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What have these people all got in common? #HelenClarkJacindaArdernFutureCityProject

Somehow, I feel that a side story of local government is involved in the Mandates.
Let me explain and then I will provide links and videos to relevant information.


Point 1: I live in a city where strange things are happening. 

Tauranga New Zealand 

We have a lot of road congestion due to the city plan, which was created by our previously elected local government, not working out bottlenecks created by new housing projects, shopping centres, and increasing population due to immigration and transitional 'halo' effects. I have lived in Tauranga for 50 years and I have never seen such a mess. 

Point 2: Instead of spending money on fixing the roads and the congestion problem, we are spending millions on switching roads into single lanes and establishing dedicated lanes for bikes, buses, and cars.

Point 3: The Government is heavily subsidizing people into electric cars and our government has a 0 carbon goal for 2050: Link:

Point 4: The duly elected local government of  Tauranga was sacked by the main government and replaced with their own people 'The 4 Commissioners' Link:

Point 5: During the Commissioner's rule, projects that the government want to see established are being fast tracked. This includes:

  1. Road works
  2. 3 Waters (our national water management/ownership)
  3. Development of live, work, play regions
  4. Waste Management
  5. Development of the city centre where we are spending millions 

and public opinion is being ignored.

Point 6: Tauranga is destined to be New Zealand's main port, if it isn't already.


Point 7: The Israel Study proves that the mRNA drug, which is being called a vaccine but is not a traditional vaccine and does not have the traditional long term effects, only lasts between 4-8 weeks. But we are still driving the campaign and all methods of encouragement are being used to get people to get the injection.


Point 8: Jacinda Ardern (NZ Prime minister) is the protégé of Helen Clark (Ex NZ Prime Minister and now the Administrator of the UN)

Point 9: Jacinda includes Helen in her bubble and gains advice from her. In fact, Jacinda highlights the importance that Helen plays in her decision making process. This is not illegal but what is it that Helen is pushing for? Exactly what is happening in Tauranga and that makes us a 'City of the Future'

Point 10: Normally, to achieve these Future City objectives, it would take many years of discussions and debate. It would be an almost impossible task and yet, we are doing it. An amazing achievement considering everything is so bureaucratic these days.

Point 11: The only way you could take over the normal democratic process is if you could take control of everyone. Did Covid present this opportunity?

Point 12: Mandates are designed to control people, the exact condition you need to take over rule.

The question is whether this is a good thing or a bad thing? It is proving to be psychologically and physically damaging to many people and there is no guarantee that mRNA's long term effects are not going to be damaging to the health of our present and future generations.

Why would you take such risks?

That's it in summary. You have very powerful people driving an agenda that most people in New Zealand are not aware is occurring.

Why do these people below keep appearing in my Covid review and in my city?

Head of the independent review into the global response to Covid-19

Prime Minister of NZ and protégé of
Helen Clark. 

Below are the four Commissioners that were undemocratically appointed by Jacinda Ardern
to replace the democratically elected local Tauranga Government

Relevant Videos

In the video below, notice Helen Clark's 'belief'

In the video below, notice Jacinda's alignment with Helen Clark
and her ability to switch on and off her expression to suit the objective.

In the video below, notice Jacinda's labeling of the conscientious objectors who will not put drugs into their bodies and comply with the government's demands, the exact 'compliance' required to rule without limits.
She deliberately labels a section of the community and tells the rest of New Zealand's
people that they should not feel safe around them.
This is a very complicated process of brain washing and causes the un-mRNA injected
 to be ostracized, lose their jobs, homes, and in some cases, friends and families.

It's all just a theory, BUT so far we have not worked out why natural immunity is being disregarded and yet all around me the 'vaxxed' are getting Covid, people are being injured by the mRNA Injection, and no one in power will listen to anything other than we must keep injecting a drug that is proving to be not working. You have to consider all ideas and think outside the square.