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1 March 2021 - Today: Wellington became the centre of the World Freedom Movement

 A simple, peaceful protest in Wellington New Zealand may just about beat the news that Russia has initiated a war with Ukraine!

New Zealand is the place called Godzone, whenua o te kapua mā roa, the "Land of the long white cloud" and it is quite the Eden for sure. It is.. was.. a much simpler life. Long beaches where you could hear the cicada chirp from across the bay. Where a phone was fixed to a wall and you could go for months into the bush without anyone knowing where you were and never mind if you were 'Ok'. That was called peaceful privacy ... and most of us loved it.

That all disappeared about 30 years ago and now New Zealand is a 'very complex' place.

Aotearoa is quite possibly the new centre of the freedom of rights movement. People from all over NZ have gathered at Parliament in a peaceful protest.  They are trying to secure the rights of all people. The right of privacy, of free speech, and the right to decide if you want to be part of a medical experiment. 

But today apparently, the New Zealand Police Commissioner has been threatened from 'above' that if he doesn't clear the 'Peaceful Freedom Movement' from the grounds of Parliament, that he will lose his job!

This is the scene. It is an unconfirmed situation at the moment:

1: A large number of police have gathered in Wellington (1/3/2021)

2: The Police Commissioner has been told 'Remove the Peaceful Protestors'  (men, women, and children) or lose your job

3: A thought is that the Police may move in tonight or tomorrow

4: The Peaceful Protestors are preparing and they don't know what may yet happen.

5: The Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, is poised to go down in history as either a hero, or face far-reaching negative consequences for demanding potentially armed and trained personnel, to use whatever force is necessary to remove a lawful peaceful protest. And if it doesn't happen, that the man in charge, 'Andrew Coster' should lose his job because he obviously did not use enough force against the citizens who elected the government in the first place.

I will be keeping you up-to-date as this unfolds.

I was here, 1981. It was not the police force's finest hour and it took years for them to rebuild the trust of New Zealanders. I wonder if we are about to have the same results? As I recall, my feeling at the time was that it was the action of the Police that eventually got the tour cancelled. I could be wrong.
Here is the NZ History link of the event.


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