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100% Facts: Guaranteed Lab Leak, Gain of Function research, Science 'deliberately' lied!

Simple Question. No PhD required: 

What would you expect from an untested DRUG?

  • A) An untested drug will have no side effects other than the ones we calculated
  • B) We need to see as time progresses and accept and deal as best we can with the consequences

I am going to guess that your answer would be B) because it is the logical one and the only one that is true and absolutely true. Whereas A) is totally illogical and suggest the person who selects such an outcome does not understand probability, science, and logic. 

So which way have the governments, doctors, and science actually selected and promoted as the answer?

They have gone with B. That the growing excess deaths and sickness has nothing to do with the untested mRNA drug. As a consequence, no government or pharmaceutical company seems to be looking into the mechanisms of:

  • Long covid as a possible consequence of the mRNA drug
  • Effects of prolonged protein spike exposure
  • Treatment for mRNA induced myocarditis and pericarditis (1 in 35 people injected are thought to have been exposed to cardiovascular issues)

Is the drug tested? NO IT IS NOT: This is the latest on the tests. Select link and go to page 5:

I think a PhD level study on 'Exacerbation of pre-condition due to protein toxicity and a prolonged over stimulation of the immune system." is warranted #eion

The logic has escaped me as to why the governments have not looked into the ongoing declining public health situation. It is as if the 'emergency use, not fully tested and still not tested mRNA drug' was a 100% guaranteed solution and so therefore, anything that looks like ongoing issues could not possibly be the drug.

That is simply illogical and is a discredit to ALL intelligence!

If you are a scientist or a doctor who is not concerned about the potential side effects of the untested mRNA drug, how on earth did you pass an ethics test? Seriously! What form of degree do you you have? Every Doctor without question, should be banging on their superiors door and demanding answers. If you are not, shame on you!

Scientists knew it was a lab leak right from the start. They deliberately started the rhetoric of the 'natural creation' to deliberately pervert the truth and in the process, change history from the truth, to lies.

The story of the communications between the top scientists
talking about how to hide the fact that it was a lab leak.

I don't like to call someone a liar, but Jacinda Ardern said, "We will be your one source of truth", a 'promise' that has not stood up to the test of time and was know to be a lie at the very start.

And from that point on, all the other alternate truths were promoted by our government appointed 'Fact Checkers"
  1. Masks stop the spread
  2. The mRNA drug is a vaccine
  3. The mRNA jab stops the spread
  4. Two shots and you are protected
  5. The mRNA drug is safe and effective (as seen by 2 months of testing and no actual tests)
  6. The problem is the unvaccinated (the people who expect our health professionals to know the difference between a thoroughly tested drug and one that is not)
  7. 'Trust The Science'
  8. We are your one source of truth
  9. Doctors can be trusted (Did your doctor recommend an increase in Vitamin D? If so, they may be better than others. However, all doctors should have stood up for the rights of their patients and they did not.)
You could say that these 'lies' were simply unknown at the time BUT now that we know them to be untrue, has the government officially recognised them? No they have not. Instead they have continued to maintain the lies. It's as if they are purposely trying to destroy our society and create ongoing illness for a very long time.

Excess Deaths are real and on-going. So many people now have ongoing 'sickness' that is impossible to exclude side effects of the 'untested drug'. When will the mRNA tests be complete? 
They will never be completed as the experiment is running in society and the powers that be seem determined to blame anything else but the fact that the drug was untested and that any possible side effect could result in the future of society.

The Problem for Theories

A theory is no more than an idea that offers an explanation of a situation.

When a theory can no longer be sustained by Absolute Facts, it is no longer a sustainable theory. That is where we are with Covid and the mRNA drug. When the government recognise it, our scientists and doctors can focus on the real solutions. But if our governments continue to avoid the issue, and continue recommending it's use, then their delay may be causing great harm to each and everyone of us!

But here is the leadership problem

As a Government Official, depending upon your psychology, which sits anywhere between psychopathic, narcissistic and empathetic - your ability to accept the truth varies as does your ability to admit your mistakes. For example, according to every study on the narcissistic personality disorder I have read, narcissist's can rarely admit to their mistakes. They always have to be right even when they are wrong. They learn communication techniques that will win almost any debate. DARVO for example. When a narcissist is cornered on any question they will attack with the technique of: DISCREDIT - ATTACK - REVERSE VICTIM OFFENDER.  It is hard wired into their brains. They are considered to sit on the Autistic Spectrum. So when you work out that most of our leaders today are on the narcissistic side, you can see why you may be having difficulty working out their logic. Because they are simply acting to maintain their status and narcissistic supply position in the exclusive WEF Club. They, our 'elected leaders' no longer represent the country you live in. Instead they represent the privately owned company called the World Economic Forum.

Who is Klaus and who were his parents? I wonder what their politics were?

If your represented leader is a member of the WEF, then the only time they will admit to the ongoing mRNA injuries will be when their leader says it is so; not you the public or the actual facts of the matter. That is how the private club works.

Thank God for the honest Aussies! In this clip Queensland Senator, Malcolm Roberts asks Pfizer the questions that get to the point very quickly. He also identifies the basis for a legal case against Pfizer.

The two questions to ask at the election

The questions to ask you candidate are:
  1. Are you a member of the WEF and what do you think about them?
  2. Will you oppose the Pandemic Treaty Framework as this treaty will end democracy forever

Why is the WEF a Privately Owned Company and how do they influence your life?

The Pandemic Treaty Framework hands over the control of your country to the WEF via the WHO

It is very strange that before the pandemic, and the Ukraine war, the UN were separating ties with the WEF.

Then we suddenly had a pandemic which resulted in the creation of the Pandemic Treaty Framework which removed power and control from the UN and brought it back to the WHO.

How is the WEF connected to the WHO? That is the question to answer soon.

And Helen Cark is the boss of Jacinda.

What do you need to prove a crime?

Most crimes require that three essential elements be present: 
1: a criminal act (actus reus)
2: criminal intent (mens rea)
3: A concurrence of the previous two elements. 
Depending on the crime, there can also be a fourth element known as causation.

The condition is know as Fanaticism.

At the heart of any form of fanaticism is the identity-defining devotion to an object or idea that is pursued with extraordinary fervor. According to the broad understanding of the term “fanaticism,” these two features—devotion and fervor—are sufficient to make someone a fanatic.

What is the motivation of the WEF leader if not Fanaticisim?
And Helen Clark? Trudeau... everyone of these leaders shows huge signs of the psychological condition know as Fanaticisim and if it is true, then we have found the issues in society.

When did we give the decision of our very life to an individual in a private company? 
All of this links clearly, without conspiracy, to the WEF fanatics. Their belief in society is the one we are all succumbing to. 

Truly, there is no confusion anymore. This 'pandemic' is a psychological game play and lives have simply been collateral damage.

Who is Klaus Schwab? All roads constantly lead to him. Why is he so 'passionate' about helping the people of the world? Is he a new 'Mother Teresa'  or has he got his own agenda?

  1. Learn to eat health
  2. Ban your government officials from aligning with private company influences such as the WEF
  3. Require government leaders to represent 'the people' and not foreign interests
  4. Require all government officials to have an open book policy that the public can see their financial activities both privately and in their positions of 'public representation'
  5. Require all drugs to be thoroughly tested and independently checked
  6. Stop science from making more deliberate EOW situations like 'gain of function' experiments
  7. Allow natural remedies to continue unhindered
  8. Make government officials accountable
  9. Reduce bureaucrats
  10. Stop the handing over of our public services to private companies such as the hospitals.

This world only gets better when we fight for our rights.