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Our New Virus of Concern Is Now The Common Cold

A secret to a long happy life is to identify your weaknesses and then learn how to avoid them. 

Go ask your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. 'What are our family's health issues?' and you will find one or more of the most common diseases are involved. 


Respiratory disease is likely to be one of them but what can you do to improve your health?
Take another drug or find something natural?

It is all about understanding yourself and the habits that you have developed that cause your illness.

It is flu season here in New Zealand and we have a lot of cases, a lot more than usual.

The snippet below is taken from this Sun Live - RNZ press report showing flu issues exceeding Covid.

Is this the price of mRNA? A drug that is not fully tested?


  1. Provide Public Health information on how to eat healthily
  2. Require ALL FAST FOOD Outlets to put pamphlets in every meal about the dangers of eating fast food
  3. Place health warnings on all sugar drinks, even the so-called zero sugar drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks
  4. Place respiratory health warnings on products known to exacerbate respiratory issues like milk,  ice cream, and anything cold.
  5. Encourage the consumption and engagement in the known vitamins and minerals that promote stronger immunity such as vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium...
  6. Subsidise gym and fitness subscriptions or make it a tax-deductible investment
  7. Identify the 'At Risk' based on comorbidity and engage in natural health reviews of eating and habits. Assist people to move off pharmaceutical drugs by addressing the actual issues. For example; a person struggling with their weight can be encouraged to identify the foods that are causing the issue and get them to enjoy foods that are helpful to them
  8. Subsidise water filters to remove the chlorine and fluoride from drinking water
  9. Teach children about natural health and what is required to achieve it
  10. Reduce our reliance on pharmaceutical drugs
  11. Tax sugar to help pay for the health issues it causes.

Do something healthy every day. Your body will thank you.