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Social Engineering

Social Engineering is in full swing, and lies are the tools of the trade.

Humans are easily manipulated by subliminal brainwashing and covid has been a brain washing exercise.

Movies, Cartoons, Social Media, Music, News, Education ... all forms of knowledge have been infiltrated and are now being manipulated by individuals to achieve 'their' objectives.

In this video, Andrew Young discusses his observation of the animation industry and how they have progressively created content that is designed to change society views and values.

Covid has been a socially engineered event. When an untested drug is forced upon people, and they do not know the outcome of taking the drug, and people participate, and we notice outcomes that they deny as truth, we are being socially engineered.

  1. Stop watching lies
  2. Teach your children truth
  3. Explain the situation to others and allow them to see the truth
This explains why governments around the world are ignoring what happened during Covid.

Dr John Campbell has an excellent truth blog at:

Here is his latest interview where we discover that safety standards over drugs have been dropped. No testing is required to release a new drug in Canada. I observe the same lack of standards in New Zealand.

Discussion with Mr Ches Crosbie, National Citizens Inquiry administrator.

Check out the full report on this link

Surely it is the job of governments to evaluate the nature of the national response to the covid pandemic?

Why have a group of concerned Canadian citizens felt it necessary to make this enquiry and evaluation?

How were the covid vaccines first authorised in Canada?

It's over 2 and a half years later; have the covid vaccines not been approved under the traditional approval process for drugs in Canada?

Is NCI now satisfied that Health Canada has now establish the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines?

Has HC published transparent strict proof of safety and efficacy of covid vaccines as it has worked through the established Canadian drug approval regulations?

What is the system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in Canada?

Is this system functional, universally known and easy to use?

Does it publish full objective data for individuals to make a vaccination decision based on fully informed consent? 

Approved vaccines are available at no cost for those 6 months of age and older.

Additional Videos on the alternative facts to the government narrative.

Russell Brand Site


Boys are allowed to compete in girls' sports, teachers are forced to use 'non-gendered' language, midwives are told not to use the words 'mother' or 'woman', and men are placed in women's prisons. It's only going to get worse, much worse, as Matt Walsh exposes in his recent documentary, What Is A Woman? The gender ideologues in our schools seek to erase women, sexualise children, and destroy the very foundations of our society.

Our country has an unfortunate history with "gender theory", as it was invented by a New Zealander, John Money, who became a professor at Harvard University and performed sex change experiments on a set of twins. The twins claimed they were molested during these experiments and both committed suicide later in life. He was never punished for his crimes and instead his ideas are now taught in New Zealand and around the world.

For more information on the transgender social contagion, you can read the transgender fact sheet from Family First NZ here.

This digital petition is part of Helen Houghton's campaign to initiate a citizen's referendum that requires physical signatures. The question of the referendum is "Should the concept that people can be born in the wrong body and change sex be taught in NZ schools?" After signing this petition you will be contacted to determine if you would like to participate further with the referendum.

Why this is so important:- There is a social contagion effect with the trans agenda that leaves many children damaged for life, unable to completely reverse the effects of transition.
Trans activists target children with sexualised content.
The radical trans agenda requires the erasure of women in sports, medicine, and all areas of society.
The destruction of family and tradition is at the core of this ideology, which is why they market it to children.