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Florida NOW Recommends Against mRNA Vaccines in 18-39 Males

There are lots of life threatening events out there.
Fly in a plane, drive a car, ride a bike, be a pedestrian, it's all the same, there is risk.

To progress in society we need to understand risk and progress down a path of the least amount of risk possible based upon your own life goals. For example if you want to join the Army, you are naturally increasing your risk. It is your choice and it is known as freedom to choose the risk.

With covid the risk is that if you have underlying conditions, comorbidities, you are at higher risk, that an infection of Covid-19 will cause your conditions to accelerate and compound to the point of possible hospitalisation and perhaps even death I am sad to say.

However, if you are fit and healthy, the possibility that covid will severely affect you is minimal according to the statistics and the World Health Organisation. If you catch covid, stay home, isolate, and simply get better, then you will develop fully forming natural innate immunity. Avoid infecting other people and all will be well. Long term you will have a defense against Covid and other strains.

But if you are fit and healthy, and you take a "Factually Untested Drug", what are the possible outcomes?

Apparently they are smaller than the problem of being infected with covid but is this true? 

As a person who has to deal with absolute facts on a daily basis this idea of taking an untested drug is a quagmire of risk assessment problems based on factual analysis.

What are the actual facts?

If a drug had not had all the tests performed on it at the time of rolling it out, as in the mRNA serum experiment, what are the risks that the lack of tests could be problematic in the future?

They are exactly 100% risk because in the unknown world of dugs, these are the facts:

  • All drugs have side effects
  • These side effects are never known until time passes

And now that time is passing, we have things like:

  • Sudden Death Syndrome that no one can explain or won't explain
  • Excess death rates
  • Ongoing illnesses that are related to the documented side effects of the mRNA drug

These issues are starting to show:

Record deaths unrelated to Covid

And some governments are getting concerned:

Florida NOW Recommends Against mRNA Vaccines in 18-39 Males

Edward Dowd, a former Wall Street analyst and BlackRock portfolio manager, examines the epidemic of sudden deaths over the course of 2021 and 2022: a phenomenon many are calling Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. What is causing the extraordinary increase in deaths?

Risk Assessment

So if there is a risk of death and hospitalisation from Covid,
and there is a risk of death and hospitalisation from the not fully tested mRNA drug called a 'vaccine', then which risk is worse?

In all my experience of risk assessment, the untested drug stands out as the biggest risk.

For everyone, irrespective of your situation, the best advice is to live as healthily as possible:

1. Eat natural foods that avoid refined carbohydrates
2. Drink clean water that does not contain chlorine or fluoride
3. Gentle exercise of lungs and body
4. Sleep well
5. Get into the sunlight as often as possible

Natural Health is the way forward.


When an advocate of natural health is considered by the Government to be the problem, you have to ask what has gone wrong with this world?