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Debunk the Funk with Dr. Wilson
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If you go to this YouTube video you can see my full conversation with many of the 'pro vax' people with credentials in the region of Masters and PhD in virology and molecular biology. It is very funny; I think I was on fire :)  But they were very good. I called them names like Cluster B's but they hung in there.

But then I wrote this

To: @Sithwolf 
From: me = #eion
Have you got a lisp? 
Look, to understand how the cycle of death and disease occurred you have to also map the health of the people. 
These viruses you talk about, where do you think they come from? 
We have to understand that we are part of nature and not separate to it 
When the environmental conditions require it, nature creates solutions 
A river bursts it's banks. We see it as a disaster, nature sees it as roadworks 
The seas rise and our homes are swept away, and nature continues as if we didn't exist 
When nature declares an event, it doesn't ask permission 
And when humans become vulnerable, with 3 or more comorbidities, viruses take them to heaven 
Every evolution, of every living thing, occurred through a process of natural selection 
And viruses are unfortunately natures way of maintaining that which it was asked to do. 
If the virus gets you, then unfortunately it was your time to go.
The truth will set you free

And before this I wrote this...

And a lot more, but if you are interested, you may like to go read it.