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Why is Popular Belief Off Balance?

What was your original thought?

People like to think of themselves as unique, whereas in reality, we are cloned biological mechanisms with an evolving awareness of *one's self*. The awareness can be easily seen in the development stages of a cat's life which are: 

  • Kitten, 
  • Young Adult, 
  • Mature Adult, 
  • Senior. 

Can you imagine a Kitten telling it's Senior that it knows more than the Senior?
It's laughable but it truly happens in our society, but the point of difference is that a Young Adult may well know more than a Senior Adult because of their access to knowledge. 

Knowledge is the crossroads of life and as a young child you are exposed to the five guidances of life: 

  1. Health
  2. Finances
  3. Relationships 
  4. Vocation
  5. Spiritualism. 

Your caregiver's knowledge will be passed on to you in three stages: 

  1. Show - they will show you 
  2. Tell - they will tell you 
  3. Demonstrate - you will demonstrate . 

The very first lesson is not intellectual rationalisation because you haven't learnt to use this technique yet. You cannot 'map' the lesson in words or thoughts; you don't have the vocabulary. So instead you map the lessons in images, sounds, smells, and touch (imprinting) and it results in feelings which will be your base unless you lose the ability to feel which does, and can, happen.

You 'see' your culture and ethnicity and it becomes 'home', and establishes the first layer after your DNA's reptilian source code and you are imprinted (ref Black Tax), But you do not know how to access this 'original thought'. It only creates a feeling and your future emotional psychology.

All this to get to the point: 

Your thoughts are the very last stage of development. Imprinting is where it all starts, the photographs of your world that you have accumulated in your head. A picture says a thousand words and your brain has been analysing billions of thoughts to this date.

But it has failed to get all the answers it requires. A question unanswered is a curiosity that one can never resolve until you establish the scenario to do so. This is how the generations are created. The images of today change and become the imprint of the next generation.

Hence why we think differently or do 'good and bad things'.
To explore the questions that were created in the past, ergo Childhood, the place where dreams are created and not - #Eion

What does this give us?

Our children have been born with images which sit at the very foundation of their existence. Woke-ism, gender confusion, freedom, vaccines, 5G... if you were born into it, it is your base. The foundation that all other thoughts sit upon. Asking someone to change this structure is a very difficult request to process for all concerned and in the pursuing arguments and ridicule, we are creating a huge rift in society, one that could well sign the end of our civilization.

  • Ask Russia to pull out of the Ukraine
  • Tell the pro vaxxers that there are other people who should have a choice

They are all incapable of understanding the others' point of view until someone gets to experience the 'same pain or pleasure'. Then they listen because the reptilian layer is under the imprint layer and can correct the assumptions of the established cultural and ethnic protocols.

However, sometimes this construct is created in a manner that is incapable of correction or enlightenment. This happens because, like all reptilians, they truly are cold blooded and can only think of themselves. They don't develop things such as compassion, understanding, tolerance. They see the world as 'broken' and if they get into power, they apply their rule to the world and we who have got the traits they lack, see very clearly that they don't.

But they have learnt to present their case and you only have to know the words that the next generation want to hear, and play to it.

Common traits of the 'high flying' Millennials (not all)

... a dominance of Cluster B traits

You grew up in the false world of social media. You didn't invent it but you became a victim of it's addictive drug-like mechanism, and repetitive advertising brainwashed you. Instead of having the ability to develop your own unique thought process as you personally discovered the world, you involuntarily selected your 'mentors/influencers' from your phone and were distracted from the life you could have had. Whilst you engaged your favourite influencer's latest attempt to be liked, those annoying ads programmed your thinking process. Narcissistic advertising gurus worked out how to subliminally program your thoughts to buy into their profit/control motivated objectives by selling the benefits with a fake smile and crafted statistic but conveniently ignoring all the drawbacks . @Lily That is why millennials suffer from anxiety and depression and need constant reassurance.

If you don't believe me, try this. On your next break, where work is not important, switch off your phone for the entire weekend and do not check it. At first you will laugh at yourself for being so attached to the device. But then a part of you will feel empty and lost and you won’t understand why, or have the skill to avoid it. You will never get rid of that feeling and in that experience, you will know that social media owns you and that is why you do not understand freedom, me, or the people you call 'antivaxxers'. You are ready and willing to hand your future, and that of your children, off to the pharmacy industry because you have already handed over your emotional development and freedom to big tech.

Because of this assessment, I can clearly see that I will ‘irk’ you because my values system is different. It is not really your fault. It is simply devolution. Society peaked and is now in the regression phase and there is nothing you or I can do. It is what it is and all our debate as to who is right and who is wrong is simply burning up time and energy. I didn’t engage you all to be liked or loved. I don’t need reassurance from ‘the group’ because I am complete within. Think carefully of what I have said because I have no objective other than to give you, as an individual, a different perspective, whatever the problem is, you have not been trained to think for yourself. That is why you are camped here, worshiping a false wannabe god. Take care and go discover yourself.

You only have to connect with one of the common 'emotional disorders' of society, and you will get a following to believe whatever you say. For example: The sky is falling, and social media will light up.

Cluster B personality disorders

Cluster B personality disorders are characterized by dramatic, overly emotional or unpredictable thinking or behaviour. They include antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

It is these people who are talking in chatrooms and establishing the Internet algorithms that indicate popular belief.

Antisocial personality disorder

  • Disregard for others' needs or feelings
  • Persistent lying, stealing, using aliases, conning others
  • Recurring problems with the law
  • Repeated violation of the rights of others
  • Aggressive, often violent behaviour
  • Disregard for the safety of self or others
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Consistently irresponsible
  • Lack of remorse for behaviour

Borderline personality disorder

  • Impulsive and risky behaviour, such as having unsafe sex, gambling or binge eating
  • Unstable or fragile self-image
  • Unstable and intense relationships
  • Up and down moods, often as a reaction to interpersonal stress
  • Suicidal behaviour or threats of self-injury
  • Intense fear of being alone or abandoned
  • Ongoing feelings of emptiness
  • Frequent, intense displays of anger
  • Stress-related paranoia that comes and goes

Histrionic personality disorder

  • Constantly seeking attention
  • Excessively emotional, dramatic or sexually provocative to gain attention
  • Speaks dramatically with strong opinions, but few facts or details to back them up
  • Easily influenced by others
  • Shallow, rapidly changing emotions
  • Excessive concern with physical appearance
  • Thinks relationships with others are closer than they really are

Narcissistic personality disorder

  • Belief that you're special and more important than others
  • Fantasies about power, success and attractiveness
  • Failure to recognise others' needs and feelings
  • Exaggeration of achievements or talents
  • Expectation of constant praise and admiration
  • Arrogance
  • Unreasonable expectations of favours and advantages, often taking advantage of others
  • Envy of others or belief that others envy you