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This was a post on a blog site that I thought was appropriate:

Ian Stephenson i reckon that they do that with everything in a way. How do you deal with ppl saying its depopulation and its the great reset , the gov is run by aliens , ppl didnt land on the moon , 911 was planned. they are all the same.

Ian Reply

The first 'sin' was to call people 'Anti-Vaxxers'. Psychologists *should* have spoken up because this is a classic error/tactic. Technically there are many groups opposed to the use of untested drugs and instead of it being an open and honest discussion by people with genuine concerns and/or credentials, a 'one word label' smear campaign was launched purposely. In people like me, this rings BIG BELLS as to who is driving the show or should I say, the motivation for the drive becomes highly suspicious. I have watched for many years people in authority make big mistakes and lie as if butter would not melt in their mouth. They are born this way. These people are elected into office to represent 'ALL PEOPLE' and when the driving force becomes a corporate who is known to be less than honest in their activities it should be obvious that something is wrong. I watched as a classic 'brain washing campaign based on driving fear amongst the good people' was established and no longer did democracy hold up. So there is the foundation of distrust amongst the one percenters and empaths alike.

Aliens: lol, who knows? Moon Landing: I watched as a child the very fist moon landing on a bw TV. As a six year old I was asked to draw a picture of it on the day. I drew the space men in a swimming pool and when the teacher asked why? I said 'because that is what it actually looked like'. There are a few issues with the first landing for sure. 911: If you don't have your suspicions about this, you haven't examined the facts enough Why can't people be honest? There is a huge amount of psychology and research that tells us; people lie for their own enjoyment. To think that all the topics you point out have been 100% truth, would be a statistical improbability. So which bits are true and which are not? And how important is the lie component? How has it changed the course of the narrative? If you know the 100% truth for an absolute fact, speak now. If not, accept the absolute fact that all things are questionable. Has the mRNA protected anyone in the long term? When so much money is at stake, there is plenty of motivation for white collar crime and it is without doubt a factor somewhere throughout this case and it will continue as long as the money keeps flowing into highly organised crime. You only have to recognise the evolution of the lobbyist.

Anti-vaxxers don't understand IgG class-switching

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