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What would happen if/is this possible?

  1. Change the definition of what a vaccine is so that the new tech can be called a vaccine, when in reality it is a new technology

  2. Start stories on the media about how unvaccinated children are becoming a problem and introduce the label 'Anti-Vaxxers'

  3. Virus emerges. Blame nature. She can't complain

  4. Discredit anyone who disagrees with the lack of protocols and safety efforts of the new tech

  5. Label objectors to the drug 'Anti-Vaxxers', BUT allow the public to direct free 'hate speech' against them so that 'Anti-vaxxers' are attacked with hate speech

  6. Include doctors and scientists as Anti-Vaxxers if they don't follow the plan

  7. Take over all media to say that the drug is safe and effective, and make it illegal to say otherwise

  8. Establish triggers which link the whole campaign together. "ding!.. ding!.. ding!... this is a special cov announcement..."

  9. Control social media and remove any information that goes against the plan you want to execute

Would you convert, without their knowledge, all people who focus on your representation of the truth?

On the subject you designed; people would become 'literal thinkers' because they only listened. They did no research. The constant messages would 'stamp' the belief into their head. They would think that they themselves came to the conclusion, whereas in reality, it is just a message repeated over and over again to them until it 'locked' in.

Literal Thinkers will discredit/attack anyone who has any alternative idea other than the one programmed into their subconscious. It's actually a psychosis.

If you have a PhD in psychology, what do you think of this analysis?

If you don't have such credentials, you are not qualified to comment. Lol, isn't that the new way of things?

So basically, if you own the universities, you own everything including all knowledge everything..... and I mean everything.

For example.... if you ever wanted to work with nature, you will have to do it through them....else it would be technically illegal... "misrepresentative of accredited knowledge" would be the case.

... sounds very familiar... to an Irish problem I once knew.

Should we really be worried by Covid?

Once you have the method of brainwashing the masses, you could make any agenda a reality.