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The Absolute Logic Rules

In pure thought, there are Absolute Logics. "Logical understandings that are true and impossible to deny."

Using Absolute Logic, we can resolve many of the issues of life:

Absolute Logic Examples

  • If you eat a poor diet, it will impact your health
  • If you don't sleep, you will be tired
  • If you take a drug, it will have an effect

You get the idea.

Using Absolute Logic you can work out most things. The problem for it, though, is whether you accept the conclusions or not. But Absolute Logic is also an Absolute Truth (a truth that can be examined in all directions and still be true) and we should only make our most important decisions based on Absolute Truths, because with anything less, there is an element of risk.

Element of Risk

The problem for 'truths' is that they are not Absolute Truths.

For example; it is true that if you jab a needle in your arm it will hurt. It is a truth BUT it is not an absolute truth because in some circumstances, it may not hurt; for example, you are in a coma at the time of the injection.

In all truths, there is an element of risk and in risk mitigation, we need to understand the risks.

Pandemic Truths

The pandemic created an urgent need for a solution. There are a lot of people in the world who are unhealthy and 'at risk' so a solution for them was needed. Donald Trump declared to the drug manufacturers that; "come up with something and there will be no consequences for failure or errors". What else should we expect from someone whose mantra is "Fake it until you make it!"?

So the offer was a 'Gold Card' because there is no risk and money is a guarantee, lots of money!

But the public isn't going to be impressed with the lack of Absolute Facts. 'We had to move at the speed of science' said Pfizer's Janine Small (Link). What does that actually mean? We can only assume it means 'risks were taken and ignored'.

Let us now apply the rules of Absolute Truths

  1. The mRNA Serum was not fully tested in many ways because there wasn't enough time to do so
  2. It is detailed in the official documentation today as not being fully tested in many critical directions
Which leads us to an Absolute Logic
  1. It was declared as being safe and effective but the documentation does not support this declaration because it would require a 100% completion of tests and a true result verified by independent assessors who had no association of gain 
  2. It would take time to do this and the results were not showing favorable outcomes
  3. We need to 'move at the speed of science!' We have no risk so push it out and 'Fake it until we make it"
Consequently, the official rhetoric is "deny, deny, deny" because if the public ever knew the truth, they would have no faith in our (govt, medic, science) actions.

Absolute Truth: The mRNA has a failure factor that we have not yet understood. That means "any outcome is possible be it good or bad". The organisations 'pushing the use of the drug', are downplaying anything showing as evidence that the drug is not safe, and using psychology to 'blind' the public to the Absolute Truth that the drug is not tested, and concerning issues of adverse events are now showing and are ongoing.

All relationships are driven by hormones, endorphins, and circumstance.
The song by the late, great David Bowie has been used to show a Truth, but not an Absolute Truth.
The Truth is 'We Are Lovers' whilst we don't yet know who we are. 
Your love will be tested and only time will tell.
Sounds like a drug we all know.
You are lovers of the drug, until time has a chance to tell you otherwise, 
and just like love, the truth will show.