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I truly get closer to the truth - Narcissistic Answer Circle

There are 4 parts to this theory.

Please note: This is only a theory. It does not constitute psychological advice. It is me trying to work out why all the acedemics I talk with, who are blindly pro the mRNA serum, are exactly the same. They use the exact same communication technique, and for anyone who is subject to this type of activity, it can be totally destructive to your wellbeing and future sanity. As a long term 'victim' of this psychological  warfare, I have been studying it because I have no choice. If I wish to understand why I have been put down so much over the past few years, and now, it is becoming the new norm for everything, I need to work it out. I have asked the psychological profession but they won't get involved. As psychology is actually only theory, I think it's fair to say that people suffering from such mind games have the right to explain it from their own point of view. After all, we have experienced the issue, whereas a psychologist is only working from theory on your case.

PART 1: What is the "Narcissistic Answer Circle" Theory?
PART 2: A reality about democracy 
PART 3: How do I know about the Narcissist Answer Circle?
PART 4: Why don't you recognise that you're doing it?

PART 1: What is the "Narcissistic Answer Circle Theory?"

I have observed the following behaviour in most, if not all, conversations with academics:

  1. I ask a genuine question, clearly, and without complication
  2. It gets replied to BUT in a way that never actually answers the question
  3. If verbal, the respondent will interrupt you before you complete the entire question
  4. They will reply with a not-Absolute Truth, BUT they quickly drag the conversation into one or more conclusions based on the non-truth and make it Absolute Fact by tone force. "And that is that!"
  5. Without a breath they continue. They don't allow you to reply. They move on to another subject and start to put you down and question your intelligence as their final question. "You do understand this or are you stupid?"
  6. The respondent leads you on a conversation to drag you away from what it is you originally asked and you are completely confused as to what to answer, and where to start.
  7. As you try to gather your thoughts, the respondent talks over you and talks about something else. Effectively they bury your original simple question and replace it with a completely different conversation where you are attacked.
  8. They hate Yes and No replies
  9. They also don't actually listen to what you say. They are just waiting to jump in with their conversation.
  10. Whilst doing all this, they throw in a couple of insults (visually, emotionally, delivery) which subconsciously dents your ego. This 'trauma trigger' was established in your youth and you don't even know you have it because it is in the reptilian brain (Your brain before you knew how to speak words that you could recognise the emotional meaning of). You don't even know it is happening.
  11. You are primly exasperated/confused and get more angry or give up (emotions as opposed to logic).
  12. Because your response is EMOTIONAL, you lose credibility and skill
  13. Such results will win the argument, so therefore the strategy always wins except:

  • When you know that this is the strategy being used, and know how to defeat it, you can stop the diversion process

  • Study Cluster B and Narcissism to understand the general feelings at play for the victims of this communication strategy. They only want to win. Nothing else matters. They will go to extremes and if alcohol is involved, those extremes can be unchecked.

PART 2: A reality about democracy 

The "WEF Young Leader Program" where the World Economic Forum  'groom and teach' young leaders of today and tomorrow, the tactics I talk about here, so that they always win policy.

This is also the required training in Universities in New Zealand and most other 'modern' Universities.

So when a participant in the WEF program comes to power, the question is; Whose policy is it that they are pushing? The public who voted them in, or the people who trained them? 

I am just stating facts. Not conspiracy. I was trained by several organisations and I know that my paycheck and appreciation was an essential part of the loyalty program that they expected.

PART 3: How do I know about the Narcissist Answer Circle?

It's a 'Business Communication Paper' that all students learn at University and in which I observe daily because my partner designed such and trains the students.

It's fundamentally "How to win an argument, no matter what!"  Psychology stuff.

She and I have been together 25 + years. Imagine my training as an Empath?

PART 4: Why don't you recognise that you are doing it?

As a student you learn how to use it as a simple required communication skill.

As it becomes second nature to you, the endorphins of negotiation success become addictive.
Winning is addictive!

When you lose an argument, it actually hurts you at a reptilian level. You are not aware of the mechanism but like any addictive drug (endorphins are the most addictive of all drugs), once hooked, you need a fix. Again you don't realise this cycle is occurring. You need to feel bad for a moment and then you can drag your endorphins from the lowest place to the highest place, which is where you are right and they are wrong, and it makes you feel better.

So you see a question and love that you can just say anything you like because they are an Anti-Vaxxer and everyone knows they will always be wrong! The government leaders have approved hate speech against them and so they are an easy target for the narcissist reply! Your answer doesn't have to be  correct because you have the top organisations supporting you. The goal is to win at any cost. If you are on a support forum, you have the support of your team mates who will observe your loyalty and give you a 'Thumbs up!' for the best bashing!

And if you are really lucky, someone will say how wonderful and witty you are. OMG what a feeling and if it is the BOSS!!!! omg I am really a winner and I am on fire! Another one bites the dust!

But like any addict, you don't know when to stop. And you need a constant supply because your endorphin levels go up and down. Perhaps you can get a fix watching violent and toxic TV entertainment, smoking, drinking, violent computer games, and this weird trick, encouraging others to attack you about a 'righteous passion you have' so you can get a fix of endorphins as you put them in their place. The best endorphin level response comes from self harm, being told to stop, and then lashing out at the person who is trying to help you and blaming them as to why you are like you are.

They won't abandon you because you know they love you. You don't actually 'love them' as much as you love the drama and as they get more and more confused, you can go deeper and deeper with your program of endorphin addictions and supply. To watch them in a state of confusion is bliss! But don't show it.

The only way to get endorphins is to win at all costs and by presenting as 'vulnerable', your challenges will be ever the more sweeter when you are right!

So that perfect husband or wife that once was, will have to also take on your need to always be right, 'no matter what'.

Tools of the trade will be: 

  1. Withdraw love
  2. Control love by making it conditional
  3. Don't answer a question immediately, or even, ever
  4. Look for someone strong who can last the distance because like a vampire, stability of supply is important
  5. Never let the other side win, even if they are right
  6. Find a way to make them wrong; where are they vulnerable?
  7. As you work out what you can and can't get away with, balance it with a somewhat kind word now and then. After an argument the night before, completely forget it in the morning. Don't apologise, but show your partner that you are forgiving them for causing the argument
  8. Make yourself a victim of confusion, go to anger management because it is them that is at fault 
  9. Find things that hurt them and keep doing it, because it will continue the drama
Sounds so horrible doesn't it? It is. It is the life I have known for well over 40 years and only recently did I put all the pieces together.

But what does it all mean and how to unravel it? It is not actually anyone's fault. It is a mechanism that is so deeply ingrained from your past, that you, the person doing the harm, are just trying to help someone else share your deep seated pain. In every case I have seen, there is always a strange past.

But the difference is that narcissists are now training your children through being social influencers via Tik Tok and YouTube.. Before the age of 10, kids are learning how to create this emotional confusion in their own family. No one is excluded and the future will be this trickery.

Theory only but I will look at it and test solutions.

In this song, is there a Narcissist?
Is there a Covert Narcissist?
And who could be Borderline Personality Disorder?
Just a game requiring you to watch the video and research the terms.

If you want to fix yourself, or you feel that you are being victimised (like us caution seekers), then start understanding the psychology. You can go to therapy but there are a lot of foundation books and tutorials you can review for free. Keep an open mind and realise, you may well be the actual issue. Just be honest because if you work out it is you who is the problem, this is the first step to recovery. However, don't be too critical on yourself. If you can see an issue, seek professional help.

"How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the light bulb has to want to change!"