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We won!

PART 2 is coming but as I prepare the content I am realising some things .

It is a fact that the majority of New Zealanders are not actually vaccinated

Ask any mRNA injected person when they last got a booster?

If it is over 8 weeks ago, then technically their vaccination status is declining and if vaccine passports were in force, they would NOT be recognised as being fully 'vaccinated'.

At a time when infections in New Zealand are at an all-time high, people are not running off to the injection centres and getting a booster dose! They are keeping quietly away.

By their actions they are basically saying no to the mRNA Injection.

The vast majority of people are achieving natural immunity by going through the process of being infected, staying home, and letting nature take its course.


Perhaps they feel that they are safe. Or perhaps they ask themselves the question;

"Why would I risk taking an untested drug?" 

Even the most ardent 'vaxxer' has to have some element of doubt because, to not do so, would indicate they have not researched the subject much.

For example, this is a cutting from Medsafe's datasheet on Pfizer's Comirnaty mRNA drug: 

Just this one cutting has 6 statements that indicate the 'vaccine' is not fully tested.


So when someone thinks they are 'vaccinated', you have to realise that they are simply not fully informed.

The government appears to be allowing natural immunity to progress because they are fully aware of the increasing infections BUT they are not 'mandating' boosters.

With statistics you can 'model' what you like BUT the truth can be seen over time and statistically the vast majority of people are not vaccinated; they are contracting Covid, and surviving.

Actions speak louder than words and people's actions have been to avoid any more jabs.

That seems like a victory to natural health.


If you have any form of respiratory illness, DO NOT DRINK MILK or EAT ICE CREAM as these are phlegm producing nutrients and you will exacerbate breathing issues and cause severe coughing. 

Water is best and if you want it to be delicious, try sparkling mineral water with ice and a slice of lemon! Delicimo :)