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Reality and Science (Dr Wilson) v's Nature (#eion)

I was just reading the newspaper about how someone got 'radicalised' by a similar set of circumstances that I currently find myself in. 

Problems in:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Health
  • Future
  • Government

They are all in the balance for me and it must be very stressful.

When I was at the Tauranga Hospital with my partner, I checked my vitals on my phone:

Measurement 1: 76 bpm (okay)

Measurement 2: 99% oxygen (very good)

Measurement 3: Stress ........ higher than I have ever seen it. I am not sure how they measure that stuff on your phone but where once it never even registered, it was now sitting 85%. I did a quick check of myself, as you do, and there it was. The fear of losing someone you love. To even think that I wouldn't be upset was my mistake. But once I recognised it, I changed my thoughts, went for a stroll, looked out of a window, and listened to music on my headset ...

I am not just in love with my partner. I am in love with so many many people, places, things, sounds, music, laughter, dance, singing, a million happy memories and more.... so much that I can simply balance my feelings out by reconnecting with all in this life that I am truly blessed with. It is not by accident that I am so happy. For some years now I have been on a journey of 'self discovery' and I discovered a lot!

For interest only...

  1. I do not judge anyone, lest I be judged and then I will still be as kind and respectful as I can be.
    When all is done I will judge myself openly and honestly so that if I was wrong, I correct the mistake and tell them so
  2. I am open to your thoughts except when you express lies or facts; and then use them to define absolute facts. 
  3. I know I will forgive anyone, at any time, as long as they recognise the truth for all parties
  4. I live in the present and for the future, with my knowledge of the past guiding me
  5. Music is the answer and it is one of your personal senses that you can grow and evolve with.
    It tells you the story of every generation 
  6. Be careful of the messages you engage as if it does not bring you to true happiness, then it steals happiness away from you

Not rules, these are simply thoughts expressed on how I see me. You can have your own mantra as long as it doesn't interfere with mine or others, and that is where this Covid story began.

So reality check, am I going mad.. :) no, not at all. I am the sanest I have ever been but I have been challenged and I respect and accept that challenge. 

Kia Kaha


Science (Dr Wilson) vs. Nature (#eion)

I have phrased it this way simply because it is what it is.

Dr Wilson

  • mRNA is safe
  • Everyone is already doing what is required
  • Nothing to fix


  • mRNA is not as safe as it has been claimed
  • It requires further warnings for PEG and other Allergies
  • How do we fix the issue?

I Hypothesised the following:


  1. PEG is a toxic substance especially to people with an allergic reaction to PEG
  2. The people do not know they are getting injected with PEG during 'vaccination' unless they are informed and educated on the topic, which they are not (on both sides)
  3. PEG reaction will not always be detected within 15-30 minutes of receiving the drug and could take years to present a clinical case
  4. The outcome of PEG injected into an individual who is intolerant to the substance will have a reaction
  5. That reaction could create severe ongoing illness or take their life

and Dr. Wilson replied:

  1. Wrong.
  2. Wrong.
  3. Very wrong.
  4. Obviously.
  5. Very wrong.

All explained in the links I gave you that you can’t be bothered to read.

Now I have to agree with Dr. Wilson's last statement and I am going to correct this over the next few days. My brother 'Roy' is going to help me do the research but we will be impartial. We will balance off the findings and keep an open mind.

But please remember that Truths are not Absolute Truths so if we see a statement that uses this "True + True + Supposition = Absolute Truth method that is so common this day, we will continue but no other facts can be attached to the credibility of the statement up to the 'non truth'

Together Roy and I have a combined 90+ years of analytical skills so we should be pretty good at it all.

Before I sign off I should also point out that there is a huge difference between Wrong and Very wrong.

"Wrong" = 'you almost got it right but there is something not correct"

"Very wrong" = 'many errors in the statement but could be modified to be correct'

"Absolutely wrong" = "no truth whatsoever in that statement"

"Obviously" = "correct"

Dr. Wilson's reply looks a lot different when you analyse the meaning of things.

So we accept your challenge Dr. Wilson. Let's see what we come up with. Whilst we do this research we will also be looking for answers to:

  1. How is the PEG removed from the body?
  2. Are adverse events linked to inflammation?

But remember:

We both agreed on this statement
The outcome of PEG injected into an individual who is intolerant to the substance will have a reaction

Let's hope it is safe and I am wrong. Truly.