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Covid is on its way again

As a society, the one thing we all need to function and survive is the truth and to be more clear, the Absolute Truth.

1: Is it Safe?

Science and medicine knows that it takes a long time to test a theory, hypothesis, or a drug; a long time. The test protocols require a comprehensive regime of trials and observations over many years before a drug can be deemed 'safe and effective'. Some side effects are only identified after a drug has completed many years of tests such as in the Thalidomide roll out where the drug was released, then after many years, issues started to show up and the drug was eventually withdrawn for further testing.

Example of vaccine testing:

Swine flu vaccine: 1976 - Test revealed 1 serious adverse events (SAV) per 100,000 vaccinees

Rotavirus vaccine: 1999 - Test revealed 1/2 serious adverse events (SAV) per 10,000 vaccinees

In both cases these test results were deemed UNSAFE and the drug was withdrawn from use even though the diseases were active and highly contagious.

So that is the truth, the absolute truth.

So how does this truth compare with the claim that the mRNA drug is 'Safe and Effective'?

  • The drug has not been tested and there appears to be no intention of testing it further
  • mRNA Serious Adverse Events 1 in 800

So the first ABSOLUTE TRUTH is that by simple comparison with what the usual standard is, the mRNA drug is unsafe, very unsafe. And yet the governments around the world still proclaim it as 'safe'.

2: Is it Effective?

Covid is rampant. With all of the jabs, boosters, tablets and lock downs, Covid is as prolific as it has ever been. The strategies for zero covid have not worked. This as an Absolute Truth.

If we compare the issues being caused by the mRNA vs. Covid, we could start looking at the actual death rate. 

  • Death with Covid is 6 in 1,000,000
  • Serious Adverse Event from the mRNA drug = 1,250 in 1,000,000

And who knows where that all leads to? Time will tell.

Covid is on its Way

With all restrictions lifted, Covid infected people are allowed to fly from country to country with no checks. Holiday travelers are returning to New Zealand and I know of many who are flying back with Covid as they have no choice. Therefore the airports are full of new and infectious Covid cases.

If mRNA vaccines actually worked, people would not contract Covid. That is how vaccines work. The correct term for mRNA is that it is a new drug which aims to be a vaccine, but does not work as per traditional vaccines. If we called it what it actually is, people could understand what is actually happening. It's a drug that has not undergone the normal test requirements and so therefore, it is a guarantee that the future created by the drug is unknown.

Absolute Truth