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Why the current generation let it happen

When I was 19, I left college and waved goodbye to most of my friends. I always thought I would catch up with them sometime in the future. We didn't have social media and ongoing daily contact. We severed the ties and became independent thinkers. I traveled throughout the outback of Australia and surrounds for 6 months without a phone and thought nothing of it.

But the current youth never separate. They have known each other through social media for basically all of their lives. They talk amongst themselves and technically, the advice and role of the parent/caregiver is over. The adolescent has grown up being controlled by the group consciousness and their need to maintain popularity, compliance, and fit in to the group belief.

So now comes the debate about Covid. Everyone is talking about it and certain concepts resonate. 'We have to protect our family. It's our turn to step up....' and other such ideas like the methods used to draft young kids into the war efforts. But the problem of youth is that you haven't actually got all the knowledge and are, unfortunately, easily swayed by 'influencer opinions'. You are dealing with emotions and if those emotions are validated by your teachers and government, then that is the right choice according to your inner self. To drive that concept home, a clever marketing campaign will add humour to debunking any other option and make fools of people who go against the narrative such as your parent/guardian trying to say that the drug is not tested. Of course it is tested! The Prime Minister and Minister for Health said it was....who are these idiots saying it's not... oh my parents - yikes I best ignore them...which is perfect for my ongoing separation from them.

Let us  be very factual; the newly developed drug called a vaccine was not tested and the lack of tests have cause serious damage and ongoing issues for millions of people. We had a law protecting us from medical experiments but this was removed without anyone noticing, just like how they changed the definition of what a vaccine was.

But my process of growing up to independence made me have to think things through. I didn't have 100 friends banging on about how cool it was to, 'Get the latest human upgrade', 'To participate in the latest technology drug', or 'show off how brave they were for getting the needle'. I was not influenced by a 'young influencer' who wanted to drive up ratings and subscribers by showing the social media world how courageous and cool they were to jab an untested drug into their body.

No, my reaction was to put in the hours necessary to check the narrative because I know first hand as to how the supposed 'experts' get it all wrong more often than they will readily admit to.

So, when I discover that my children have just gone ahead and got the jab, not only am I disturbed to my very core; I have always been my children's protector, and now they have been misled into participating in a drug experiment. The narrative's 'facts' do not stack up; I am also very confused as to why my kids didn't talk to me before progressing with such a serious health decision that will affect them, their children, and all future generations of my lineage. Not only am I the cultural head of my family, I am the healthiest, so why was I not asked for my advice?

But now there is the fact that the government have also discredited me to my children and have now placed themselves above my involvement with my children. Effectively, the government has caused my parental position to be destroyed and discredited.

The cost so far:
1 x miscarriage.
1 x son in ICU for 4 nights with systemic organ failure and no apparent cause.
1x partner in ICU for 3 nights with internal lesions caused by an allergic reaction to the PEG component of the lipid nanoparticle.
Erosion of the family structure by government interference.

So as I sit wondering what just happened to my family, I am depressed because my rights as a parent and individual were taken away by deceit and false information perpetrated by big business via world governments and organisations who care nothing for my family and are simply seeing people as profit units.

A very disturbing situation to be in.