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What Do The Natural Health Practitioners Feel About mRNA Injections?

I am curious about how natural health organisations feel about injecting an untested drug into your body so I am starting to ask organisations like The NZ Chiropracters' Association the question:

I will keep you posted on the progress.


I was discussing the mRNA injection with a friend and they told me a very interesting story that highlights the issue.

An associate was adamant that the problem was the people who did not have the mRNA Injection.

They were very loud and forceful about their opinion. When asked how they formulated this opinion they simply said that because the Government said so therefore it must be true.

So this person jumped on a plane and went for a holiday overseas and on their return they required no quarantine. They immediately held a dinner party for all of their friends to talk about their holiday, went shopping, and did the normal visitation of friends and family.

Two days later they were informed of being on a plane that had Covid and they tested positive for Covid. They did not immediately quarantine because in their mind, they were vaccinated.
This 'vaccinated' person was not only infected and infectious, but they potentially and knowingly infected everyone else.

Because they had the false impression that they were safe, they placed everyone at risk. 
However, when asked about their belief, they still think the problem is the Un-Vaccinated.

How did such logic ever get processed by an intelligent person? Are people being brainwashed?

The Solution
  • Adopt healthy habits
  • Drop Sugar
  • Drop Fruit Juice and other sugar drinks
  • Do not use or consume Vegetable Oil
  • Review any drugs you are taking
  • Gain natural immunity

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