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Covid WAS a Military Operation

 This is a quick post to simply get the facts out there:

The Australian, American, British & Canadian military forces formed this consortium to dominate COVID response.

Australia joined the consortium in 2012 under their Labor-Gillard government. 

A military-pharmaceutical apparatus linking the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK. 

Operation Warp Speed: The US Department of Defense signed the first contract between the US government and Pfizer for the purchase of US$11 billion dollars worth of vaccines. 

We know our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) did not review stage 2/3 trial data and instead relied on the US FDA, which took Pfizer's word for how the trials went! 

Pfizer committed systemic fraud during its trials, which has come out now through whistle-blowers' testimony and in the release of Pfizer's own data. 

Pfizer, it seems, gave the US government the vaccine they asked for. It was developed using gain of function research in conjunction with Wuhan in China and, of course, Anthony Fauci.  The military-pharmaceutical in action. 

These are matters to be dealt with in a Royal Commission. The Royal Commission that was promised by the Albanese government. 

Call a Royal Commission into COVID now!