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NOW The FDA Has Concerns Over The Vaccines!!!

A drug, without having been tested over a longer period of time, was driven throughout the world's population and into our children. It was said to be safe but now the FDA has some concerns.

Every person I know, who took the mRNA, has had Covid but if you ask them about it, they are convinced that it is normal, that with a vaccine, you still get the diseases.

Has our media controlled how and what people think?

How easy is it to brainwash people?

And Russell tells it how it is:

What is the price of this mRNA immunity?

I hear you want to inject Every Child,
and make mRNA injections a yearly requirement of life on Earth.

I have some questions,
perhaps You can help me...

Natural Immunity is passed on from Mother to Baby through the Human Biome.
It has been this way since the Beginning of All Creation.

Will the future Mother's Natural Immunity be passed on to her Child?
Or will it be a patented drug owned by a drug company?

When our Babies become conditioned to a regular mRNA jab
will they see it as normal, and without question, simply line up?

And if the Child doesn't get a regular jab
will they live in FEAR of disease or be banned from work?

And at what Price will this drug be provided
when We are no longer around to remember?

And what will be IN the drug
of our Great Great Grand Children?

And will the Children be Free
with the decision We make today?

Forget modeling, latest research, and guesses,
The human race only requires the Truth with your hand on the Book

If you can answer, we look forward to the contract
Attached to the guaranteed, double blind facts

If you cannot answer, then you have answered
And doubt must be expressed in every decision from here on in

Thank you for your Honesty,
The Human Race will live Forever by the Words you speak Today.

Kia Kaha!

Ian Stephenson

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