unknown.

But could everyone else work together? Still thinking, so watch out for a new post very soon

This music helped me work through the lists.

And SIR DR John Campbell talks about VARS reports

This is the real issue. This 'treaty' hands over our freedom to overseas interests.