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The battle between creation or evolution continues

Picture courtesy Rani Dhaliwal 
title 'nature vs. science, the battle continues!'

Way before Darwin introduced the possibility that we evolved, as opposed to being created, there has been a constant battle between the two schools of thought. 

Are we mother's nature or are we science's evolution?

For thousands of years we lost our families to the battle. It travelled all around the world and one by one, natural environments were fought over, won or lost. But nature was resistant and science decided to negotiate for once. An agreement was created that all men, women and children were free and equal. We have been enforcing this law for many years and we have had to go to many battles to sustain freedom.

But throughout this time, the two schools of thought remained. That of the scientists, and that of the naturalists.

As education developed, more people pursued the higher education particularly in 'the sciences'. In the sciences, your task is to beat nature and so your are radicalised into thinking nature is the enemy or at least, is a challenge to beat.

For example. The following decisions are all science-based and ignore the nature point of view:
  • DOC use of 1080
  • 3 Waters - removal of local water management and 'ownership'
  • Covid - mRNA or we strike you from society
Most decisions made by doctors, accountants, CEO's, politicians, police officers etc. are all backed by a school of the sciences degree.

Science has taken over our political arena. They think like scientists. That is why they ignore our opinion and disregard our rights.

Time will tell...
Nature = 6,000,000,000 (6 billion) years of creation and evolution 
science = 100 years of a lot of mistakes.

Wellington, I think you have the attention of the world.

Kia kaha


"You are what you eat"