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04 June 2022 New Zealand Covid Cases Increase

When was the last time you caught mumps. measles, or rubella? Probably never because you were vaccinated, a process of taking a virus, killing it, and presenting it to your natural immunity system. 

Your natural immune system formulated a defense for you and you were protected. 

This is vaccination.

So what is a drug called when you take it, but then you catch the virus anyway?

As at 4th June 2022 I have noticed the NZ media describing increasing hospitalisation of Covid cases. 

The battle seems to have gone from the problem being the unvaccinated, to the problem being the mRNA injected thinking that they are vaccinated.

In the article below they highlight that the vast majority of cases infected and in hospital or dying are the mRNA injected BUT then they spin the idea that the reason so many are in hospital is because so many people are vaccinated and so therefore one should expect them to be affected by the virus they were apparently vaccinated against.


Such an interesting way of presenting a story but is it the truth?
If it isn't, then there is a serious problem. The report seems more theory, based upon a reporter's point of view as opposed to hard facts.

I am not aware of any mRNA success stories. When D Trump said "We need a solution and I will accept anything with no recourse!", the mRNA project put up its hand and after only a short period of testing, people were putting it into their bodies as if it was a fully tested drug. That is your choice and I would not interfere with how you see your personal health is to be maintained. But to then say that everyone needs to take an untested drug... that is not only a questionable logic, it is beyond reasonable  expectation.

You can have the mRNA injected into you, call it a vaccine if you like, but if you are still getting infected, logic says there is something amiss, but what could it be?


Below is a previous post as to a theory about mRNA that I have where the serum simply 'excites' your immune system and puts it into a process of cleaning up billions of protein spikes which takes many weeks and perhaps months to perform. So if you happen to contract the virus, your immune system is already cleaning spikes and simply wipes the spikes off the virus and so it cannot enter your cells. It is an absolute fact that the mRNA does not create long term lasting immunity for many people, unlike a traditional vaccine does. You can read the theory by clicking on the link below.


There are many other possibilities to achieve immunity but the spin has been that ONLY mRNA will work and yet it is not. It may be protecting people temporarily but once the booster has worn off, many people are back to being vulnerable to the virus and this is not a good solution. If you keep having to be boosted, what is the long term outcome?

  1. Continued community transmission
  2. Costs to the nation in money and time
  3. Ongoing sickness
  4. Hospitals overrun
  5. Inflation
  6. Variants constantly developing
  7. Ongoing death

If mRNA was a solution, showing a true result, I would be all for it, but it is failing.

I am not vaccinated. I caught covid in 2019 before the mRNA injections were available. My natural immune system worked and I was better in just a few days. This makes me immune. Just ask Dr Fauci. He says if you have been infected, and your natural immune system has worked, then this is the best vaccine.

If I have natural immunity why should I take the experimental mRNA injection?
For the people who actually need a solution, there are shortages of the drug around the world. Give them the opportunity to test the drug BUT do not say that everyone, including our vulnerable children who do not have the ability to choose, must inject an untested drug into their body with who-knows-what end result.

There are so many other reasons why people are succumbing to covid.

  • Comorbidity
  • Diet
  • Lack of essential minerals and vitamins
  • Environmental condition

The real pandemic is Diabetes. This graph shows the revenue from managing diabetes which is an interesting way of looking at this endemic condition that will swamp our hospitals.


See below where Dr. John Campbell discusses the studies that show Vitamin D is significant at increasing immunity.

For me, Natural Health has protected me, and my suggestion to you is to do the same, because SARS-CoV-2 is just the beginning.

NZ Current Covid Cases :