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The major cause of Adverse Reactions in vaccination

In most people receiving the mRNA injection, the needle is placed into the deltoid muscle and the serum is injected into muscle tissue for absorption into the lymphatic system.

However, in some people (estimated 1 in 2,000), the tip of the needle ends up in a vein.
This is not good because now the serum is going to be injected straight into the blood system and miss the lymphatic system.

The mRNA injection was never meant or tested for such distribution.

People who have the injection in the vein have an immediate reaction:

  1. Metallic taste
  2. Nausea
  3. Dizziness

and the adverse reactions can be myocarditis, pericarditis, and neurological issues.

The only way to get the injection/boosters (if this is what you want) is to get the nurse to Aspirate the needle.

Aspiration is when:

  1. The needle is inserted into the muscle
  2. Before depression of the syringe, the syringe is drawn back a little
  3. If blood flows into the barrel of the needle, then the nurse knows they are at a blood vessel and can reposition the needle

Aspiration is now the standard procedure being used Europe, England and USA after peer reviewed studies have confirmed the issues. (We knew this 2 years ago but it was denied by the MOH).

Also it is very important that the needle is placed correctly into the deltoid muscle.

If you are going to get the jab, demand Aspiration!