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Comment on our position

In the last 100 years we as a society have been in a battle of trying to understand ourselves.

We make numerous advancements but as with all progression, there is also the side effects of things that have gone wrong and sometimes these errors stay with society and they become part of our fabric.

If you have been following the GMO debate you will know that the people against GMO have been predicting problems with our health and today, here we are, wondering how to beat a virus.

An Experiment you can do at home:

  1. Go to the shops and buy two different bottles of milk:
    1. Normal
    2. Organic
  2. Set up two small glasses for each of your household and without them knowing which, pour a little of each milk into a glass and let them have a taste
  3. Now take a vote on which tasted chemical and which does not
The result should be that the organic milk leaves no chemical taste and should be voted the best by your household for flavor, texture, and drinking happiness.

You can even go one level higher and look for organic A2 milk which is scientifically researched to be even better for you.

30 years ago, milk was simply milk and back in time, A2 was the standard. This taste test is not so much a point of quality difference. It is a point that important nutrients that were once in milk have been extracted and now everyone is lacking in what milk used to provide. This situation of a reduction in nutrients is now commonplace with many foods containing processed and artificial ingredients that are:
  1. Reducing your nutritional uptake
  2. Introducing your immune system to compounds that may or may not be good for you
This change in food is also affecting our children.

If you want to know health, look no further than what you eat and drink. Nutrition is the most important part of any health regime. You could say that someone who runs marathons, plays sport, body builds is fit and healthy but this is not the case. Many sports people take artificial supplements in an effort to achieve 'the look' without realising that they are actually on a bad nutrition program and one day their health will fail.

No pharmacy medicine is without side effects

If you study nutrition, and apply it to yourself, you will know how resilient you are to illness.
But people who are taking drugs know only too well that the drugs create other issues. So with mRNA being a drug, what other issues does it create?

You may look at the adverse effects and think that it was only those people who were affected but the reality is, you don't know how you have been affected. It could just be a minor thing or it could be something that will manifest years later.

If mRNA was an actual vaccine, you would have been able to establish a natural immune response but so many mRNA recipients have not established immunity and the medical industry is saying that recipients of mRNA do not have long lasting immunity.

Personal Choice

I am all for personal choice but I also believe that our food supply is of significant contribution to this pandemic and people are choosing bad food plans.

The Top Ten Worst Foods That People Eat Everyday
  1. Fruit Juice
  2. 0 fiber breads
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. Energy drinks, soda with sweeteners (natural/artificial)
  5. Beer and alcohol in general
  6. Cereals with sugar added
  7. Aged foods
  8. Processed foods: smoked/salted/infused/combined
  9. Seafood raised in farms
  10. Artificial sweets/deserts/treats


I think the debate will rage on forever and the outcome will be two societies.

  • One who believe in science as the solution
  • One who believe in nature as the solution
This debate has been going on for many years. Time will tell but to force people to go only with science.... that is a human rights issue irrespective and that is an affront at the very core of our society.

If you have managed to stay drug free and in perfect health, with an immediate recovery from the covid virus; is this not proof that you are looking after your health?

Where as if you are sick, need drugs, and are susceptible to anything that is going, should you not ask yourself the question 'What is it that I could do to improve my health?'

The answer would be:
  1. Clean out your cupboards of all the bad food
  2. Get clean drinking water and drink 2 liters per day
  3. Find healthy recipes
  4. Stock fresh healthy food (shop 2 x a week)
  5. Learn to love healthy food
  6. Drop the bad stuff
  7. Start with gentle exercise and build up to longer walks and higher hills
  8. Track your progress
  9. Meditate
  10. Eliminate bad habits
Such is life.

Soon I will be switching this blog over into a health channel and I will show you how I turned my life around from someone who was sick, to someone who is super healthy.