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Academic Racism?

There have been three things that have raised my concern during the past few weeks

  1. The Art of the PhD
  2. Follow the Science
  3. Academic Racism

The Art of the PhD

My hat is off to anyone who attains greater knowledge. I know first hand how much effort it takes and I know quite a few 'higher educated' people. However, although they attained a targeted qualification, I very rarely see them put their 'PhD' intelligence to any personal use. For example a person who has a PhD in molecular biology may be suffering from health ailments that, by simply changing their diet and exercise routine, they could resolve, but they don't.

You would think a person with intelligence would look after themselves better. They would be in the gym daily, eat a superior diet to fuel the biomechanical machinery they have been born with, and drink only filtered water because the probability of chlorine and fluoride being a toxic element that progressively accumulates and poisons your body is too high a risk to accept... but they don't. 

With doctors being highly educated in health, you'd think that they would be the fittest people on the planet but they are not. You would also think that 'natural health concepts' would be plastered all over the doctor's walls, but again, they are not.

In fact, as a statistic, I notice that at my local university, the more educated you are, the unhealthier you  appear to become. You don't have time for daily exercise, it is difficult to fit it all in. Observe any faculty lunchroom and it as a smorgasbord of the most unhealthy food you can imagine. You would think that coke machines would be banned in university, but they are not. In fact if you want to discover what you should not eat, simply go into a university and visit the cafĂ©.

FACT: Our natural immune system is dependent on what you eat and drink, vitamin D levels, and exercise, but the only offering of how to protect yourself from illness is to take a drug made by a PhD student.

If you won't take the drug, then these 'educated' people think that you are stupid.

Is this a clue? 

Why do the most educated and those in power, seem to live a lifestyle so far away from proven natural health concepts?

All respect to these people and I am not singling them out. But they are the ones making the decisions about other people's health and my question is, what do the know and promote about natural health principles? Do they apply these principles to their daily life or do they only understand drugs as a solution?

I am aware that in the New Zealand Government, if you did not agree with the covid response, even if you were a PhD professor with years of health experience, you were dismissed.

Follow The Science

The common answer to covid, 'Follow the Science' is a seriously flawed statement. People should be receiving a balanced presentation between Nature's Facts and Human Science. Nature has not divulged many of its secrets and nature knows far more than humans. Human Science will be the first to say that it knows less than 1% of the Natural Science, and yet we are told to follow the Human Science only. Where was the instruction from 'Human Science' for people to improve their immune systems through diet and vitamin D? 

Mainstream Human Science ignored this Natural Science Absolute Fact - why?

So if someone says to "Follow the Science" I put it into perspective by asking these questions:

  • Do you recognise that Human Science knows less than 1% of Natural Science?
  • Which science should we follow, Natural Science or Human Science?
  • If it is Human Science, how is natural health represented?
  • If you are going to advise me on health, how have you advised yourself to date?

Academic Racism

Are we a victim of academic racism?

When the term 'Follow The Science' is used, I get the feeling that what is actually being said is:

  1. "You don't know anything so shut up"
  2. "Only our 'approved' scientists know what they are talking about"
  3. "If you don't have a PhD, and are part of our special advisory group, then if your opinion contradicts ours, you are wrong."
If this is true then this is scientism and educationalism manifested in a self created/selected power club for the people who agree with a particular politician's agenda. Does that fit what is happening?

Many of us have discovered our health is our wealth and have studied for many years, how to stay fit and healthy. It is an option available to many people. Personally I have looked after my body for 61 years. and I am the most highly qualified person looking after me. I have done quite well. Easily recovered from Covid and built my natural immunity. You can do the same with science proven factors of:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Watch what you drink
  4. Sleep well
  5. Reduce stress

The future is going to be science based but along the way, mistakes are going to be made.
It is the discovery, understanding, and harmony with nature that creates a better future. Nature will prevail one way or the other, but if 'Human Science' has its way; everyone on the planet is destined to be an ongoing experiment and one day, that experiment may fail in a way we cannot imagine. That is a statistical probability that has to be factored in.

You can only stop this now by getting healthy and saying no to pharmaceutical drugs where possible.
If you go to your doctor, and they introduce you to a drug, before taking it, research what you can do to fix yourself because it is a lot more difficult once you become dependent on drugs.