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The Unvaccinated are Safer Than The Vaccinated according to review of 22 Million cases.

A study of 22 million covid-19 infections has shown conclusively that the people injected with the mRNA drug (vaccinated) are no longer protected and have not been since August 2021.

Latest Report:

Original Report:

The Study Summary:

  1. Study included the entire UK population
  2. Review since the start of the pandemic
  3. 22,000,000 infections
  4. 900,000 hospitalisation 
  5. 175,000 deaths
Since the 3rd booster, the drug known as the mRNA Serum and promoted as a vaccine; achieved negative effectiveness meaning you were safer not having the mRNA drug injection.

The report identifies the death rate associated with covid is higher amongst the 3rd boosted people compared with all other.

50% of all covid infections came after Omecron,

"The Vaccinated are not doing well and are experiencing more deaths and hospitalisation than the naturally immune."

My Comment

  1. It is never a good idea to take untested drugs
  2. People seem to have lost their connection with nature
  3. Science is founded on experiments which fail far more than they succeed
  4. mRNA was the first introduction on mass, into the human species
  5. The mRNA drug was not a traditional vaccine and should never be promoted as one.
    A traditional vaccine is when the pathogen is nutralised and presented to your immune system to achieve natural immunity against the entire virus/pathogen. The mRNA drug did not do this. Instead it flooded your bodily systems with an artificial spike. At best this would excite your immune system for a period of time and protect you because your immune system was highly active during a time when you could have been infected.
  6. A healthy diet and lifestyle is a natural option to maintain health

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In Summary

Data from the UK showing how in the age of the Omicron the vaccine exhibited negative effectiveness. What does this mean and why this might be happening with these particular variants is discussed. Described content: Vaccine negative effectiveness: Neutralizing antibodies1: Neutralizing antibodies2: Qatar data: Viral decay in vax and unvaxx: "COVID-19 - Q and A for the People#14" event on ZOOM: Epigenetic aging DNA test survey: Holistic proactive wellbeing event: or 
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