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9/1/23 I am sick

My partner went to the UK just before Christmas and caught what she thought to be Covid. She has just returned (7/1/23) and was showing all of the symptoms. Today at 10:00 am (9/1/23) I noticed that I was not feeling 100% and now I have:
1. Slightly runny nose
2. Fatigue
3. Jitters
4. Hearing reduced
5. Mild aches related to fatigue
6. Brain fog
7. Reduced sense of smell
8. Hunger but lack of appetite

I am not worried. It is what I expected really. To gain natural immunity from a new bug you just have to go through it.

I have prepared though. I have made a lot of high nutrient soup. I expect to take 2-5 days to develop natural immunity. I also established that I should avoid contact with people after picking her up from the Airport, so I have avoided any contact. We have also postponed the friends and family visits so as to minimise any transference.

Soup is an ideal way to maintain health during sickness.

Things to avoid
Ice cream
Sour cream
Any dairy as it is phlegm producing
Coffee (hard on adrenals and kidneys)
Sugar (just avoid it anyway)

Last night, in the dark and purposely out of the sun, I went for a 2 hour pushbike ride on flat surfaces to clear my lungs (really worked). I wore thermals to avoid any chills.

Let's see how long it takes to be back on my feet.

15:54: Slight fever
18:53: Felt better. We have cyclone Hale due this evening and the 3 acres of garden need a good mow so after the storm it will be easy to tidy up. All done.
20:53: All better

My partner, double jabbed, is still sick.
If this is anything to go by then the new viruses/bugs coming in from overseas are nothing if you hold natural immunity. However, in my partner's case, she can't seem to get rid of the symptoms.

My immunity is all the way to my nose and involves my immune system being able to resolve the entire virus, not just a protein spike. I wonder how much difference there is?

We both took a multivitamin fizzy tablet and I also drank one of my high nutrient smoothies.

So did I catch what my partner had? We had the same symptoms so it makes sense.

In this case, natural immunity worked faster than the mRNA drug.

10/1/23: My sleep routine is out. I woke at 4:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I got up and worked around home till 6:30. Then I got tired and went back to bed. I was a little hungry but didn't eat. I woke at 8:30 and felt I had some symptoms back. I have taken another Healtheries Revive tablet in water. They have Vit C, Vit B Complex, Magnesium, and I have gone back to bed for 30 mins. I still feel hungry, which is unusual, and I am wondering if this is why I feel as I do.

9:00: Still not feeling quite right. Food next.

10:00: Prepping food but the tablet worked

Fry half an onion, 2 cloves of garlic, and a bit of ginger in olive oil. Add Himalayan salt and black pepper. Beat in 2 eggs and a pinch of mixed herbs.
Add coriander, basil and a chopped tomato.

I don't like bread but I will toast a couple of slices to bulk the meal up.
See if that resolves my unusual feelings.