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Wellington Protest 10-2-2022 - NZ FACTS: 1 out of 1,887 mRNA injected people have a serious event.

Wellington Mandate Protest 

Start: 7-2-2022
Finish: TBD

This specific protest is generated from one very important question:


Here are the facts:
  1. The government are unequivocal in their discussions and publications that it is safe 
  2. They are using 11 months of data to show that of 8,184,892 injections,
    only 2,105 were with serious side effects. Serious means 'resulting in long term health issues'.

At this report date, 3,973,891 people had been injected and of these, 2,015 resulted in serious adverse events.

From 'Our World in Data' below, we can see that 3,973,891 people had been injected with at least one dose of the newly developed mRNA serum.

Statistically, that is 1 person in 1,887 people have a serious event.
Calculation: 3973891 / 2015 = 1:1887

Going to the Medsafe's reports (link) you can see what the serious events are.
At this moment I am only focused on 'deaths' as this is the most serious event and unfortunately there are 133.

The comment highlighted in yellow tells you that the modelers made a mistake in their original predictions and they have overstated the situation in their original model.

Statistically that is 1 in 29,878 vaccinated people die soon after the injection.
Calculation: 3973891 / 133 = 1:29878

So the bottom line: 

From the government published statistics, at the initial stage of the 'vaccine program', the safety record  for all men, women and children is:
  • 1 in @ 2,000 people end up with a serious adverse event that may affect them for the rest of their lives 
  • 1 in @ 30,000 people die with a condition possibly caused by the mRNA injection

We do not have any long term results yet but historically, long term results do manifest. Thalidomide, for example, took 5 years for the realisation that it caused birth defects.

So are you happy with the mRNA serum's safety record?
That is the question we will pose.

A very wet windy day in Wellington. Sound could be better but some interesting conversations.